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President Assad-Laylat Al-Qadr Iftar-2

Western diplomatic and political high echelons have expressed they are convinced that President Bashar Asad will be re-elected again to the office especially after the recent developments on both military and political levels.


Takfiri groups in different parts of Syria, especially Homs and Aleppo, have sent many signals and messages expressing intent to leave the areas providing that they keep their weapons with them. The Syrian official authorities refused the request and started a large scale offensive which caused heavy losses among the takfiri groups.


It is sure that the Lebanese parliament will not be able to elect a new head of the state in its session this week, nor it is expected to do so in months. Sources following up the event reflected pessimism and expected months to pass before any possibility to have a new president.



4 more presidential candidates announced, raising total number to 11

Four more presidential candidates submitted Tuesday applications to the Supreme Constitutional Court announcing that they will be running for president, raising the total number of candidates to 11 so far.


The four new candidates are:

  1. Ali Mohammad Wannous, born in Homs in 1973.
  2. Azza Mohammad Wajih al-Hallaq, born in Damascus in 1962.
  3. Talie Saleh Nasser, born in Kafrin in 1967.
  4. Samih Mikhael Mousa, born in Btaiha in 1963. 

Speaker of the People’s Assembly Mohammad Jihad al-Laham said during a session that the Assembly received notifications from the Constitutional Court on candidacy announcement by Wannous, Talie, Nasser, and Moussa, in addition to Ezza Mohammad Wajih al-Hallaq, the second female candidate.

The new candidates are to wait for getting written approvals from at least 35 MPs each in order for their applications not to be dismissed.

The Constitutional Court has already received candidacy applications from Maher Abdul-Hafiz Hajjar, Hassan al-Nouri, Sawsan Haddad, Samir Moalla, Mohammad Firas Rajjouh, Abdulsalam Salameh and Bashar Hafez al-Assad.

The deadline for receiving applications ends on May 1.

Meanwhile, members of the People’s Assembly continued to submit written approval for their candidate in the presidential elections.

A number of Assembly Members made statements following the submission of approvals, underlining the importance of this constitutional event as it constitutes a step towards true democracy and political pluralism.

They noted that the fact that women are running for the presidential elections proves that Syria is continuing its civilized democratic course, and that every citizen must do their part in ensuring the success of the elections whether by running for them or voting.

Also during this session, the Assembly continued discussing items of the bill on amending the law regulating the union of construction contractors.


SFP Patriotic Network – 29/4/2014