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  1. Ri-chard said:

    I ask all to consider was countries gave safe harbor to Christians and which ones were attacked by the USA General Wesley Clark: The US will attack 7 countries in 5 years

    • The USA is full of cowards they will never try to attack to the stronger and Powerful Iran. on the contrary Iran can choke the pass of oil to the US and that will be the end of the usa !!! It is time !! USA-UK-Israel- they have to be gone and for ever!

  2. Hello, this article might interest You:
    All the best from Mephisto

  3. I thought you might be interested in this podcast I recently recorded with a Syrian woman. It is aimed at the general public with the goal of helping to shed some more light on some of the more positive aspects of growing up in Syria and to give people a sense of what life might have been like there.

  4. Hello,

    I have a question. I used to watch SANA’s newscasts hosted by Yerado Krikorian on YouTube. But I noticed that they stopped appearing on YouTube in 2015, right around the time when the Syrian government started taking heavy losses. Is that the reason why? Are the newscasts in English still produced? Obviously they are still produced in Arabic and I’ve found those. But none so far in English, not even with subtitles. I would really like to watch the reports from the perspective of the Syrian people and the government they elected. But do they exist and if so, could you please tell me where to find them? Also, if they were discontinued, please see if you can ask SANA to at least provide subtitles.

    • Until November 2016 the SANA’s English news were here:

      here in French:

      here in Spanish:

      …and Turkish

      In addition to Arabic, SANA continues still today the publication of the news in Russian:

      We are investigating where eventually they decided to re-publish the news in English
      Stay tuned…

      • Stan Squires said:

        I am from Vancouver,Canada and I attended a rally here yesterday against the brutal US attack on Syria.Here in Canada it is hard to get the truth about Syria.The news media and television repeat the lies that the USA say about Syria.People across Canada and the USA attended rallies yesterday to condemn the US attack on Syria.This support for the Gov’t of Syria will continue.Death to Yankee Imperialism.

      • may God bless Canada and protect the Canadian people from their corrupted politicians

    • donnyhank said:

      Sorry, I could not find a way to post except to answer to someone. I am writing to ask Syrian Free Press for permission to use photos from their site at Thank you and so sorry once more for the interruption.

  5. RG Specer said:

    I read that Pres Assad had saved some Christians and Kurds and even Jews. I cannot understand why we would attack a good and decent man that has helped innocent people. I am so sad for this whole terrible thing.

  6. Hallo there,

    SANA brought today an interesting article ( from “The Guardian”. Later I found it in english here: It`s a confirmation, that british ministries let make media outlets in favor of the so called “armed moderate opposition” in syria.

    With Best regards

  7. Stan Squires said:

    I am from Vancouver,Canada and I wanted to say that I’m glad that President Bashar al-Assad supports President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela.Both countries have the same enemy.Im sure that Syria and Venezuela will defeat the terrorists in Syria and the Opposition in Venezuela.Both gov’ts have the support of the majority of people in the world.Long live the Gov’t of Syria and the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela.

  8. Por favor; pongan la página web en español.

    Germán Eduardo Messidoro


  10. to Mrs. Emilia:
    for as we are concerned, you can use the photo in question, taken by an operator of a Lebanese local source.
    From our point of view, you do not need any permission to disclose it, because it comes to pictures of war, at a time of exceptional gravity, in which the world must know the truth.
    Best wishes for your project: we’ll be happy to know more of it, if you will give us the opportunity.
    SFP-WP chief editor


    Stop Swiss CIA-Bank´s in Funding Terror genocide against Syria

    I call on Syrian Free Press to investigate and inform their readers about Mr. Scott Bennett
    For the first time in 15 years I see a light for humanity in this world but first and foremost for Syria.
    This one man has the potential to radically change the hijacked rotten US Government for all future to come.


    Special Ops Officer Blows Whistle on CIA Funded ISIS Through Swiss Bank Accounts

    Scott Bennett: CIA/Swiss Banks Fund ISIL

    US Special Ops Turned Whistleblower Scott Bennett …

    Mp3: 601_Stew_Webb_Raw_Bennet_Tatum…
    [audio src="" /]

    Help Mr. Bennett take the American Government / military back in the Americans’ own hands.

    Contribution to Mr Bennett’s fight can be made on his website:!contact/c1kcz

    Mr. Scott Bennett
    23 RailRoad Ave., #23
    Danville, CA 94526

    Office: 925-391-0407
    Fax 925-391-0407


  12. We have to thanks our friend ‘JJ’ for the ‘Vet’ info

  13. SouthFront said:

    Hello friends!

    1) We’ve launched own website and added your banner to it (right bar, ‘partners’ part). If you want change it to another version, just msg us.
    2) We’ve set own videopalyer on website because it seems Youtube has started censorship campaing against our content. You can find our recent videos in it:
    21.05.2015 Ukraine Crisis News
    Foreign Policy Diary ‘Macedonia’
    Join Donas
    3) You can get embed code to insert our video player to your web site by clickiing ” button.
    4) We are going to start highlight situation in Syria on our website in next few days. Can we use your content with source links?

    Kind regards,
    Soouth Front

    • Dear friends and comrades,
      we are with you in your heroic struggle for your territorial, political, cultural, sovereignty and for the salvation of your people which is cowardly attacked.
      We do and we will do everything that is in our power to help your battle, which, like ours, is the battle for the sovereignty of every people and nation from the Zionist-Yankeeh interferences.
      Ahead up to the victory!

  14. SouthFront said:


    We are the independent volunteers, trying to inform the citizens of Europe and the world about the situation formed in the Eastern Ukraine via social networks. We also produce video materials in English (, and other languages.

    We’re admired by your work. And we’d like to know if you might be interested in any information about E.Ukraine or our video materials? We will be happy cooperate with you.

    Best Regards,

    SouthFront volunteers

    Few our resources:

    • Dear friends, we know your great work.
      We also posted in the past many of your video-news about the Novorossia resistence and the criminal action by the puppets in Kiev (check on the right column of the site or in the Category ‘Ukraine’).
      On our home page, always on the right column, there is from a long time a direct link to your youtube page, and in the next days we will add a direct link to your facebook page.
      Thanks for contacting us and certainly we will cooperate with you to better spread the real news from Ukraine and Novorossia.
      God bless you and good luck.

      • South Front said:

        Please help me
        Our channel was illegal deleted by Youtube. Our new channel is

        Help disseminate our uppeal, please:


        YouTube has deleted South Front channel The official reason is for copyright violating
        in the our old video “Stand with Ukraine” ( because of the claim of Nordic Films LTD. This company makes video propaganda for NATO.

        BUT FEW MONTH AGO YOUTUBE ALREADY DELETED “Stand with Ukraine” VIDEO ( And we have never re-uploaded it.
        Thus, Youtube have given our channel 2 copyright strikes for 1 reason. Youtube has violated its own rules


        Please, send to next email:

        Subject: I demand to restore South Front channel

        I demand to restore South Front channel which had millions of views.
        YouTube, where is people’s of Novorossiya right to tell the truth about what’s going on that part of world? For what they we censored?

        The official reason is for copyright violating
        in the our old South Front video “Stand with Ukraine” (
        But few month ago “Stand with Ukraine” video was already deleted by Youtube ( And they have never re-uploaded it.

        YouTube deleted the channel, violating its own rules. How can we understand this policy of double standards when one «correct» media can speak as they wish, and others – are all removed? It is unfair and only fueling misunderstandings between people. If you do not give people to express their point of view, we will live with imposed richer people opinion.
        We appeal to you to return the channel, so that we can continue broadcasting the news on Ukrainian crisis.


        1) Meanwhile, you can watch our videos on the our second channel:
        2) You can watch “Stand with Ukraine” video here:

      • SyrianPatriots said:

        Job done.
        You will receive a private email from us.
        SFP editors

  15. US Patriot on Watch said:

  16. Soy de Bolivia :
    Hace mucho tiempo que no se puede abrir ni ver las noticias de Syria en Español.
    No se pueden abrir muchas de las últimas y ahora no las producen, es muy importante para comprender lo que realmente ocurre en Siria.
    Son un pueblo fuerte, un ejercito fuerte, hasta la victoria siempre…..

    • Lo sentimos, pero últimamente hemos tenido algunos problemas.

      le aseguramos que en pocos días vamos a reanudar la publicación de los periódicos-video en español ..

      con sinceridad


  17. Indonesia Turkish Students From Gulen Schools end up in Turkey then dead in Syria fighting for Jihad

    Also Israel wants into the oil industry very badly, 5 months ago their Israel Lobbying was in DC with Turkish Cypriots for support on uniting the island for off shore drilling which will further cut off Russian interests to Europe via the Turkish oil tankers and pipeline. Turkey has a 50 year energy deal with the new KRG fake Barzani government and Israel has a lot to do with this new KRG set up for exporting of Iraqi Oil, they received the first oil export. Many of the Barzani children are married to Yahudis, currently in Irbil, there is over 250 USA and Israel military there.
    Israel wants into the oil industry and if they have the port of Syria it is very close to Cyprus, but the south side of thie island Greek/Armenian side want no part of any reconciliation. Israel tried to facilitate a $80 million payment from Turkey to the south part of the island for the damage from the 1974 invasion but it’s been rejected. blood money for oil business.

  18. Message for C. L.:

    thank you for your kind letter, a message for you is on your facebook page

  19. MESSAGE FOR Mr. “Still Here”: Thank you

    • Cem Ertür said:


      Flashback to 2003: President al-Assad: ‘U.S. seeks war on Iraq in order to redraw the map of the Middle East’

      compiled by Cem Ertür, Indybay, 20 June 2014

      Propaganda & censorship alert: NATO countries’ media coverage of the elections in Syria

      compiled by Cem Ertür, Indybay, 7 June 2014

  20. W. Nazara said:

    Hello, I am from Indonesian. Several months ago, we were surprised by the news that some of Indonesian, had joined the al-qaeda based rebel. The news was so disturbing and ashaming since our government policy is keep away from other countries’s affairs/bussiness and consider peace. However, their identity is unclear, how they entered Syria is unclear, when, where question is still unanswered.
    Could you give me news link, photos, video or any detailed information of these people?
    For all your kindness before, I said thank you.
    We, Indonesian hope that the war will ended soon and Syrian Government can bring the peaceful life back to every Syrian People.

    • we know that terrorists from all over the world have been captured or killed in Syria, however, among the approximately 4,000 articles published in this space does not seem to us to be terrorists from Indonesia. But we can go wrong

    • Indonesia Jakarta news was concerned with the amount of Indonesian ending up dead in Syria fighting for jihad. Some were traced to being students at Gulen Turkish Schools in Indonesia then transferring to Kayseri, Turkey then in Syria as killers. Sibel Edmonds the ex FBI Turkish Translator turned whistle blower has long stated that “Gulen schools worldwide train for militization under the CIA Gladio B which is who propped up the Movement”

      You can find Sibel’s statement on UTUBE its the one where it is titled Gulen Charter Schools Sibel Edmonds.

  21. Arklight said:

    April 5-6, 2014 When I go on Syria perspective I get a 522 Error message that the host server is down. Could you let Ziad know? Thanks. I live in the US.

  22. syedali said:

    Dear Syrianfrepress..

    there is any comparative study of syrian killing by socalled rebels and Syrian Government ??

  23. Dear David, we examined the links you’ve sent us.

    Being all those web spaces managed by supporters of international terrorism, we do not consider them reliable.

    Anyway, most of the terrorist gangs that operate in Syria are composed of foreign mercenaries, and this is a true fact.

    Estimates of the number of militiamen mercenary terrorists is updated daily, because every day military operations are carried out by the Syrian Arab Army that end with the elimination of many of these criminals thugs.

    So we can know every day how many of these terrorists have entered Syrian territory to commit criminal acts, after that we counted their dead bodies, and we have identified their nationality.

    Most are of Arab origin, but many of the bodies identified are also of armed men of European nationalities, but the Chechen terrorists are among them most popular.

    Sorry if can not give you more information about it, but this is a work that competes police and army intelligence services.

    With best wishes.

    SFP admin

  24. Good morning, I am a journalist from Slovakia where I work for the biggest national daily newspaper………….I saw a document on your website that shows a list of people from foreign countries who died for “Free Syria”.

    According to a document, there are 19 Slovak nationals who died for “Free Army”. Can you, please, confirm me this statistic? Did these Slovaks really fight in Syria? Who are they? Did they come from Slovakia directly?

    Thank you very much!


    • Dear David, we examined the links you’ve sent us.

      Being all those web spaces managed by supporters of international terrorism, we do not consider them reliable.

      Anyway, most of the terrorist gangs that operate in Syria are composed of foreign mercenaries, and this is a true fact.

      Estimates of the number of militiamen mercenary terrorists is updated daily, because every day military operations are carried out by the Syrian Arab Army that end with the elimination of many of these criminals thugs.

      So we can know every day how many of these terrorists have entered Syrian territory to commit criminal acts, after that we counted their dead bodies, and we have identified their nationality.

      Most are of Arab origin, but many of the bodies identified are also of armed men of European nationalities, but the Chechen terrorists are among them most popular.

      Sorry if can not give you more information about it, but this is a work that competes police and army intelligence services.

      With best wishes.

      SFP admin

  25. Herb Mallard said:

    Please read issues 41 and 42 for more. Pictures and documents tell all.


    opportunities, Neither has represented us, the American middle class working people. We are the tax-payer

    Is Change possible in Israel?
    Jews Against Zionism !!

    Jews Against Zionism is a group for Jews and others opposed to the Zionist movement and ideology, and to its impact on both Palestinians and Jews. This is not a religious group, not a racist hate group, and not a conspiracy-theory group. JAZ is a political group, committed to coexistence between Palestinians and Israeli Jews.

    We believe that the conflict in Palestine cannot be resolved without a return of Palestinian refugees and dismantlement of the Zionist structure of the state of Israel – and that this is impossible in the context of two states and a re-partition of Palestine. We advocate the only approach which can lead to peace with justice in the region: we call for a unitary, secular and democratic Palestine, the return of Palestinian refugees, and full and equal rights for Palestinians, Israeli Jews, and all other people living in the whole of Palestine.

    The world must know that the Zionists have illegitimately seized the name Israel and have no right to speak in the name of the Jewish people!

    The true Jews remain faithful to Jewish belief and are not contaminated with Zionism.

    The true Jews are against dispossessing the Arabs of their land and homes. According to the Torah, the land should be returned to them.

    Jews are not allowed to dominate, kill, harm or demean another people and are not allowed to have anything to do with the Zionist enterprise, their political meddling and their wars.

    A New Genome Study Destroys Zionist Claims to Palestine
    … by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor … with Snordster

    [ Editor’s Note: We first ran this back in March of 2013. I knew this was a good piece, not because it was a new story…it was not.

    The pretend-a-jew issue, in regards of the blood line hoax, and the fraudulent claim that “God gave us the land”, had been exposed for quite a while, and of course ignored by mass media.

    But we had an Israeli genticist at John Hopkins who chose to be true to his profession and his science, and debunked the myth in a manner that could be used as expert testimony in court. Such days do not grow on trees, although we have a good number of them over a year here at VT.

    But hearing this done in a Snordster reading gave me goosebumps the first time I heard it, not having known he had done an earlier one. What had happened is what we calling ‘leveraging’ in the media business, where a different kind of delivery of exactly the same words can attract a whole new batch of readers, which it did.

    Our articles get copied a lot arount the planet onto other websites and blogs, so our readership count here is just a fraction of the total for the ones that take off. The only way we have to gauge how much, is to track the Google count on the article title as you get an exact count of how many places it has shown up worldwide.

    This posting on VT of Snorster’s reading was up to 70,000 Google hits in about two weeks, a hell of a surprise, and one we were glad to have followed the numbers on. It showed us that even though the mainstream media ignored it, the Internet did not, and many of those we wanted to be aware for it, were. That is how we often measure our success. Did ‘the target’ get the message.

    For anyone out there angry at hearing about that, welcome to the real world. It’s been going on forever.

    Militant Zionism has always planned to cleanse the Arabs out the Land and try to pull most of the Diaspora Jews there to populate a future super power. When the ink was not dry on Israel’s birth certificate the Zios were launching their WMD programs.


    please do you know of this group?
    We are extremely suspicious of any & all groups especially if they are US/UK/western or from any place
    we know that the mufti of naTo, erdy is using ngo to deliver arm to the whores of imperialism/terrorists/thugs/scums

    And we know US/UK poison aid VERY WELL

  28. Palestina. Delegazione italiana entra a Gaza!

    Comunicato Stampa del Comitato Per non dimenticare Sabra e Chatila

    Dopo una lunga attesa ed estenuanti trattative con le autorità egiziane una delegazione del movimento di solidarietà con la Palestina è riuscita oggi alle 15 (ora italiana) ad entrare nella Striscia di Gaza, un obiettivo ormai niente affatto facile per chiunque voglia recarsi in questo lembo di terra sotto assedio israeliano.
    Nel dare la notizia, vogliamo esprimere il nostro plauso alla delegazione italiana per la caparbietà con cui ha voluto insistere per raggiungere Gaza e portare agli uomini e alle donne palestinesi che vivono il terribile isolamento e l’occupazione armata la solidarietà e la vicinanza di migliaia di attivisti che sono dalla loro parte e non condividono le scelte di cooperazione politica, militare ed economica del nostro governo e quello di Tel Aviv.
    In attesa del loro rientro in Italia, quando avremo le notizie dettagliate del loro viaggio, ribadiamo la nostra vicinanza e solidarietà al popolo palestinese e alla sua lotta di liberazione nazionale.

    Comitato Per non dimenticare Sabra e Shatila
    Per contatti con la delegazione: 00201202057062

    P.S.: Era arrivato nel cuore della notte di Capodanno il via libera per la delegazione italiana con destinazione Gaza. Ieri mattina (1° gennaio) alle 7.00 si erano messi in marcia alla volta del valico di Rafah per poter poi entrare nel Territorio Palestinese sotto assedio dal 2006. Obiettivo i campi profughi palestinesi nella Striscia e l’ospedale al Awda, cinque anni dopo la sanguinosa operazione Piombo Fuso da parte delle forze armate israeliane. In mezzo, da allora, più di 1.740 morti, migliaia di mutilati, un assedio che ancora permane. Un nuovo stop nel pomeriggio del 1°, a circa 150 km da Rafah, da parte delle forze di sicurezza egiziane che avevano fatto fernare il pullman. Costretti al dietrofront fino al Canale di Suez, la delegazione non ha rinunciato: stamattina è partita nuovamente, riuscendo finalmente a passare.

  29. For “Guest”:
    yes, you can send some text/video link here, but it should be better at this link:
    wich is the proper link for contributors & authors


  30. Friends Salaams
    what do you know regarding this matter- a gimmick or what. Strange that this farce Syrian Human Rights would want to have their pimp dragged to the farce ICC: read the full text
    Haytham El Menne, the General Coordinator of the National Opposition Coordination of Syria, has announced that he plans to sue Turkish PM Erdogan in the International Criminal Court. Menne met with Syrian expatriates in the US state of Chicago, where he said, “I accuse Erdoğan of having sent terrorists to Syria. I have sufficient information and documents.” The official complaint of Menna, who has been considered one of the leading opposition figures in the Western World, will likely lead to considerable problems for the AKP government on the international level.

    Application from Syria to the UN

    Syria’s Foreign Ministry had already previously asked the United Nations (UN) to launch an investigation against Turkey for “supporting terrorism”. According to Hediye Levent, The BBC’s Damascus correspondent, the report sent to Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN on November 7 from Damascus included instructions to make the necessary applications to the counter-terrorism units of the UN. The material used in the chemical attack performed by the opposition in Syria was supplied from Turkey and then smuggled into Syria. Thus, the claims accuses Turkey of “providing support to terrorism”.

  31. this email was sent to multiple US govt officials:
    Is there anyone on Earth who has not heard about the US shutdown and possible default?

    Fact is that there are plenty of chances for savings that do not hurt the poor. The food-stamp offices + “means testing” for one. I see people who have smartphones i cannot afford using food-stamps/EBT-cards to buy fancy food and/or KFC Mcdonalds i cannot afford; i work very hard for minimum wage but told i too wealthy/high-income for foodstamps medicaid. Not only are the ‘means testers” heartless, dishonest, unfair; they are doing a lousy job. And do not forget the COST of these means-testers; the cost of typing and printing the forms and paying the salary and benefits of each beauracrat who is processing them. A large percentage of the money/budget for the needy goes in fact to them; NOT the needy! The same situation with school lunches; where huge $ spent to tell kids they not get lunch because of what their parents did or did not do; that if you got rid of that and just bought (brown rice, lentils, sweet potatoes, whole wheat, vegetables, + planting school garden) in bulk and gave it all to the kids; the money you could save. US bridges and water pipes falling apart but rather then let private sector; govt deal with unions who in fact are bullying/enslaving workers and job-seekers. US needs much more of mass-transit and could do this quickly/affordably if stop the baloney and do like Singapore. Singapore has much better, cleaner, faster, mass-transit than US which is much more affordable to both riders and tax-payers. Singapore was poor/non-existent 60 years ago and started from close to bottom and now is in many ways; more prosperous than US. If Singapore can do it; so can we. Also a few years ago Bankers coming at Iceland like they did at Greece; but Iceland stood up for their people and unlike Greece & Cyprus which gave in and now live in wretched poverty; Iceland economy recovered and is doing well. Also lets not forget the billions or trillions spent on govt. regulatory agencies; that smother start-ups in red-tape + mandates + inspections etc that hinder businesses from operating to where jobs are killed. First we are forced to pay for these agencies then forced to pay for the food-stamps etc caused by their job-killing. Many people are deterred by them to where we would not even think of starting a business. We could eliminate 85% of these agencies and streamline the rest ; and it would NOT hurt workers or the envionment. It would suddenly be easier and cheaper for business and factories to operate in US ; which would create jobs and reduce need/demand for food-stamps. Nobody; democrat or republican who refuse to do this can expect me to view them as serious about jobs; or a balanced budget.

