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Palestine, home to Arabs Israel cares nothing about. The occupied. The oppressed. The place where Israeli soldiers often come to arrest, torment, torture and kill… because they can. Palestine, the place the main stream media cares or dares not report about. The forgotten. The place where children grow, but are kept from understanding or knowing the world around them. The silenced. The place where Palestinians are ripped from their homes so more illegal Israeli settlements can can rise above the land. Where generations after generations have harvested from the olive trees ripped from the ground by Israeli bulldozers in the blink of an eye. Where walls and fences rise up to enclose and cage a people like animals. The helpless. Palestine, the place where some of the most inhumane treatment towards a people happens every day, and silence is encouraged.

But for the proud people of Palestine, it will not be like this forever. They have hope and they have dreams of living with their freedom and their dignity… one day.

A day will come when all Palestinians will breathe the air differently, smell the ocean differently and view the world differently. They will know people did stand for them, not against them. They will feel the pride they have been deprived of for so many years now. They will have the recognition and preservation owed to them. They will not be oppressed or occupied. They will have the ability to drink from clean water because they are thirsty. They will no longer be denied.  They will have the security of knowing that mighty powers can be stopped, and the peoples of the world did not forget about their plight. Their voices are being heard. Remembering Palestine…

What is “might?”

“Might” is not the power you have behind you. It is not a competition of strength. It is a feeling, its pride and accomplishment. Its the ability to move mountains. It cannot be bought and sold. It makes the impossible, possible. Its the ability to move people because they believe in you, not because they fear you. “Might” comes from the heart, and it is in the heart where it remains.

Palestinians will live in all our hearts until she is free…

Ismail is a good, proud young Palestinian man in Gaza. He loves his country, and he loves his people. This is the true definition of a patriot. One who is proud, one who has dreams, and will not give up hope because he cant. At 3:15 in the video, he proudly holds his PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) sign, and proudly shows his support for Syria.

Uploaded By Syriaalikhbaria1

This piece was beautifully written and submitted by Ismail.

In our news bulletin I am going to offer you a bag of flour…from a centre that was on the right, we are going to offer humanitarian assistance in our first news bulletin.

A letter from any leader, Arab or foreign, says that we have to hold on to the bag and we also have to hold on to the money that comes to us from the authorities and forget about the Jews that make the cursed decisions. Every two months a coupon comes with two cartons of oil and mortadella.

My name is Refugee, my country is something I know on the map, no more. I have a lot of cards and am not going to count them and I am not going to lose the ration card, the social security card, the health card, the red card, the blue card, the document, the passport, the ID card. But he who has an ID card needs airconditioning.

A refugee I swear to God needs the approval from Israel.

The picture is very clear. I should put a question mark about every alphabet that spells the word “refugee”.

We must have a future like other people some fool will say.

A refugee in the camps of the Diaspora fell in love with Palestine, yes there is a way of arrival to that map.

Think along with me, how are we going to bypass the laws and how are we going to publish the titles.

A revolution awaited by those who are oppressed so they win and the refugees to be liberated. What a revolution!

One leader emerges and one leader comes and I swear to God we don’t know what’s the wrong with Gaza that covers the script. A calamity victim without an eye is twice as pretty. I want to understand how did the watermelon turn into two halves. In my mind, there are two moons, one in the sky and one prettier than any eye.

The title here is expression and opinion that has disappeared and vanished with the changes. Our national anthem has been known since 1967 like all other alphabets. Our national flag is well known in all local neighbourhoods, even the occupation has been vanquished. Our story is like two in a desert not finding water and when they find it they throw it away. Our story has been resolved without resorting to corruption and at the same time our story is very involved in this corruption.

Compassion is used by the weak and the vanquished, like me, the light minded, the helpless and the subject of the storm.

With humility, thought and weapons and retreat, we shall lock up. There has to be some fleeing and refugees to decorate what is known as Palestine.


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Perhaps one day, it will be Ismail, or a Palestinian just like Ismail that will help lead his country of Palestine to freedom. Thank you Ismail…