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In addition to civilian casualties, caused by the humanitarian bombs” dropped by the USA alliance on silos and residential areas, moderate terrorists of the Obama administration give their contribution to death by killing Syrian civilians, especially children, the future of the Arab Republic of Syria.

Homs – 01/10/2014 – 18 civilians, mostly children, were killed and more than 40 others were injured in two terrorist bombings that hit the area near a school compound in Ikrima neighborhood in Homs city on Wednesday, according to preliminary reports.

A source in the central province said that terrorists blew up a car bomb in front of the New Ikrima School, and only a few minutes later a suicide bomber blew himself up in front of Ikrima al-Makhzoumi School, noting that the explosions took place at the time when students were leaving school with the aim to inflict maximum casualties.

The source pointed out that the car bomb was made up of three gas cylinders, each packed with 7 kg of C4 explosives.



Children in Homs lit candles and prayed for the children killed at the Ekrima al-Makhzomi school (33 victims)


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