    There are also the trillions spent on the wars. In 2008 Iraq was stabilizing and now in 2013 Iraq is falling into violence, bombings, insecurity. Fact is that with/in Libya and Syria various including govt funded “NGOs” etc instigating training etc the various rebels and money etc starting into this before 2011 but Libya & Syria leaders not fully know yet. I support science, mass-transit, education for all, healthy affordable food, jobs, independence, order, fairness, compassion, freedom, pragmatism, logic, being given to the whole world. But we did NOT give this to Libya or Syria; and this not being given to anyone right now. For all the money spent and all the lives taken; life for most Libyans, Syrians, Palestinians, Egyptians, Iraqis, Cypriots, Greeks, is worse now in 2013 than it was in 1999 or 2008 or 2010. If the result of a policy/behavior is bad; the policy/behavior is bad. This mess; particularly in Libya and Syria was 100% preventable.

    For all the money spent and all the lives taken; the security situation for USA and Israel is also worse in 2012 and 2013 than it was in 1999 or 2006 or 2010; more soldiers deployed, more insecurity, more fear, more under siege for/in both US & Israel now in 2013.

    Washington DC is like a clubhouse; consisting of political party leadership (both republican and democrat), Brookings institute, Council of Foreign relations/CFR, IMF, Federal reserve, unions, lobbyists, Food-stamp office , rulers of Saudi Arabia Qatar Bahrain, European central bank. Members are rewarded for social skills and service to the clubhouse. People who fight the clubhouse do not get plum committee posts or budget earmarks and do not get to be President of US. If a person is high/important in the clubhouse; then voting them out of office does not necessarily equal voting them out of power. But of course everyone wants to be in charge of the clubhouse and have in run their way. Whichever political party is in charge will do all it can to stay in charge. Whichever party not in charge will do all it can to overthrough the party in charge and put itself in charge; hence the blame-shifting speeches in Washington DC.

    Then the issue of health care. The rich/wealthy have health-care and/or insurance. Obamacare goes after the working poor who do not have insurance. A person working full-time for minimum wage is at high risk of being forced to spend as much as $55 – $90 per month for insurance; which a person living in area where rent is $450 or more per month plus having to pay for transportation food etc canNOT afford. Also if person earning minimum wage gets a raise at work to now earn $9.50 per hour; they are significantly penalized by Obamacare by higher premiums and higher deductibles; not to mention being now in higher tax-bracket. A person who is work 15 – 22 hours weekly, getting medicaid and foodstamps will be significantly punished financially by food-stamp offices and Obamacare if they decide to start working 38 – 44 hours per week. Do you think people do not see this? That we are so blind and stupid??? You get the behavior you reward. Also the plan helps the older junk-food-junkies at the expense of young health-nuts. You get the behavior you reward.

    Also it is known that if you have 2 persons with equal/identical disabilities and abilities and they have the same income and same rent; that the person who is on medicaid and/or SSI and/or SSD will be given foodstamps Obamaphone and the other person will NOT be given the foodstamps or Obamaphone. Thus again you are punishing hard work. The American ethic is that you work hard and do the best you can with what you have; then request/receive help; but the Government is punishing that ethic ; as in punishing those of us that have it. Also the food-stamp office requires multiple visits and long waits; which is inherently hostile to workers and job-seekers. In prior job; i heard of multiple people missing work or arriving late due to food-stamp office demands. This is hurting the US economy. This is abusing/oppressing the American workers. This is worsening the budget deficit. Logical compassionate fair solutions must be found for the medicaid, medicare, Obamacare, & foodstamp situations; before they totally bankrupt US. Nobody who refuses to do the needed reforms has any right to claim that they care about the US budget or the US workers.

    Time to tear the clubhouse down. Time to serve the American people.

    Dependence is slavery. Fear is slavery. Debt is slavery. Chaos is oppression/death. Vulnerability is oppression/death. Nobody should have to beg permission to bake and sell a loaf of bread.

    While some unions are good; many in fact bully/enslave the workers and job-seekers and/or exclude workers/job-seekers. The govt funding of life-styles, sex preference/studies/surgery /politics etc, must be stopped for the good of the budget. If Singapore can have huge mass-transit for its people at an affordable price to tax-payers and users alike; so can the USA; and we will settle for nothing less. If Singapore can in less than 60 years go from close to nothing to being a clean modern prosperous country; so can USA; and we will settle for nothing less. If Iceland can stand up to the bankers; refusing to become like Cyprus and Greece and Iceland can prosper; so can USA and we will settle for nothing less.


  32. American friend for a better world said:

    Dr. Assad did well in interview

    of course the ideal is for the hardworking, pragmatic, people inside USA, Syria, Libya, to take over; for us to lead, govern, & represent ourselves

    of course when Obama say/waive that it ok to give $ to persons known as terrorists he is NOT representing or serving American people of course Americans have NO control over Obama, Boehner, etc

    the unions, food-stamp offices claiming to represent American workers & job-seekers & the republican & democrat party leaders are in fact bully/intimidate/enslave us as they serve federal reserve, European central bank, IMF, CFR, rulers of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and now they seeking to “liberate” Syria same as they did Libya,,,

    for most Americans, Libyans, Syrians, Palestinians, Mexicans, Cypriots, Greeks; life was better in 1994 & 2004 & 2010 than it is now in 2013

    America was founded as a representative republic and at the time and for many years was best system in the world; but has since been co-opted/corrupted by the clubhouse culture .

    The clubhouse is the political party(s) leadership, unions, lobbyists, democracy now (movement) , IMF, CFR, Federal reserve, European central bank; they get important committee posts, chance to be President, etc by loyally serving the clubhouse. Long faithful service to the clubhouse & social skills are what wins; those who fight the clubhouse do NOT get to be President nor do they get important committee positions. We the voters are basically helpless; because no matter who we vote for; we are in fact voting for the clubhouse. If person is big in clubhouse; voting them out of office does NOT mean voting them out of power!

    The system is a scam

    I was very impressed by the Massar discovery centers, Massar Green Teams, Massar Blue teams and view them as the way to give Syrians a good future.

    My friend visited Libya before 2011 and saw clean safe streets, free health care for all with no insurance needed (much better than Obamacare!), free education, balanced budget,

    My friend read the Green Book and say it is caring and full of good ideas

    Perhaps if the honest hardworking pragmatic Syrians can resist and expel the above named oppressors and then form a jointly administered zone with the honest pragmatic hardworking Libyans. The Blue Zone will be governed by logic, science, pragmatism, fairness, and the rulers of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, CFR, IMF, federal reserve, European central bank, Al-Qeida will NOT be welcome there; but rather expelled.

    Eventually all of Syria and Libya will be part of the Blue Zone; and in time the blue zone will expand to include other countries as well

    Of course one idea/solution is for the principals of real democracy and freedom to be explained by series of graphic-novels/comic-books ; where each booklet would tell a story explaining a/various ideas;. the booklets would be in Arabic, English, & Spanish, and distributed globally, ;including in USA

    Many would contain characters existing only within themselves

    a small segment would contain current-events characters (the one about Obama would be titled: ‘false messiah’ for example)

  33. American friend for a better world said:

    Crying, hate, screaming, voodoo, magical thinking, violence will not save us

    Only logical authentic productive ACTIONS will save us

    Go online to: Straits Times . com & RT .com & LANA . com & FSA . com & Federal Reserve Website/homepage & European

    Central bank website/homepage & Infowars . com & Syrian Free news network & The Tripoli Post . com & Libya 360 .

    com & Libya SOS blogspot & Peace Libya youtube channel & Syrian free wordpress & Libya free wordpress & Libya

    feb 17 info . com /herald & The excavator & Business insider . com & FIDF . com & NATO . com & Saudi

    Arabia government website /homepage & Obama for America . com & Massar Green Teams Facebook page

    Logically Analyze then take logical productive authentic corrective ACTIONS

    Watch: Message from international bankers to anonymous

    Watch: Evolution of the Democratic plantation

  34. American friend for a better world said:

    Congrats on the baby-step forwards; but of course there is risk (since online videos of FSA and/or NTC rebels testing out

    chemicals/weapon(s) out on rabbits) that there will be a horrific provable case/usage of chemical weapons that John Kerry

    will “prove” was/is the work of Dr. Assad

    of course for many Syrian, Libyan, Palestinian, Greek, Cypriot, Egyptian, Iraqi, Mexican, American

    children/workers/job-seekers; life is still bad and getting worse

    the fact of Syrian children crowded into Refugee camps; NOT given education/school; fact of Syrian children forced into

    combat duty is ongoing/growing tragedy and war crime.

