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Upon the 69th anniversary of the Syrian Arab Army, we would like to thank them with our highest praise of respect, pride and honor.

Many men and women have given their lives to defend this beautiful country known as Syria, and many continue today.

Who is the Syrian Arab Army? Its the mothers and fathers of Syria. Its the sons and daughters of Syria. Its an army made of the people of Syria. Its an army of diverse backgrounds of religion throughout the country. It consists mostly of the Sunni population as Syria is is approximately 75% Sunni. The Sunni will will defend the Christians churches with a vigilant fight as they will their own mosques, and vice versa. You see, in Syria, people are not defined to what religion they belong. They are Syrians before they are religion. A Sunni will live next door to an Alawiite, or a Jew or a Christian. There is no division on sectarian lines.

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The men and women of Syria understand the fight laid out before them, and they will lay down their lives for the homeland. The people of the world have come to understand their struggle, and what they defend, and most support them worldwide.


The Army has never turned its weapons on its people for its people support them. The army would never have achieved the support through victories it has in as many areas as it had without the support of the people. Syria is for the people of Syria, and those who defend it. This was part of the plan orchestrated by outside countries to control the country. The Syrian people support their army and their president despite what the mainstream tells you.


One soldier explained it to me this way (after building a snowman and a woman came and gave them a carrot for its nose), “See, thats the Syrian people, they love the army. Yes they do. And when we liberate them, then they are very happy. They go out from their homes, if you could feel it. Its just like standing in a stadium or something and you score a goal and everyone is cheering you, you know? Its so great and you feel great and honorable when people, every people they come outside to cheer you, you know? They throw flowers at you. They give you bread, they give you water. They give you uh, they are poor people and still they give, you know? Thats Syrian style. I want to tell you this. Every time the ‘Free Army’ they so call liberate someplace, why is there no people cheering on the streets? They stay inside their houses, they are afraid. They dont even go out.”

Please listen to the entire conversation here.
You will find a soldier in Syria is no different than you are.
Your enemies are the same.



Terrorism has no place in any culture or in any country. It has no religion like it claims. FSA, al-Nusra, al-Qaeda, ISIS, ISIL or any brigade fighting the army under any banner or name associated with the Islamic State period does not follow any religion whats so ever. In fact those which they kill are merely civilians who support of the army. They are paid to do so.

On Armed Forces Day, here in Syria, we want to say we support you. We will always support you and we “thank you.” Thank you for what you have given, and continue to give. Thank you for the ultimate sacrifice you and your families have paid. Thank you for the pride I feel every time I see your smile, your tears and your boots outside my village protecting me. I know when you are there, I am protected and safe.


“For all you have given and continue to give, We Salute You!”

A Christian song and prayer for you, “our army”






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