1 thought on “Blog Fighters”

  1. Great work dear Friends! I pray for your lives and Syria every day. I also pray for American lives as they are misinformed and they don’t know what they do is far worse than any other war crimes in history. One example: Providing Sarin Gas and other biological, Chemical weapons to others to kill people so they can say: *We are coming to save you!” -this is historically an American Strategy Chile was the model where USA successfully destroyed democracy by attacking Allende in every means and at the end by ugly force of guns and a real dictator Pinochet. Not the fake ones that FOX says they call Obama and Chavez and Castro and Putin and President Assad a Dictator but only Obama and Pinochet was Dictator. The others not even close if they go by facts that would prove the exact opposite, as Obama and Pinochet ordered people to kill other people and Bush he was a really stupid dictator and Blair. Camerion and Hillary with Sarkozy was glorious victory and gave Freedom back to Libya that was actually rather interesting Freedom as Libya ceased to exists after these irresponsible politician left Sirte and Benghazi. USA likes it or not the fact of the matter is Gaddafi was right and he defeated them all in his death even. So they kind of no ones when Colonel Gaddafi made Libya out of chaos and sand to the wealthiest strongest African Nation and he spoke truth and it hurts that’s what truth does to those that lie. All guilty ones will be hunted and history will be a harsh judge it is already.
    Truth always prevails if 100 years later but prevails.
    Thank you for all Syrian Soldiers to save us in UK and all around the world.
    I apologise in the name of all evil acts of the dogs of war in UK Government.
    When finally the butcher of Libya leaves the 10 (Downing Street) we call it 10, then a new PM comes and he will be the best PM of UK his name is Jeremy Corbyn. I fear for him for his lives as he is an honest smart intelligent person and they don’t like honest people as they hate truth. Thats why even Windsor is not a Windsor they called Sax-Cobourgh Gotha only changed their name as Philip was involved with Hitler and it was obviously bad news.
    Like we all know US didn’t know which side to support in WW-2 as they debated for years and behind closed doors they supported Hitler and then both sides.
    What do you think what engines you could find in German vehicles and machinery? Mr Ford sent his Ford engines then even sued the US Military for bombing his Companies in Germany under WW-II. And he was rewarded by US Court a huge compensation it is like Larry Silverstein got billions for WTC insurances. Isn’t it morbid? They rewarding the ones that caused all troubles and jail the ones that tell the truth to the public.

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