    Fact is that the rulers of Saudi Arabia horribly oppress their own people and the mainstream media is largely silent about

    these selfish arrogant persons and their unfair, illogical, cruel behavior/policies

    Fact is that large areas of Libya remain cut off from outside world with no way to contact outsite world, they have NO

    advocate and mainstream media act as if they do not exist

    Even in Tripoli there are shootouts etc and Libyans still being imprisoned, tortured, murdered, fired from jobs, unable to

    travel safely at night, Libyan females losing their rights

    In America; it is very hard to find any job at all. Good jobs rapidly ceasing to exist. Factories closing and those still

    open; not hiring the average American. The unions, food-stamp offices who claim to help workers & job-seekers are in fact

    oppressing/enslaving us. Many of the jobs posted on careerbuilder, indeed, hotjobs, OODLE, monster, craigslist are in fact

    scams; they look like real jobs; but when you apply you get email about accepting deliveries & they just need all your

    personal info,,,, or you apply for what looks like real job; only to find out that it is “pay on commission” which means that

    you are NOT paid for your work , you have NO control over the price or quality of what you sell, and if 3 months after

    purchase customer demand refund; your boss can “claw-back” “garnish” it out of your future paychecks ; so your paycheck is

    really a payloan

    The whole world sees the escalating violence, bombings, maimings, murders, religious, in Iraq,.

    For most Palestinians, Libyans, Afghanis, Iraqis, Haitians, & some Syrians, Americans,Greeks, Cypriots, life is a hellish

    struggle to survive + poverty + confusion + fear of punishment + shame + knowing that no amount of hard work or good behavior

    will make the punishment stop + not able to find good jobs + scams , etc

    .The Rulers of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, Federal Reserve, IMF, CFR, unions, food-stamp offices, mental ‘health’

    establishment, World bank, Ray Clute, rod Parsley, Terry McLean, McCain, Boehner, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Obama, Sheldon

    Silver, The European central bank ; are unfair selfish and for too long have not been held accountable for the harm their

    behavior/policies have caused. They are to blame for the misery and trouble in Syria and still creating more brainwashed

    zombie slaves and then arming them to enslave Libyans, Syrians, Americans, etc on their behalf. they are to blame for the

    poverty, unfairness, fear, oppression, violence in Libya, Syria, ; and the world.

    The entire world needs : logic, science, lots of mass-transit such as monorails + high-speed trains + subways + directed

    busses at low prices, good quality schools teaching science computers reading, fairness, fair honest free trade, compassion,

    freedom, & pragamtism. Whoever/whatever gives us this is a friend. Whoever/whatever fights against this is an enemy. Whoever

    eliminates all child-abuse and gives us all this will have my support and trust.

    Someone should find way to outline the principals of real democracy (such as Massar Blue Teams, Massar Green Teams, ‘The

    Green Book’ , ) and how pretend democracy (Saudi Arabia’s rulers, Obama, unions, Clinton, Bush, Sarkozy, Cameron, Merkle,

    European central bank etc) are NOT real democracy and how their unfair illogical behavior/policies are causing misery

    globally, . I went online wanting to watch videos on this and such videos basically NOT available. The only available were

    lecture hall stuff where you could hear teacher-student interations but poor quality and only able to here some of teacher

    and none of students, long too many words, too much abstract concepts, .

    Someone needs to make series of music videos 2 – 10 minutes long ; each video outlining a concept in concrete specific terms

    people can understand/beleive/apply, combining pictures, written words flashed on screen, dialogue/speech, & music, &


    someone needs to print out graphic novels/comic booklets ; with believable compelling characters and dialogue, each breaking

    down the facts and concepts into understandable believable segments, . Most of the comic books would contain characters only

    existing within themselves. A separate but equal segment would contain characters from the news etc (the one about Obama

    would be titled : False Messiah). The Booklets would be glossy, lightweight, easy-to-carry, color-printing, & written in

    both English and Spanish. The books would explain how direct as in REAL democracy works and how the fake democracy hurts and

    the differences between the two. some of the booklets would contain information and comparisons regarding the war(s) in Libya

    and Syria. Others would expose the hideous human-rights situation(s) in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Others would expose how

    NSA, CIA giving weapons to people who hurt people .

    It is not about who is right; it is about what is right

    Fear is slavery

    Dependency is Slavery

    Nobody should be forced to beg permission to bake and sell a loaf of bread

    Embrace Excellence

    Be logical

    Expect Everything

    Be prepared

  35. American friend for a better world said:

    The suffering of Syrian people; especially the children, refugee children; is undeniable and indisputable as it is heartbreaking. Someone should be speaking up about how the sneaking oppressive cruel rulers of Saudi Arabia are indoctrinating/brainwashing then aiding the FSA & NTC rebels to behaving so violently and illogically that many Syrians feel unsafe in their own homes and compelled to flee. The suffering, lack of schooling for the children, the NTC & FSA recruiting boys to fight and girls into slavery of another sort should be exposed and denounced. The cruelty , selfishness, unfairness of Saudi Arabia ‘s rulers and Bahrain’s rulers should be exposed and denounced everywhere

    Someone should get laptops to the refugee children then find way for them to do their schooling online

    someone should tell the refugees that there are Syrians who unlike the brainwashed FSA & NTC rebels ; in fact care deeply about them and are working to help them

    sometimes the best defense is a good offence. Expose the human-rights violations occurring in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, especially their oppression of girls. Trumpet the good deeds done by the rank-and-file staff of the Massar discovery centers

    find a safe neutral place for a meeting; where the honest,, pragmatic, hardworking Syrian scientists + doctors + school teachers + nurses can meet to plan a good future for the Syrian people; letting the whole world know that you are putting the children first because they are the future.

  36. American friend for a better world said:

    I have heard the upset voices of friends & colleagues waking up to the realities of Obama, Clinton other, & Obamacare who they had THOUGHT was kind caring looking out for them only to see that it now can/will hurt or punish them

    Everyone has been betrayed

    I went online looking for educational videos, music videos ; that would quickly explain the principals of direct/participatory democracy (like described in Green Book) to give concrete specific examples and how to apply them in life regardless of where you live. But the videos i need/seek/want are NOT THERE!

    Someone needs to make series of videos combining flashed images (photos, drawings, written words) combined with speech or song, with music,; compelling interesting easy to understand videos that each last 2 – 10 minutes.

    videos i saw were NOT up to this standard, most too long & too many words & too much abstract concepts ; others were lecture-hall and poor quality where literally could NOT hear/understand much of what said. Nobody has time or patience for this that so clearly disregarding us. we need easy to understand memorable compelling

    another thing; people like ‘graphic novels’ it is like picture or comics combined with standard book; they contain compelling characters, dialogue, and come in a series

    this is what is desperately needed where i live. We need lightweight, easy to carry and distribute, good-quality, color-printing, that combines pictures, characters , dialogue, telling stories that make a point. It will be a series of booklets; each making a point, each sending a message, each breaking a principal down into concrete applicable terms that are so obviously true.

