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Simon Elliot, aka Al-Baghdadi,
son of Jewish parents, Mossad agent.

Simon Elliot, aka Al-Baghdadi, is a Jewish actor and a Mossad agent

Simon Elliot, aka Al-Baghdadi, is a Jewish actor and a Mossad agent

According to Edward Snowden, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the boss of ISIL (aka ISIS),  is a Jewish actor named Simon Elliot.

Simon Elliot (aka Elliot Shimon aka Al-Baghdadi) has Jewish parents.

Simon Elliot, having been recruited by Mossad, was trained in espionage and psychological warfare.

The best known examples of Jews running ‘Moslem’ terror organisations are Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri.

John McCain and the leader of ISIS

Simon Elliot, the leader of ISIS (aka IS), has been photographed with Mossad asset John McCain.

ISIS (now called IS) was trained by the Americans and Israelis and is led by Israelis.

Al-Baghdadi -Simon Elliot

The role of IS is to weaken all of Israel’s enemies

MoS2 Template Master

A Kurdish officer said of IS, “Everything they have is American – it is all the latest equipment with the big guns, the Humvees.”

Mossad-run IS is crucifying Moslems


Obama has used IS in both Syria and Libya and now he is using them in Iraq, as he does not like the current Iraqi government and he wants to please Israel.

Mossad at work.

Obama is NOT going to bomb the Mossad agents in IS.

Obama has no intention of saving the Yazidis.

The aim of Mossad is to wreck all Moslem countries by leading all the Moslem institutions.

All the Moslem militants work for Mossad.

Mossad-run IS is crucifying Moslems-2
ISIS, run by its Mossad agent Simon Elliot, crucifies its opponents.

Israel murders children
Israel murders children.

Israel was the brains behind 9/11, the Mumbai attacks, the Norway attack, and the London bombings.

Jews claimed photo from Palestine but It is in fact from Syria
The Jews claimed this photo was from Palestine. It is in fact from Syria.  socioecohistory.wordpress.com.




ISIS began its invasion of Iraq from NATO-member Turkey. 


According to the Financial Times, the US air strikes in Iraq “have failed to roll back ISIS’s advance and can be seen as a propaganda victory for the group…

“So far US forces have failed to target Isis’s buildings, weapons storage facilities or the leadership based in the desert near Mosul.”

Erbil in yellow
Erbil in yellow.

Ryan Crocker, a former US ambassador to Iraq has told the Financial Times:

“A couple of 500-pound bombs from F-18s and a couple of drone attacks are not going to stop Isis.

“We had one chance to hit their leadership and their command-and-control structures, and now it’s over…

“If we’re going to say that this is all about securing Erbil, which Isis never intended (to take over), the mission is over and we can go home.”


original image from GlobalresearchVR.ZoneStopmensongeslucien.ponssleuthjournalcharlesfrithsachtimes … and 1000 other websites…

Abdulla Hawez, a Kurdish political commentator, has told the Financial Times:

“Isis is advancing and their attacking abilities haven’t been weakened.”

Wladimir van Wilgenburg, an Erbil-based analyst at the Jamestown Foundation, has told the Financial Times:

“I’ve seen on social media that ISIS seem to not really mind that America is involved.

“Propaganda-wise, the American involvement is not so bad at all for them.”

Mossad-led ISIS killing Moslems




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