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EXPOSED: US Mayor Mohamed T Khairulla, Kenan Rahmani & Company Behind the Destruction of Syria with ISIS Lies & US Tax Dollars

By NevaehWestSyrianFreePress.NETwork ~ 28 May 2015

Lets understand when we share news, there is a BIG difference between an “allegation” and a “fact.” An allegation is NOT back by facts, this is why we call it an allegation. A perfect example of this is a statement like this: “A Syrian activist claims…” Everyone should be aware of stories they read, and news they share when they make such claims within them, or have NO proof to back them up.

As in Muslim countries, there are different TYPES of Muslims. They are as different as the countries they represent. I wont go too much about this, as a great reporter, Sharmine Narwani does that job for me. She was a senior associate for an Oxford University college, reported for Al-Akhbar, was a Huffington Post Blogger, and studied at Columbia University. Many of her stories appear on RT News as well. She knows her facts. This is her story making the explanations of the difference. http://rt.com/op-edge/256561-sunni-threat-middle-east-stability/

She can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/sharmine.narwani


The US mayor Mohamed Taher Khairullah of Prospect Park New Jersey is a relentless thorn in the side of Syria and the Americans themselves. Why the Americans? Because he has masked himself and imbedded himself in the political ring knowing he is laying in wait to strike when the time is ripe. While Americans are watching their distractions like Dancing With the Stars, Muslims are taking their oaths on the Quran as fast as they can. The problem is, what TYPE of Muslims are they?

This brings us to a country called Saudi Arabia. Although they can barely call themselves Arabs because they act more like the west, they can barely call themselves Muslims! I have to give credit to the true Muslims who live within. However, the Kingdom of Al-Saud is more like a kingdom of the Americas, not the Arabs. Within their Kingdom are supporters of the Wahhabi tribes. This is the corrupt NATO type of military created to murder at will, create chaos, and bring about “regime changes” in countries they (the US), wish to control. They call this military the Islamic State, ISIS, ISIL, FSA, “Moderate Rebels” etc) These cannon fodder dummies are nothing but paid mercenaries willing to blow themselves up for the cause they have been suckered into, forced into or drugged into.

Mayor Mohamed Taher Khairullah claims to have been born in Aleppo Syria in 1975, but moved to Saudi Arabia in 1980 at the age of 5. He lived in Saudi until 1991 when he was 16, then moved to the US. His father was Mohamed Basheer Khairullah, who died in 1995 at the age of 48 in the US. He states on his facebook, he is engaged to Mona Obaid since 29 March 2015. He has been previously married at least once to Marwa Homsi, possibly twice to a woman whose last name is Kabbani. The mayor was allegedly involved in a “domestic violence” act (aggravated assault), against his wife and father-in-law in 2002. Might explain why he isnt married, or at least doesnt live with his wife today. Although, his financial statement to the State of New Jersey Department of Education School Ethics Commission Personal Disclosure Statement dated 30 January 2015 states he is married. He now resides in Prospect Park New Jersey, where he is the mayor.

State of New Jersey Department of Education School Ethics Commission Personal Disclosure Statement

Dept of Education

Enter the Muslim Brotherhood… This is a video of a speech delivered by Hafez al-Assad, Bashars father. He speaks about the Muslim Brotherhood, and how they murder in the name of Islam. Its a 3 minute video. I suggest you watch so you can understand why it was important for him to rid Syria of them in the 1980s from place in Hama Syria.

According to Syrian media, anti-government rebels (Muslim Brotherhood), initiated the fighting, who “pounced on our comrades while sleeping in their homes and killed whomever they could kill of women and children, mutilating the bodies of the martyrs in the streets, driven, like mad dogs, by their black hatred.” Security forces then “rose to confront these crimes” and “taught the murderers a lesson that has snuffed out their breath.” Some called it a crime, while others considered it a necessary move to counter the exact events which are happening today. Its the same story, except its a different year. This time, the Muslim Brotherhood has the backing of many American politicians and news media outlets. Thats no surprise really considering the majority of American television is owned by Israel.

brotherhood documents

The Mission of the Muslim Brotherhood is a bit different as well. You see, they are infiltrating the US Congress, Senate, and other political entities because this will afford them the greatest power possible to fight who they consider an enemy. Anyone who is NOT of their beliefs IS considered an enemy, an infidel. This means, if not stopped, Americas future could be controlled by Sharia Law. Of course, there are a lot of Americans who own guns, so it will be a fierce battle if they try. They are very very patient, and dont mind taking the time to gain the positions they need to hold in order to influence those they need to influence. Here are some examples:

Here is the mayor pictured with Governor Corzine in 2009. Before the the conflict.

Untitled 16723

Here is the mayor with Bill Clinton, former US president and Anderson Cooper.