    People here are busy, stressed, under siege, the booklets must be addictive/compelling

    If/when they are printed out; i will volunteer to assist in distributing them

    they must be written in both English and Spanish

    Most of them will NOT contain the ‘leading personalities’ ‘leaders’ such as Obama, Assad, Gaddafi; but rather will contain characters existing only within them; existing to create dialogue, tell stories, explain concepts,

    but a ‘separate but equal’ small minority of them will be about existing characters of news & politics

    Some will describe the horrific oppression and human rights violations done by the rulers of Bahrain (title: A secret HEll) others will describe the various betrayals done by Obama (title: False Messiah) (Title: Drag US to HEll!)

    While i not big fan of some of the behaviors/policies that Mao did in China; fact is that his people recognized the usefulness and potential of graphic novels , comic books etc and used them very effectively

    surely those who understand and believe in the Green Book, logic, compassion, freedom, science, fairness, & human rights can do the same thing ; in fact do it better because we will be telling the truth

  37. Putin dijo “No one doubts that poison gas was used in Syria. But there is every reason to believe it was used not by the Syrian Army, but by opposition forces, to provoke intervention by their powerful foreign patrons who would be siding with the fundamentalists.”
    “Reports that militants are preparing another attack – this time against Israel – cannot be ignored.”

    ¿Ahora vez lo que estuve diciendo desde hace tiempo? EEUU y Francia invadieron Libia con mercenarios, provocaron un genocidio de 10000 a 100000 personas (aunque para esa gente no importa, son árabes, no personas para ellos). De ahí llevaron más mercenarios, esta vez libios, jordanos, y hasta chechenos! (por eso dice Putin que incluso hay rusos, pero se refiere a los terroristas chechenos, que no se consideran rusos), y los infiltraron en Siria. NO son sirios, son terroristas que mezclaron con (o formaron parte de) Al-Qaeda, una rama de la CIA, y fueron financiados por Arabia Saudita y Qatar; este último país se retiró porque prefiere gastar la plata en otra cosa, pero Arabia Saudita proveyó de armas químicas a los mal llamados “rebeldes”, y Turquía se quiso meter pero su propio pueblo le dijo no a Erdogan, que como dijo Bashar Al Assad “se cree un califa”, claro Mierdogan se olvida que Siria ya zafó del yugo turco.

    El nombre “rebeldes” es un mote romántico que inventó el sionismo, que también los ayuda en comunicaciones y demás tácticas de guerra. “rebeldes” que acribillan a actores, periodistas, civiles, clérigos, mujeres, niños, etc. ¿Qué sirio hace eso? ninguno, porque no son sirios! ¿Qué manifestante hace eso? ninguno, porque no son “amantes de la libertad”.

    No es mi opinión, son hechos. Siria está sola en esto, se le agradece a Putin su ayuda, pero en Siria se debate el mundo libre, y no es exageración. Va a quedar en la historia porque somos los únicos que nos dimos cuenta de la mentira sionista, y no es chiste, ni me interesa que me censuren o que dé miedo todo esto: Al Assad es un héroe, una persona íntegra, con un pueblo que aunque representa a menos del 1% de la humanidad es el único en el mundo que se ha dado cuenta de que la humanidad está amansada, adormecida, con lavaje de cerebro, y los sirios son los únicos que actualmente se oponen, solos, a un terrorismo sanguinario, asesino, genocida, que responde a obama y sus amos de tel-aviv.

    Los sionistas son judíos y cristianos fundamentalistas que quieren el gran israel, a costa de vidas árabes, que para ellos son menos que humanos, en el fondo sí saben que son humanos y saben que para el sionismo los árabes son más peligrosos que el resto de la humanidad, porque perciben la realidad, y por eso son tanto o más peligrosos que el resto. Actualmente ni los izquierdistas burgueses, ni los comunistas asesinos, ni los nazis genocidas, ni los vietnamistas amansados, ni los árabes domesticados, ni los capitalistas libremercadistas, nadie, nadie se atreve realmente a hacer algo contra el verdadero poder del NWO. Siria lo hace, simplemente diciendo no a la agresión.

    Damasco tiene miles de años, en Siria han convivido durante siglos tanto judíos como cristianos y musulmanes, nunca hubo problemas. ¿ahora hay “conflictos religiosos”? de repente? quién se comió el cuento de la “primavera árabe”? es triste pensar que fue el 99% de la humanidad. Si es que hubo tales revueltas las mismas fueron armadas, artificiales, a conveniencia de EEUU, sólo hay que fijarse en youtube toda la información que hay, por ejemplo lo que dijo un ex-general ya hace varios años, un video de apenas meses después del autoatentado, donde planeaban las revueltas en el mundo árabe para conquistar 7 países (ya lo hicieron a costa de millones de vidas en Irak). Siempre contra el mundo árabe, claro, el goy desprevenido e ingenuo dice que es porque ahí hay petróleo, pero la realidad es que el mundo árabe es despierto frente a los cuentitos y mentiras, además de ser geoestratégicamente importante.

    Al Assad hizo un país laico que no agrede a nadie, sólo se defiende. Ayer cumplió 48 años y ojalá viva otros tantos.

    ¿por qué el NWO odia Siria? ya lo explicó admirablemente syriangirl.

  38. National Panthers Party
    New Delhi, 10th September, 2013
    Press Release
    Bhim Singh hails Putin’s courage to shut USA from interfering into Syrian crisis

    Addressing a high-profile seminar on the occasion of 20th Anniversary of the Treaty of Frienship and Cooperation between Russia and India on Indo-Russian relations organized by Russian Cultural Centre, New Delhi, Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of the Panthers Party and Member of National Integration Council hailed the highly courageous and farsighted stand taken by the Russian Federation vis-à-vis the Syrian crisis. Among others who participated in the seminar included Mr. Fedor Rozovskiy, Director, Russian Centre of Science and Culture, Mr. Denis Alipov, Charge’d Affairs, Embassy of the Russian Federation in India, Mr. Kanwal Sibal, Former Foreign Secretary of India & Former Ambassador of India to Russia, Mr. Kamal Choudhary, Ex.M.P.
    Prof. Bhim Singh pointed out that word ‘peace’ was missing in the Indo-Soviet Treaty signed in 1993 after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The earlier Treaty signed between India and Soviet Union (now Russian Federation) had mentioned words ‘friendship’, ‘peace’ & ‘cooperation’. The present Treaty had omitted the word ‘peace’ assuming that word ‘peace’ was not necessary as the so-called ‘cold war’ had come to an end. The NPP Supremo said that peace and international security has been the first casualty after the collapse of USSR. He said that the United States of America has assumed the authority of an SHO, a super policeman threatening peace everywhere in Asia, Africa and even in Eruope. Prof. Bhim Singh said that illegal invasion of Yugoslavia, Iraq, followed by aggression against Libya under the leadership of the Anglo-American Bloc leave not even an iota of doubt that the US President is behaving worst than Hitler. He said that United Nations has been ignored by the Anglo-American Bloc in invading the Member States, may they be Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Sudan. He said that US had one mission in the Arab world to grab its oil and earth-wealth and that was their interests in the Arab world. He said that the US mission in Syria is to liquidate the President of Syria, Dr. Bashar-al-Assad for the reason that Syria has been demanding implementation of UN Resoultions namely, 242, 338 and others where the Security Council had directed Israel to vacate all Arab Territories including the Golan Heights of Syria under illegal occupation of Israel since 1967.
    Prof. Bhim Singh said that the Arabs are friends of India and India has a commitment for the establishment of a Sovereign State of Palestine and India has its responsibility to ensure that no foreign power shall interfere into the domestic affairs of Syria. This is what Prime Minister of India has declared on the floors of the General Assembly of United Nations and recently in the G20 conclave in Moscow. The Russian Federation has responsibility to stand by the friends of India as well.
    Prof. Bhim Singh said that Mr. Vladimir Putin has revived the hopes of the developing world particularly the world which has been suppressed by the Anglo-American Bloc that their security shall be defended if attacked or invaded by any outside power in violation of the UN Charter. He said that Mr. Obama has to think hundred times before attacking Syria. He said that our Russian friends are not sitting silent and Mr. Putin has a commitment to save the UN Charter from being plundered by any power. He said any interference by the US shall ignite nuclear war and US shall be responsible for it.

