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American pigs claiming to be Syrians are crying for a no-fly-zone in Syria, Syrians are not! Do NOT be confused on this issue!

Many of these American pigs are from and of Saudi Wahhabi beliefs, not Syrians and NOT American Christian beliefs.

It doesnt make a bit of difference where they lie and say they are from. They do not Support Syrians for one single minute.

Their ONLY goal is to attempt to remove President Bashar al-Assad. They care about nothing else.

They are able to fool some unsuspecting Americans into thinking Assad is the bad guy, and responsible for the crisis in Syria, but its only the slow ones who either
A) Dont do any research for the truth themselves, or
B) