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Six citizens martyred, 21 injured in terrorist attacks in Damascus and its countryside

Damascus – 25/9/2013 – (SANA) – Three citizens were martyred and others were injured in terrorist suicide bombing using a car bomb which took place in al-Tadamun neighborhood in Damascus.

An official source said the bombing took place in Nisreen Street in al-Tadamun neighborhood, resulting in the martyrdom of 3 citizens and injuring 11 others, in addition to causing significant material damages to more than 15 houses and 10 cars which were parked in the crowded residential area.

Ten citizens wounded by mortars of terrorists in Damascus

Meanwhile, a number of citizens were injured after terrorists launched mortar shells on al-Abassiyeen and Zablatani neighborhoods in Damascus. 

“Four mortar shells fell on Aleppo street, near al-Abasiyeen playground and al-Zablatani, causing the injury of ten citizens who were admitted to hospitals,” a source at the Police command told SANA.

The source added that the terrorist attack also caused material damages to the places and cars.

Three citizens martyred in terrorist mortar shells in Damascus countryside

Later, three citizens were martyred as mortar shells, launched by terrorists, slammed into Ain al-Tineh town in al-Qutaifa district in Damascus countryside.

A source at the Police Command told SANA reporter that several mortar shells fell on the famrs of the town causing the martyrdom of three citizens including a woman. 


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