    Sudesh Dogra, Political Secretary

  39. many thanks to Carl C.
    we stay tuned

  40. many thanks to Field
    we stay tuned

  41. God bless Syria against all Terrorist. Syria is the only country that doesnt bow down to the western countries, not like Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Saudi Arabia and Qatar are the horns of Najd. The prophet (pbuh) said you will make an alliance with Room. Room is not Rome located in Italy. Room in the time of the prophet is Eastern Christian byzantine NOT WESTERN CHRISTANITY. Room now today has its HQ in Moscow. Mashallah, Wise man Bashar. The prohpet (pbuh) said Sham and Yemen and palestine. The prophet (pbuh) prasied its leaders and its army for protecting the land against all terrorist in which Nabi Essa will return. God bless Syria.

  42. Shane said:

    I’m from South Louisiana and I’d like to say thanks for your reports. I always get news on Syria from SANA. Let me also send my greeting to the Syrian Arab Army. I was watching the documentary “the general’s battalian.” Also, “the syria diary.” Your armed forces are standing firm in the face of pure evil, my hat off to them.
    Secondly, I don’t know about the rest of America because S. Louisiana is not like the rest of America, we ‘re not Ango-Saxon, we’re Latin, French/Spanish Catholic culture
    (We’re also not treated like real americans. They just take our oil and gas and destroy our coast, while we see no benifit. Not to mention Katrina). But most folks hear know whats really going on and do not support what is being done in their names. Also, Im so sorry the US media has no shame what so ever. Its amazing how CNN and FOX just flip the truth clean on its head. Its not new, they do it to us as well, during the Gulf Oil spill, I watched the national media cover up for BP over and over again.
    Also, I saw it quoted here that 70% are against arming the cannibles, thats a low number I promise. The policy makers are probly the only supporters of that insanity. And I would think no US soldier wants to fight along side the terrorist cannibals.
    Finally, let me say my thoughts, hopes and prayers are with you, the Syrian people, and especially the Syrian Arab Army, who in my opinion are a brave, heroic and professional force. God be with you and peace be upon you.

  43. Here is a video that should be spread around the world. It is a well known ex-Jihadist who was associated with Osama bin-Laden that says the call for Jihad in Syria is a false call, and explains why. He said the call should be for Jihad against Zionists. Its long, but its VERY good. One of the best I’ve seen because of who it is and what he says…..

    • thank you my dear, and sorry for the delay, but we are very very busy…always running up and down, with so much work to do…I’ll contact soon you on youtube…

  44. hopncircle said:

    Have u saw this interview from Project Camelot ? MASSIVE info on the goals of the NWO and internal war within Illuminati/Zionist Kabale and other faction. Please look at this before it is taken of the web and share discretely :


  45. The United States is OPENLY SUPPORTING General Salim Idris, who is OPENLY SUPPORTING Jabhat Al-Nusra, who is OPENLY SUPPORTING Al-Qaeda who OPENLY SUPPORTS Osama bin-Laden AND the FBI’ NUMBER 1 TERRORIST Ayman Al-Zawahiri who has a 25 MILLION DOLLAR BOUNTY ON HIS HEAD!


    Are there NO RESPONSIBLE Journalists at the Press Briefings???

    Thank you for your letter.
    What you didn’t understand, my friend, is that this is not a war of factions, nor a war between different point of political view or for the power:

    This is a war against the Arab Resistance who is resisting to the Zionist Entity, because Syria is a standing rock against the Zionist colonial entity, and is against this Resistance that the USA/Zion/Gulf & EU puppets are fighting, using their al-Qaedists tools…

    Unfortunately there is no other way that Resist and defend our Country from mercenaries & terrorists, supported and armed from abroad…

    Syrian people is people of peace and tollerance, and for centuries christians and muslims were sharing the same homeland: “God is for everyone of us, Syria is for all”, we say.
    These intruders are committing act of terrorism and killing people, dismantelling archeological sites and stealing goods. We have to stop them and there is no other way to do it than by our Syrian Arab Army Forces.

    Latins say: “Si vis pacem, para bellum”. (If you like peace, be ready for fighting).
    It is an illusion to believe that it is possible to build something with barbarians cruel killers. We have to stop them, in every way.

    May God bless you.

  47. Here is a video of the USA’s Illegitimate Bastard Children known as the Supreme Military Command, and their locations…

  48. Please share this video, as the world should see!

  49. in case you don’t have yet, for your eyes only , am not putting active link in my posts for obvious reasons

  50. The people of Syria HAVE SPOKEN!!!

  51. US – Russian Relations deteriorating as Kuwaiti Whistle Blower Discloses Secret Syria War-Plan

  52. do you know of an info graphic that can show what is happening in Syria and where please … i tried to write SANA but the mail was not delivered

  53. do you know of an info graphic that shows what is actually happening in Syria and where … i tried to write to SANA but mail was not delivered















  55. American aiding Terrorists in Syria…

  56. My Tribute: It is with my great honor and respect that I pay tribute to Dr Bashar al-Assad. “Dr Assad, I salute you!”


  58. You are very welcome…. We must make sure the TRUTH is always shown!

  59. Another great show of the truth in Syria!

  60. You are very welcome…
    If your viewers are interested, I am conducting quite a few investigations on the people spreading lies about Syria, and there are 9 now so far. The latest is a man from Syria, Mohammad al-Abdallah. His father Ali and brother Omar had been jailed in Syria. He know works in Washington DC. The videos all begin as Souria2011Archives Exposed, and then the name of who I am exposing. For anyone who might be interested.
    Thank you…

  61. Massima vicinanza, morale e fisica alla Nazione Araba di Siria, al suo Popolo ed al suo Presidente, nella lotta contro la feccia del mondialismo apolide ed usurocratico in appoggio ai ratti tagliagole, ai mercenari assassini ed ai criminali che li incitano e proteggono.
    La Siria rappresenta oggi ogni Uomo che combatte per l’Onore e la Libertà.

  62. Thank you!

  63. This series should be very useful! Its a whole series…
    Please spread the information!

  64. NenaehWest said:

    Look at the video you just put out…

    Stop your video at exactly 11:41
    The man in the checkered shirt standing there is the SAME man dressed in all blue in my video

    seated in the living room talks!

  65. Message for Mohammed:

    thanks, the Administrator will contact you as soon as possible

    • bonne et heureuse annèe2013 à tout le monde ainsi que la redaction de syrien free presse bonne et heureuse annèe2013 une pensèe à notre chère sirie blessèe èsperant que l’annèe 2013 sera l’annèe de la paix et du dialogue entre ses enfants vive la serie qui resiste.koul am wa intom bi alf kheir.

