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Syrian army shoots down Israeli UAV [drone] over Quneitra province

Damascus, 21/12/2014 – An Israeli drone was shot down in the Quneitra region of southern Syria.

The Israeli drone was flying above the village of Hedar before being shot down.

A Syrian military source said Sunday that the Syrian army shot down an Israeli drone over Quneitra province.

The source said the UAV, Skylark 1, was taken down near al-Hadar village in Quneitra.

The unmanned aircraft is made by the Israeli Elbit electronics company, it is 200cm long, 312cm width with a flight range of 20 km.

Quneitra province, near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, has seen repeated clashes between Syrian Armed Forces and foreign mercenary terrorists backed by the Zionist entity, the Saudi regime, Qatar, directed by intelligence services of Mossad & CIA.

The Zionist entity is brazenly helping and supporting the terrorist gangs with logistic, hospitalization and air strikes against the Syrian armed forces into the Syrian territories.

None of the Western democratic nations, nor the United Nations have strongly condemned Israel for its terrorist and outlawed behavior.




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