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We have a significant development from the Syrian enclave of Eastern Ghouta. Eleven thousand civilians are said to have escaped the rebel-controlled area via a humanitarian corridor established by Russia and Syria.
While some of them go by car, most still travel over this long distance on foot. Entire families are seen leaving the area, with the people often carrying their children. Some are also seen carrying stretchers with injured or sick relatives.
The people who managed to flee the areas controlled by the mercenary-terrorist gangs said that terrorists continue to use civilians as human shields and commit various atrocities against the locals, preventing them from leaving. 

“The terrorists did not let us leave. They hid behind our backs,” a young man who came from the militant-held territory told RT. He went on to say that “the situation there [in the areas controlled by the armed groups] is dire,” adding that the locals are being “exploited and starved” by the militants.
The extremists do not give food to the locals, supplying only those who help them, the man said, adding that their own warehouses are “full of foodstuff.” An old man, who also left eastern Ghouta through the humanitarian corridor on Thursday, said that there are no locals among the militants that control the region. He also said that they kill every local who dares to “say something against them.”
Earlier, evacuees also provided accounts of how militants controlling Eastern Ghouta drove up food prices and imposed harsh punishments for even the slightest transgressions.

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