  66. Ho pubblicato un vostro articolo assieme a tutti i vostri link. Per vostre comunicazioni importanti vi invito a scrivere a questa mail ……. Con rispetto Massimiliano Scandurra

  67. provo dolore come italiano pardon PADANO , per la violenza che siete costretti a subire , mi auguro che tutto possa passare sperando in un rinsavimento cervellare da parte di chi sostiene questa violenza , vergogna per il mondo intero che non dimentichero’ mai forza e coraggio popolo SIRIANO

  68. To “Alguares Masala”:

  69. Un grand merci pour votre journal en français.
    Ici en France les informations concernant la Syrie sont mensongères, le peuple est manipulé et trompé. Nos élites sont corrompues et servent les intérêts Américains et Israéliens. J’espère du fond du coeur que le peuple syrien va retrouver sa liberté et surtout ne pas abandonner sa souveraineté.

  70. boujour bonne fète de l’aid à tous mes meilleurs et sincères voeux aux syriens d’ italie koul sana wa intoum wa souriya bi alf kheir.

  71. Perez-Sordo Alberto said:

    Toute ma sympathie va au peuple syrien, à son armée et à tous les autres intervenants qui le défendent d’une manière ou d’une autre.

    J’ai eu l’occasion de visiter ce magnifique pays il y a 3 ans et de tous les pays arabes que j’ai visité, c’est celui qui m’a le plus marqué; Sa richesse culturelle, sa saveur orientale demeurée intacte. Bref un véritable conte des mille et une nuits.
    Je suis confiant dans son avenir, la Syrie surmontera cette crise. Sa reconstruction et l’aboutissement des réformes nécessaires lui conféreront un éclat plus flamboyant encore que par le passé.

    Je ne peux malheureusement pas faire grand-chose à part convaincre les gens autour de moi de ce qui se passe vraiment et la première chose que j’entreprendrai une fois cette horreur terminée, c’est de revenir comme touriste (ce n’est pas grand-chose et je suis navré de ne pas pouvoir en faire davantage)

    Je me répète mais merci à tous ceux qui luttent comme ils peuvent au côté de la Syrie car aujourd’hui, ils ne sont issus que d’une nation, celle de la justice et de la vérité


    • bonjour ,
      toute ma solidaritè avec le peuple syrien dans ces moments difficiles qu’ils traversent. mais je suis certaine que l’avenir de nòtre chère souriya unique et indivisibile sera meilleur .n’est elle pas la mère de toute les civilisations et la lumière qui a èclairèe l’humanitè.les grands demeurent grands malgrès tous. la sirie dans le cuore

  72. Sbezner said:

    Hi there… Just wanted to say thank you for posting my video I created on the situation in Syria! I made this video in order to bring awareness to the masses and I appreciate you helping out in this effort. The video is “Syria – The REAL Story, CIA and mossad death squads exposed”

    Syria will overcome this challenge. The Foreign and western backed terrorists will be eradicated and the Syrian people can once again live in peace!

    • You are very welcome brother, and thank you for the great video.
      Brothers in fighting

    • Can we have your permission for re-publish that video (with all your original links in clear) and spread it better and more???

    • achim rabia said:

      hi I am a swiss citizen and serving actively in the swiss army (major general) age 50, I find it shameful and disgusting that the west is capable of scarifying a hall and peaceful country like syria and destroying it deliberately for the interests of america and israel regardless of the human losses it is indescriptable human tragedy. I would be really happy if I could defect to the arab syrian army to resist the most machiavelic plan ever seen on earth.

  73. URGENT

    Something is afoot in Syria.
    If you want to prevent these crimes, you should act now: circulate this article on the Internet and alert your elected officials.

  74. from Suria Veritas said:

    Siamo una coppia siriana, sposata e con figli, che lavorano in Italia da molti anni.
    Vi ringraziamo per il pregevole lavoro che svolgete, nell’interesse della verità e dell’informazione, non corrotte dalla propaganda filo-sionista internazionale.

    Vi ringraziamo anche per risparmiarci, nelle pagine dei commenti, le cattiverie e provocazioni dei nemici della Siria, che infangano e sporcano tutto quello che toccano.
    Non date spazio ai rinnegati della falsa “opposizione”, che attraverso i loro terroristi stanno facendo tanti danni alla Siria, alle strutture private e pubbliche, terrorizzando la popolazione.
    Almeno in questo webspace non dovremo sorbirci le loro scemenze.

    Questi disgraziati venduti alle potenze straniere vorrebbero regalare la Siria ai servi della Nato, facendo scorrazzare i sicari tagliagole del Qatar e SaudiArabia, paesi dove la democrazia non esiste, le donne sono cittadini di serie B o C, i cristiani non possono avere neppure una chiesa…e vengono a parlarci di “democrazia” e “diritti umani”…ridicoli.

    L’attuale governo in carica in Siria, quello presieduto da Bashar, è l’unico che possa attualmente garantire libertà e sicurezza a tutti, indipendentemente dalle idee e dalla propria religione, mentre la falsa “opposizione” e il falso “esercito libero siriano”, un branco di criminali mercenari senza onore e senza scrupoli, hanno dimostrato cosa sono: dei razzisti e dei pazzi al guinzaglio degli sheiks corrotti, che li aizzano alla violenza, all’omicidio, alla discriminazione, per dividere la nostra terra, la quale e’ sempre stata culla di tolleranza e convivenza per tutti.

    Continuate il vostro rispettabile lavoro di verità e abbiate pazienza, che quei pagliacci dei ratti, italiani e rinnegati siriani, prima o poi faranno la fine che gli spetta: nel dimenticatoio della storia, ricordati come dei venduti e traditori della Patria, e le loro fogne puzzolenti saranno la loro casa insieme ai loro padroni.

    W Siria, W Bashar al-Assad!!!

    ps: per favore non pubblicate il nostro vero nome e indirizzo email, perchè i siriani corrotti che vivono in Italia minacciano in continuazione e aggrediscono quei siriani che non sono daccordo con loro: fanno insomma esattamente come fanno i terroristi jihadisti in Siria, che minacciano e terrorizzano chi non è con loro contro il governo. Qui in Italia sono più attenti, perchè sanno che finiscono in prigione, ma atti di vandalismo e violenze fisiche personali sono già stati commessi a diversi di noi siriani in Italia. Ora stiamo tutti più attenti, ma non si sa mai coi pazzi…

  75. Jerry said:

    Can you post the full English version of the recent Bashar interview please?

    The only versions available are the Russian dubbed ones.

    The English version will have far more impact on the West

  76. To the friend “crescentandcross”:
    we will be back to you soon.

  77. dear friend thank you for the invitation.
    at the moment a delegation of us (the majority) is on the way to Syria and we will be there until the 8-10 of May.
    we can answer you durong the next week from Damascus.
    Can you replay and leave a telephone number where to contact you?
    Or we can answer you via email during the week.
    All the best

  78. Frantz Fanon said:

    Dear Sirs,

    I just wanted to thank you for this fine website with true information about Syria. I wish you and the syrian people all the best in its stance for dignity and liberty.

    Yours sincerely

    Frantz Fanon



  81. syrianfreepress said:

    Telling falsehoods and bullshit, as you do Hashem Khalid, is a severe infringement of the universal ethical rules.
    In Syria there are no mass killings by the government, but only by terrorists and foreign mercenaries, we have the evidence and everybody know it, the Western propaganda is spreading falsehoods and you are a shameful liar, traitor and a servant of the Zionists and of the enemies of Syria.
    Go hell with your Saudi-Qatari fat pigs friends.



  83. We kindly ask you to write in English so that everyone can understand. Thanks for your support

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