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Syrian Army military operations on Wednesday resulted in the killing of scores of terrorists and the destruction of their weaponry as the army units targeted terrorists’ gatherings and hideouts across the country.

An army unit shot down a drone over al-Maqaber area in the city of Deir Ezzor, northeastern Syria, according to a military source in the province.

In another context, an army unit destroyed a car bomb driven by a suicide terrorist affiliated to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist organization in Hweijet Sakr in the city of Deir Ezzor.

A source in the northeastern province told SANA reporter that an army unit targeted a Hummer car loaded with explosives that was heading towards a military post in the aforementioned area, destroying the car bomb and killing the terrorist driving it.

The source added that other army units clashed with ISIS terrorists in the neighborhoods of al-Sinaa, al-Hweika and al-Rashidiyeh, leaving a number of them dead and others wounded.

Units of the armed forces killed  many terrorists after targeting their gatherings and dens in a number of areas in Aleppo and its countryside, destroying their vehicles and weaponry.

A military source reported that many terrorists were left dead and others wounded in Ain al-Bayda, al-Marja, Ard al-Malah, Kafar Kar, Hananou, west of al-Nairab and Salah Eddin.

Other units of the armed forces, the source added, killed a number of terrorists in al-Mansoura and destroyed many of others’ vehicles in the Old City, al-Kallasa, al-Ashrafiyeh, al-Kastello and at Beidin roundabout.

A military source said the army eliminated terrorists in Nahlya, Kfar Haya, Kfar Najd, al-Arba’een Mount and Bazzeh farm in Idleb countryside.

Units of the armed forces foiled two attempts by terrorists to infiltrate into the west of Atman and al-Tiba towns in the countryside of the southern province of Daraa, leaving a number of them dead and others wounded, in addition to killing scores of terrorists in Jbeib area.

Army units killed many terrorists in the farms of al-Khazrajiyeh in the surrounding of Sasa in Damascus countryside.

Army units destroyed terrorists’ hideouts with all weapons inside them in Bir Ajam,Nab’ al-Sakhr and Mas’hara in Quneitra countryside. Terrorists inside the hideouts were killed.

Army units targeted and killed many terrorists at al-Alam roundabout in the city and destroyed terrorists’ vehicles and dens with all terrorists inside near al-Shouli roundabout and in the areas of Aqraba, al-Hamidiyeh, al-Qahtaniyeh, Um Batina, Jebata al-Khashab, al-Sweisa and Breiqa in the countryside.

In Homs countryside, a military source said the army, along with popular defense groups, are engaged in fierce battles against ISIS terrorists in the surrounding of Mount al-Shaer, where hundreds of terrorists were killed or wounded. Clashes are still ongoing.

The army targeted ISIS hideouts in the surroundings of al-Shaer Mount and in Aqerbat in  Homs countryside. A convoy of vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns was also targeted and  destroyed and dozens of terrorists were killed.


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