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Please pardon my rather long absence. I was doing quite an extensive investigation on who exactly was the “FSA,” “Free Syrian Army,” or “Moderate Rebels.” What I thought would take me a few weeks at most turned out to be AT LEAST 10 articles. I will get them out as fast as I can. I’ll start with this first one since there seems to be so much confusion regarding this subject to people who mainly watch the mainstream media.

To those of you who read our news, please share these images so they may reach those reporting false reports from “Syrian Activists.”

Again, I dont take much stalk in a news story that shows no proof of their “claim,” and you shouldnt either. After all, without proof, they are just “claims.” Dont by into it. Dont assume they are true because you saw it on the news. News is scripted these days, literally. Scripts are sent around that most major channels report. They get good looking people to tell you what they want you to be told. They “spoon feed” you information but it doesnt make it truth. I will back up my stories, but dont usually have to, because I do more than make “claims.”



Who is the “Free Syrian Army?”

Basically, who ISNT is a better question. Most come from the rejected Muslim Brotherhood and their families living abroad in many countries other than Syria since the former President ran what was left of them out.

They “claim” to be Syrians, and they “claim” to be from this village or that city in Syria, but they arent. If they WERE Syrians, and cared an ounce for Syria and her people, they wouldnt destroy it “claiming” to be representatives of the Syrian people fighting for “Freedom.”

They want President Bashar al-Assad out so bad they are willing to kill everyone they have to (or want to when scaring others to keep them in check), while destroying Syria itself.

They dont care about Syria or Syrians or even Syrias history.


This first picture comes from a rally inside the United States.


I find it strange that supporters of the Free Syrian Army in the United States “claim” they are united against “ISIS and Assad.”  Especially when

  • 1.) They arent over there being killed and
  • 2.) The FSA and ISIS and al-Nusra are all mixed together fighting and many are the same people with a different uniform on.

DO NOT BE FOOLED! Many of these supporters in the United States have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood booted from Egypt. Most loved Mohamed Morsi (a Muslim Brotherhood), and hate Egypts new President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. They also love Turkeys President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (which Syrians are NOT so fond of because of what he has done to Syria funneling every terrorist into Syria along with the US CIA and many weapons). They also love Saudi and support Saudis internationally illegal war on Yemen killing many. If you talk to a FSA supporter who loves these others… know your talking to a Muslim Brotherhood supporter.

Okay, lets identify some facts. Many of us have claimed for years now that the FSA or “Moderate Rebels” have been working with al-Qaeda or al-Nusra and ISIS. No one seems to be able to differentiate between the two. Dr Bashar Jaafari has been saying all along they are ALL terrorists if their fighting the LEGITIMATE Government of Syria. Sergey Lavrov said, “If it looks like a terrorist, if it acts like a terrorist, if it walks like a terrorist, if it fights like a terrorist, it’s a terrorist, right?” Lets see how right they are.

In Josephs Eid/Getty Image, it shows al-Qaeda was known to be on the scene in Homs Syria on May 4, 2012. 


So WE know, and the mainstream media knew they were there that long ago. Thats a FACT. 

Tim Anderson, a writer that works at the University of Sydney in Australia puts out many “fact sheets” I like to call them. They are a one page of facts and photos relating to Syria. Here is his latest, that fits into this article perfectly.

4 from tim

Below is a photo of Colonel Abed el Jaber Okaidi kissing a man many claim to be like a Godfather of al-Qaeda.


Eretz Zen has 3 youtube channels that show hundreds of videos that you have never seen in mainstream media. Although they show plenty of truth, they never fit the narritive the West put out in their news trying to discredit President ELECTED Bashar al-Assad. They show the horrors of what the “moderate rebels” have done to innocent Syrians for the last nearly 5 years. In a still from one of his videos, “moderate rebel” leader Jamal Maarouf talks about the aid he receives from the United States of America. In a still shot from the video, you can see the flag of ISIS in the background while he speaks.

America has know all along exactly who they have supported in Syria.


You can watch the video below…

The next photos I will show you is why there is so much confusion. The mainstream media would like you to be confused wondering who you should support if at all. I say support NONE OF THEM! One thing I have found out is even the most innocent looking of people are chopping off the heads of truly innocent people. Dont be fooled by their looks. I have hundreds of photos, but here are a few.

This next photo shows an “activist” with an FSA flag, under an ISIS flag. This is why we do not count “activists” as credible at all!

10 protester fsa isis

This next photos speak for itself.  It shows Sheikh Omar wearing an FSA uniform sitting under an al-Nusra flag.


This next photo shows a facebook name of Mahmoud Bassam al’kl. In photo 1, hes wearing his “moderate rebel” uniform and in photo 2, he has beheaded a Syrian soldier while holding an ISIS flag.

11 mahmoud bassam alʿkl

In this next photo, it shows a facebook name of Abu Omar al-Bayanuni. In his purple and blue sweater he doesnt look like a member of ISIS, but as you can see, he enjoys beheading (or hanging out with beheaders), in his spare time.

13 Abu Omar al-Bayanuni

Is (Facebook name) Yousef Najjar a “moderate” or ISIS?

16 Yousef Najjar

How about (Facebook name) Waled Faroh?

17 Waled Faroh

Then we have a newly trained kid who has a couple of facebook pages. In one, he goes by Abu Talha, and in another, he goes by Qutaiba Rashid. In the next 2 photos, you can see he is being trained as an FSA ISIS terrorist. I believe this is a war crime in itself, right? I wonder if he beheaded the man photographed in the second photo.

14 Abu Talha fsa

15 Abu Talha and Abu Karar2

Because of the photographs shown here, I can think you can see why ANYONE who raises a gun to a Syrian soldier or a knife to a Syrian citizen, ALL ARE CONSIDERED TERRORISTS, and rightly so. These terrorists enter a village, murder innocent people in public to scare the hell out of rest into submission, and believe they can really take over Syria.

Together, with ALL the mighty Syrian Arab Armed Forces and Russias mighty Forces, terrorism WILL BE driven from Syria. The Blood thirsty fake Muslim “Muslim Brotherhood” will never be allowed to return to Syria and rule anything. Maybe Turkey will be the closest they get. Erdogan is welcomed to keep them. Or, they will have to remain in exile in the countries they are currently in since Egypt wont let them back either. Good luck with them in the United States and Europe! Syria will be happy to let you keep them!

Right now, the Syrians couldnt be happier now that Russia has taken control over fighting terrorism in Syria.

This photo sums it up well. A photo from al-Nusra themselves.

3 WeAreAllJabhatAl-Nusra

If you would like to see what has been going on from a Syrians perspective, I suggest you go to the Youtube channels of Eretz Zen. You will see videos of footage never shown on mainstream media. You might be amazed at what you see.

Many many “Thanks” to President Vladimir Putin!




Seek the truth!





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