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Certainly we must thank the loyal allies for fighting with all Syrians a war against the mercenaries and military intelligence services from half the world, but remember that on the ground are the Syrian Arab Army and the Special Unit of Popular Forces that have made the strongest sacrifices, and along with Hezbollah and the Iranian Brigades have shed much blood of martyrs.

If Russia had not had on the battlefields a serious Syrian army, trained, motivated, professional, could not get, only from the sky, the results that were obtained.

Therefore, honor to the Russian ally for the high ethical character and proven vailability, but today all the glory goes to all the Syrian Armed Forces, with a special thought and undying gratitude to the young Syrians martyrs soldiers, who in their best years have given their lives for their beloved homeland Syria.

Finally, without the permanent presence of a charismatic leader, a President who gave the example of unshakable loyalty and patriotism to the extreme consequences, the Army would not have a guide to which to refer, and where to find trust and confidence, and all it would have been more difficult.

Therefore, today more than ever, long life and honor to our heroic President Bashar Hafez al-Assad and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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President Bashar al-Assad and President Vladimir Putin in Moscow, 21 October 2015

Russian President Putin congratulates President al-Assad on Palmyra recapture from foreign mercenary-terrorists

President Bashar al-Assad received a phone call from the Russian President Vladimir Putin who congratulated him on recapturing Palmyra city from terrorists.

President al-Assad affirmed that the Syrian army’s determination, coupled with the effective support of the Russian air force, have yielded this great achievement for Syria and humanity.

“Palmyra had been reduced to ruins several times throughout history… As it was previously restored, so it will be restored again so as to remain a cultural heritage and treasure for the entire world”, President al-Assad added.

President Putin, for his part, affirmed that the Russian army will continue to support Syria against terrorism.

“In a telephone conversation with the Syrian president, Vladimir Putin congratulated his counterpart on retaking the city of Palmyra from terrorists and noted the importance of preserving this unique historic site for world culture,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Sunday. 

“Putin once again stressed that despite the withdrawal of the bulk of Russia’s military contingent from Syria, Russia’s forces will continue to help the Syrian authorities in their anti-terrorist efforts,” he added.

“Assad highly valued the help Russian air forces have provided and underlined that such successes as regaining Palmyra would have been impossible without Russia’s support,” Peskov said.

The Russian Air Force has made 40 flights over the area of the Syrian city of Palmyra in the last 24 hours, hitting 117 targets and killing over 80 militants, the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria said Sunday.

Putin also held a phone call with UNESCO head Irina Bokova on Sunday. Peskov said Putin told Bokova that representatives of the Russian contingent will participate in the demining of the ancient city.

The two agreed that UNESCO, Russia and Syria will soon take the necessary steps to evaluate the damage to the historic site and map out a plan of restoring what can still be restored, Peskov added.

According to the Kremlin spokesman, Bokova thanked Putin for Russia’s contribution and confirmed UNESCO’s readiness to cooperate.

French Delegation in Damascus 27March2016 (7)

President al-Assad to a French delegation visiting Damascus: “Palmyra achievement proves army strategy more effective than US-led coalition efforts”

President Bashar al-Assad received on Sunday the visiting French delegation that includes parliamentarians, intellectuals, researchers and journalists.

The President said the delegation’s visit coincides with the army taking control of the ancient city of Palmyra, which was announced earlier today.

Having Palmyra in the army’s hands, he said, is an important achievement and new evidence of the effectiveness of the strategy followed by the Syrian army and its allies in the war against terrorism.

The effectiveness of this strategy is further highlighted especially as opposed to the US-led coalition involving more than sixty countries and its lack of seriousness in fighting terrorism and the very little it has achieved since its establishment one and a half years ago, added the President.

Commenting on the delegation’s visit, President al-Assad said such visits by parliamentary delegations and having them inspecting firsthand the reality of the situation in various Syrian cities and areas could be useful for them to efficiently work towards correcting the wrong policies and inadequate concepts adopted by some governments, including that of France, towards what is happening in Syria.

Those policies are not limited to providing cover to the terrorists, but have gone further to imposing unfair economic sanctions that have badly affected the living conditions of the Syrian people, the President added.

The French delegation members, for their part, expressed their solidarity with the Syrian people and affirmed that they will continue efforts towards helping in having the Syrians’ suffering alleviated and the economic blockade imposed on them lifted.

They voiced hope that stability and peace will be restored to Syria as soon as possible, highlighting the importance of maintaining the cultural diversity characterizing the country.

The situation in Syria was discussed during the meeting, with President al-Assad briefing the delegation on the latest developments on the military and political levels.

During his meeting with a French delegation on November 14, the President blamed the wrong policies of the Western countries, especially France, for contributing to the spread of terrorism.

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