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[Aleppo, 3 March 2018, SANA] ~ Forces of the Turkish regime and its mercenaries of the terrorist groups on Friday night targeted Afrin area with all types of weapons, leaving 20 civilians martyred or injured in a new violation of the Security Council’s resolution no. 2401.

Civil sources told SANA that forces of the Turkish regime and the terrorist organizations targeted with a tank shell a car transporting a number of civilians in the village of al-Hujaila as 8 civilians were martyred and 12 others were injured, mostly women and children.

The sources added that the heavy shelling by forces of the Turkish regime also targeted many villages in Sharan and Jandaris causing material damage to the citizens’ houses, the infrastructure and the public facilities.

Hundreds civilians killed or injured as the Turkish assault on Afrin continues

About 175 civilians were killed since the launching of the Turkish assault on Afrin in northern Syria.

Entering its 32nd day, the Turkish aggression continues to claim more civilian casualties and causing material damage to properties.

Medical sources at Afrin Hospital told SANA that so far, 175 civilians were killed and more than 450 civilians, most of them children and women, were injured due to the continued assault on civilians’ houses and infrastructure.



[SouthFront] ~ The ANHA added that thousands of civilians from the Kurdish-held areas in eastern Syria had been onboard the convoy, which was transferring humanitarian aid to people in Afrin. The Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) revealed in an official statement that “many” civilians had been killed and injured in the Turkish Army shelling on the convoy.