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Venezuelan Parliament Passes Law to Confront U.S.A. Aggression

by teleSUR / la-PV-cm

President Nicolas Maduro said the country’s National Assembly elections must go on “whether the empire wants it or not.”

The Venezuelan National Asembly passed the enabling law that allows the country’s president to act to protect the peace against recent threats made by the United States government of Barack Obama.

The bill, which received 99 percent of votes from the Great Patriotic Pole alliance – the largest voting bloc in the assembly, will now move to a second reading for final approval. The move follows a statement by the United States government Monday that declared Venezuela a “threat to the national security” and calling a national emergency.

According to Venezuela’s constitution, 60 percent of the National Assembly must approve an enabling law, and the purpose behind the law and its time frame must be clear.

President Maduro addressed the National Assembly Tuesday afternoon after the enabling law legislation law was submitted, saying the country’s parliamentary elections must go on in spite of the gravity of the threats made by the Obama administration.

“I ask god for protection, if major events shake our country with me alive or not, the order is rain or shine, parliamentary elections will happen this year whether the empire wants it or not. We are going to parliamentary elections and let the people decide what will happen in this country,” Maduro said during an impassioned address. “And we will go into it with the same position as always… If we win, win, and if we lose, lose and that’s it … Democracy, peace and constitution is what we want.

During his speech, the president also thanked Latin America and Caribbean nations who have expressed support to his government against the constant attacks of the United States.

Speaking earlier on national public television, Maduro explained that the proposal had been written together with the deputy attorney general, Reinaldo Muñoz, in order to preserve Venezuela’s “integrity, sovereignty, in the face of any circumstances that could arise with this imperialist aggression.”

Maduro also reported that various executive bodies had discussed actions “to politically and diplomatically denounce this United States aggression to various organizations,” in order to prove the illegality of the U.S. decree.

The last time Maduro requested an enabling law was in 2013. The purpose of that one was to fight corruption and what the government has called an “economic war” being waged by business and opposition sectors.

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Excerpts from :

Maintenance of international peace and security

[speech by Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez at the UN Security Council meeting on February 23, 2015]

Mrs. Rodríguez Gómez (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela) (spoke in Spanish): I would like to convey warm greetings to you, Sir, as President of the Security Council, as we know how committed the People’s Republic of China is to peace, justice and development for humankind. I also convey to you and the Secretary-General, on behalf of the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Mr. Nicolás Maduro Moros, our commitment to continue to move ahead, historically and constitutionally, towards social justice, the maintenance of international peace and cooperation through solidarity and respect for peoples’ self-determination and the sovereign equality and territorial integrity of States.

The matter that brings us here today is more relevant than ever in a world that presents challenges that call into question peace and security. We would like to recall that, on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the United Nations, a declaration was adopted that prohibits intervention in the internal affairs of States and declares respect for the sovereignty and independence of States. Furthermore, on the occasion of the Organization’s twenty-fifth anniversary, a declaration was adopted that proclaimed that the only manner in which we can achieve the purposes of the United Nations is if States can actualize themselves in full sovereign equality.

I would like to pause here, because we do know — and the international community can bear witness to this fact — that unilateral actions, which are manifested through ongoing warfare, including economic, media and financial warfare, seek to subject peoples, with the sole objective of seizing natural resources and thus satisfying the hegemonic desires of foreign Powers. It is with much amazement and concern that we recently heard statements by warmongers and those who would twist our arms that confirmed — and we would like to condemn this here today — the fact that violations of international law and the purposes and principles that inspire the Organization and its founding Charter.

The so-called fight against terrorism has resulted in more terrorism.

Terrorist acts have also undermined the human rights of millions of citizens. We call for a peaceful settlement of conflicts, in keeping with the spirit of the United Nations and as set out in its Charter. The citizens on the streets of our countries and in some regions often do not know whether they will be the victims of a terrorist attack or fall victim to supposed violent acts against those terrorist organizations.

I should like to draw attention to statistics from the Stockholm International Institute on global military expenditure, which in 2013 alone reached the astronomical figure of $1.747 trillion. Even more shocking, 37 per cent of the funds allocated to military expenditure are concentrated in just one country. We wish to draw attention to the relationship between that military expenditure and the true achievement of international peace and security.

We can say that, fortunately, Venezuela is a part of a region that is considered a zone free of violence, where, furthermore, we have innovative mechanisms for integration and interrelation that are based on respect among States and for the sovereignty of States, respect for the self-determination of peoples and respect for the territorial integrity of nations. We would recall that we are the region that has the lowest level of military expenditure in the world. We support disarmament in all its expressions and have been declared the first region free of nuclear weapons.

Today we call once again for a multilateralism that is based on public international law and on the purposes and principles of the United Nations. We also reaffirm the legitimate right of the State of Palestine to be a full-fledged member of the Organization, on the basis also of the purposes and principles of the United Nations and international law. We therefore condemn the fact that in the twenty-first century there still exist antiquated or new forms of colonialism, or any form of discrimination. Even among these foreign Powers, we can today see serious cases of racial discrimination.

For that reason, we embrace once again the spirit of the late Hugo Chavez Frias, our former President, who proposed that the United Nations be reformed so as to be more democratic, so that all developing countries can discuss sensitive matters such as international peace and security democratically within the Organization.

I would recall further what President Nicolás Maduro said when he spoke during the most recent general debate of the General Assembly (see A/69/PV.8). He called on the United Nations to adapt its institutions in such a manner as to promote the sovereignty of peoples, if we wish to truly achieve much-wished-for peace and a world that is safe and free of violence.

I should like to reiterate the words of the late President Chavez, speaking here at the United Nations:“Well, we shall fight for Venezuela, for Latin American integration and for the world. Here in this room, we declare our infinite faith in man, who longs for peace and justice in order to survive as a species. Simón Bolívar, our liberator and the guide of our revolution, swore that he would not rest until he saw America free. Let us not rest in body or in soul until we have saved humanity.” (A/60/PV.6, p. 20) I would also paraphrase Gandhi, who said that there is no road to peace; peace is the only possible road.


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