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Excerpts from:  Ba’aath Party militias open offensive on ISIS in al-Raqqa; fly Syrian flags and kill ISIS rodents

by Ziad Fadel, Syrian Perspective, 6 March 2016 

There are operatives working for the Syrian government inside Al-Raqqa City.  Their work is sensitive and they have to exercise great caution since the mere suspicion they are working to undermine the rule of ISIS will land them in front of a video camera which will memorialize their dreory execution.  There are hundreds of men and women inside the city who regularly report events to both the media and the government in Damascus.  The most important group is the Ba’ath Party Vanguards.  Dressed often as ordinary peasants or denizens of the poor quarters, they mix with the people and gather information about ISIS, its family structure, command structure and troop movements.  Their military role has not been activated until very recently as the Syrian Army begins the ineluctable flow eastward to liberate the city from the plague of Islamist heresies. […]

The propagandists regularly kite the same lies about how the people of Al-Raqqa still stand against the government.  Well, that’s just amazing because our information is that the people of the city are clamoring to provide Intel to anyone who will listen, mostly to the Syrian government which they have suddenly started to appreciate.  The people know the army is moving toward the city.  At the head of the army is Major General Suhayl (“The Tiger”) Al-Hassan who has been tasked with the enviable job of exterminating the ISIS rats.

The Ba’ath Party, as everyone knows, had a large branch inside the province with many operatives remaining inside after the fall of Al-Raqqa City, at the behest of the party’s Security Bureau, (الامن الحزبي), an agency which monitors members for moral lapses and, even, defection, in order to keep tabs on developments.  The members were also tasked with mapping out locations of enemy defenses, fortifications, revetments and traps designed to slow the movement of the army once it entered the city.  Throughout the last 9 months, the SAA and its allies in the Kurdish militias have been successfully smuggling weapons into the city and placing them in easily accessible locations for the fighters who will spearhead the attack on ISIS when the SAA appears on the horizon. Many of those in the Ba’ath are former active duty soldiers whose tours of duty ended.  They still have the training either from the army or the Ba’ath Party Vanguards.  They are a formidable enemy whose patience has run out with life under the obnoxious hypocrisy of Wahhabism.

Yesterday, an ISIS gunman was found garroted professionally in an alleyway giving upon the river.  In 5 quarters of Al-Raqqa, people rebelled against the various Gauleiters, appointed by the Caliph of Cuckoo himself, raising the flag of the republic proudly in defiance of the empty and vacuous platitudes about the oneness of God, as though polytheists still existed in the Islamic World.  This is not a war against ISIS.  It is a war against vapidity.  ISIS commanders ordered a security clampdown with attendant curfews in those quarters where the republican flags were raised.  Many ISIS rodents have refused orders to invade the areas to look for homes hiding the flags out of fear they shan’t return in one piece.  The ISIS scourge is coming to an end, just as it is in Idlib.


excerpt from:  Raqqa Citizens Take to Streets to Voice Support for Syrian Army

Fars News Agency, 6 March 2016

A large number of civilians rushed to Raqqa streets, where they held a massive demonstration in support of the Syrian Armed Forces for their victories against the terrorist groups around the country, specially in the Eastern and Northeastern territories.

Raqqa civilians hoisted the flag of Syria in at least five neighborhoods of al-Dareiyeh, al-Ramileh, al-Ferdows, al-Ajili and al-Bakri and poured to the streets of Tal Abyadh and al-Mansour chanting slogans of support for the Syrian armed forces.

Reports said on Friday that continued advances of the Syrian army and its popular allies against the militant groups in the Eastern part of Aleppo province and the Northeastern part of Hama province are seriously threatening the ISIL’s self-proclaimed capital of Raqqa.


Ziad Fadel, SyrianPerspective
Fars News Agency
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