In his comment, he praises Anderson Cooper as “the most honorable man in media when it comes to the Syrian situation, after the taping of Danny Abdel Dayem segment.” Although video came out showing that what Anderson Cooper and Danny Dayem were reporting was a BIG FAT LIE, and this following video proves the fact.

mayor with public figures

EXPOSED: Danny Abdul-Dayem & CNN Lying… Again

“Iftar tonight was at Governor Christies mansion”


As hard as they try, the politicians have been working with the media to paint a picture of Syria, and her president Bashar al-Assad as a nation that started killing its own people just for the hell of it. After thousands of years of all sects living in harmony in Syria, all the sudden the Syrian president is just going to start massacring the very people who love him enough to hang his photos on their very walls inside their homes. Makes a lot of sense doesnt it? It does if you are a Muslim Brotherhood who is pissed because your family was killed or thrown from Syria in 1980s! They dare to pick up on the same fight they started years ago.

Mayor has come to know the art of deception, and practice it well. He is behind the Syrian Revolution 100%, and maintains the lies they tell. Everyone understands that the youtube channel “Syria Archives 2013” (there are many youtube channels associated with this name),  tried to “expose” crimes of the “Assad regime” from the beginning of this proxy war against Syria. However, they have been called out many times, and exposed many times, by me included. One reason is the picture below. At the same time the mayor was pushing for America to “strike the Syrian regime,” Syria Archives 2013 put out a video claiming random Syrians were also asking for America to do the same. I find it MORE than a coincidence that one of the random men (“man 2”) is also a friend of the said mayor. Coincidence??? I think NOT!

mayor knows fsa

Here is the mayor with the random “man 2.”

mayor with rebel

I dont want you to forget the reason Hafez al-Assad fought against the Muslim Brotherhood. Its very inportant to understand that they wanted to turn a Syria, that was already free for so many sects to live in peace among each other without the hatred the Muslim Brotherhood stood to implement in Syria. If they have their way, Syria will turn into the next Saudi Arabia. Where women have NO rights and will have to be covered head to toe, Bibles will be banned as will Christianity, Shiites and Alawiites will be killed alongside their Sunni neighbor who will not follow their hatred (This has been happening already in all rebel held areas). Nothing will exist except radical Islam. NOTHING! The country will look like Iraq or Libya does now. No difference at all!

A special interest for the Americans to pay a great deal of attention to… This is a picture of Mayor Mohamed T Khairullah, the mayor of an American city. Here he is pictured with his relative Yassin Khairullah. In the insert photo, I added a photo of the mayor with another person in the crowd he knows. Notice VERY CAREFULLY, what the sign reads next to his male relative Yassin…



mayor m k

So, heres what I think. I think the whole ISIS, Islamic State cry in Syria is all bullshit. Oh, there are terrorists, but NONE that pose a threat to the United States as that is their pay master. I think when these people (the mayor and company), tried to FAKE a chemical weapons attack in August of 2013 by “regime forces” and it FAILED (and we know it did by Mother Agnes Mariam report, Carla del Ponte from the UNs investigation, and the USs own MIT study), then the United States with the help of the mayor and company decided to create a larger entity ISIS that would be far worse than the weak Free Syria Army (and scare the shit out of some Americans that would cry for fear they would come to the United States). You know the old trick… Create the problem, and happen to have the “fix” for it?

We call it manipulate the masses through the media!

Guess what Americans, THEY ARE ALREADY HERE! You would THINK you MUST fight an entity that wants to hang an ISIS flag on the White House, correct?

The Free Syria Army wouldnt have survived a month against the Syrian Arab Army. So they began working closely with Al-Qaeda and Al-Nusra (which makes sense since all were pissed the US labeled Al-Nusra a “terrorist organization”). Clinton & Ambassador Stevens (perhaps) had weapons flowing from the US controlled Libya to the FSA through US controlled Turkey. Knowing the Free Syria Army gets weapons from the west as well as Saudi and they are funneled into Syria via Turkey then sold to the stronger Al-Qaeda and Al-Nusra because their fighters are more experienced, the whole picture comes into focus much clearer, and these photos I have shared from a long investigation PROVES it!

Its either that, OR, the Muslim Brotherhood does plan on taking over the United States as they are infiltrating many areas of the government and politics already. Either way, the citizens Syria are paying for this with their very blood, literally, and thats not fair. Not to mention, the citizens of America are paying for it with the intentions of helping Syrians. Little do they know their money is directly helping to fund all aspects of this proxy war against Syrians.

mayor with kenan and sharrief



facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/kenanrahmani

Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kenanrahmani

Kenan Rahmani (as pictured above with the mayor), studies law at the American University, Washington College of Law in Washington DC. Im not sure how considering the fact that he is never there. He also works for Watanusa.org as the Co director. On his linkedin page, he brags of his accomplishments such as:

Delivered a Syrian survivor & witness of Assad regime crimes to the United Nations Security Council to vicariously share his eyewitness testimony during the UNSC vote on the ICC referral via US Ambassador Samantha Power.” (This was Caesar, the infamous photographer who allegedly took pictures of tortured Syrians at the hands of the Syrian military). All bullshit. Many of the pics came from tortured Palestinians from Israel, and Syrians tortured by the mayor and company supported gangs in Syria (but thats another story).

