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Assad: Syria could blind Israel immediately

The Public can now Follow The President, Dr Bashar al-Assad on Social Networks

The USA does NOT want the public to support Dr Bashar al-Assads social media sites because they show the world who this man really is, instead of who they want to portray him to be. 

The public, in many Countries, can now follow Dr Bashar al-Assad Social networks.


this page at



13 thoughts on “President al-Assad”

  1. samirsvet said:

    gloire à l’armée Arabe Syrienne , gloire au président Bachar el Assad , gloire au peuple frère Syrien , un soutien inconditionnel à la Syrie , La Syrie vaincra et exterminera le terrorisme mondial et ses parrains n ce n’est qu’une question de temps , l’empire impérialo-sioniste est en voie d’effondrement et tous ces criminels payeront un jour chèrement leurs crimes à l’égard des pays Arabes .

    • yes,victory to the brave syrian arab army,to the valiant courageous people of syria,you are all in our hearts every day,and your president of your sovereign strong you will against these monsters and their masters.salaam

  2. President Bashar al Assad is a living Legend a real example for all Statesmen. He knows he is right and truth stands by his side thats why he bravely leads the defence of his country 5 years ago against all odds and about 1000 different terrorist groups supported by foreign powers to get their share of Syrian oil fields. President Assad already won. Even if US and the Saudis, Israelis would kill him 1000 times he will be hunting them as he is already a hero bigger than life. The Whole World backs him even from US, UK and France that did not listen to vicious lies of the media owned by we all know who… Sincerely apologise to all Syrian people and President Assad and his Family in the name of our misinformed Yes Voter MP’s. Shame on them. They voted yes for ISIS and not against ISIS. But we have hope as this result did not represent the people of the United Kingdom as we don’t want to bomb Syria, we love Syria. We want to help Syria! I am so sorry and I pray for you all!
    President Assad is an inspiration to all people of the world especially should be for many Western Politicians.
    With sincere regrets and apologies,
    Peter Hennin

  3. François PRUNIER said:

    Amitiés et soutien du peuple de France pour Bachar El Assad.
    Le sionistes sont des criminels et toute l’Humanité est menacée par ce cancer de l’enfer

  4. sigo de cerca todas las noticias de nuestra hermana siria.. y agradezco a nuestro ejercito hermano árabe sirio por servir y proteger a la patria amada siria con honor fuerza y lealtad… sueño con que se puedan acabar a todas esas ratas terroristas. un caluroso saludo y abrazo a nuestro hermano presidente bashar al assad!! viva bashar al assad!!! un saludo también a cada uno de los heroicos soldados de la patria siria que luchan día a día contra los terroristas asesinos de nuestros hermanos, de nuestras madres y niños.. deseo la bendición de dios a cada madre de nuestros hermanos soldados, porque gracias a sus hazañas se podrá liberar a siria.. amen!! dios esta con nosotros.

  5. Bitte senden sie mir die neusten Nachrichten auf http://Bashar AlAssadFanClub

  6. لرئيسنا بشار الأسد

  7. Allah Sourya Bashar w basss :)))))))))))))))

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