He also claims he “Worked with Coalition for a Democratic Syria to pressure US to restrict Syria’s Ambassador to United Nations to 30 mile radius.” This was the very unfair and unjust restriction of Bashar Jaafari. He did this because Jaafari was also speaking to TRUE Syrians in the United States, and he doesnt want them organizing against his fake so called Syrians. He knew the power of Jaafari.

Organized national awareness campaign exposing a regime propagandist Mother Agnes Mariam with evidence, as confirmed by media sources; also mobilized communities to demand cancellation of her Congressional Hearing.” This was also done from the spreading the TRUTH from Syria to the United States. “Whats the matter Kenan, afraid someone might believe her story?”

Established myself as a commentator on Syria, speaking on numerous media such as BBC, CNN, Aljazeera, FOX, New York Times, and others; also spoke at major universities.” Well this explains the many lies reported from these news outlets.

Coordinated meetings with leading US politicians including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Senator Richard Lugar, Rep. Keith Ellison, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Rep. Dennis Kucinich and others.” This doesnt surprise me either. It does explain a great deal of why the US is so heavily involved in the destruction of Syria. It does show a greater plan for Syria “IF” they were to be successful.

Kenan has a LONG list of so-called accomplishments he claims for the Syrian people, however NONE of them are a representation of the TRUE Syrian people. His list of what he claims are accomplishments represent the Muslim Brotherhoods wishes against Syria, and the Americans plans to fulfill them, nothing more, nothing less. Click on his links, see for yourself.

Listen to Kenan speaking to the BBC. He thinks he speaks for Syrians across Syria! Thats a joke Kenan! Its all clear EXACTLY who you speak for!!!

Mayor Khairullah also gets many funds from the organization Watanusa.org (he is wearing a watan shirt in the photo above), in which they all poor out an outcry to the Americans about how horrible Syrians are being treated (which they are, but not at the hands of the Syrian Military or Syrias president). However, the funds they collect ONLY go to A) fund their own trips around the globe and 2) care for the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS supported groups in the camps located in rebel controlled areas, or in camps located mostly in Allepo, Idlib and Turkey. ZERO, again, ZERO of the money goes to the average Syrian. Especially those who support their president. Dont be fooled. Look up Watan, its meaning, and where it originates. This particular organization in the US is only collecting Americans money to continue the “revolution” against a country that supports their president (minus the Muslim Brotherhood supporters Americans are feeding and clothing).


The mayor knows I am on to him and his company of impostors. It might explain why he has banned me from the twitter page of the Syrian Coalition (imagine that). Because he runs that as well. Know that the Syrian Coalition consists of Americans posing as Syrians. They dont give 2 shits about the “people of Syria” as they claim, they care ONLY about the removal of the president Bashar al-Assad, so they can plant their American puppets in his place. These people represent, are friends with and support those puppets. Make NO mistake, they do NOT represent the people of Syria at all!

Note to the mayor and company, the Syrian Coalition or whoever you want to be called at this given minute. “IF” and I do emphasize “IF,” you were to have Bashar al-Assad removed from power, you and all your coalition will not survive the wrath of the Syrian people. You will not know when your time is coming, but it will… sooner or later.

The mayors facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mohamed.t.khairullah

The mayor pictured with Shiekh Mohamed Qatanani (a major Muslim Brotherhood)

mayor and qatanani

I call upon everyone who reads this to report this mayor to the IRS, to the State of New Jersey Department of Education School Ethics Commission, to their state representatives and to anyone else you can think of. I urge you to share this report on all your social media pages as this needs to be shared with everyone to bring the proper attention to it.

I urge it to be shared in all countries across the globe. All leaders who may need to know this information. These filthy people need to be exposed for EXACTLY who they are and what they are doing. What we all can do if we do this, is destroy their reputations, destroy their chances of EVER thinking they have a foot in Syrian politics, and cut off their money supplies from Americans who think they are helping Syrian people.

And Americans who think this mayor is “honorable?” Know he will most likely twist the knife once he plants in your back like his ISIS friends do to the Christians and minorities in Syria! Please do this… its important for the REAL Syrians survival.


PS: The mayor is now begging for money to help fund an underground “field hospital.” This is a hospital for terrorists (aka ‘foreign mercenaries’, SFP) and those who fight against the president and Syrians who support the president. The only medical staff that are fleeing Syria are the ones who didnt come from Syria, and are in “field hospitals” ran for Jihadis and THEIR families. Real Syrian medical staff are still employed at Syrian hospitals that are still open and running (at least the ones Jihadis havent blown up yet). So, why would the mayor be begging for funds to build a new one when Syria already has them? And guess what, its Watan USA collecting the funds! Surprised? Me either!

Thank you,

28 May 2015


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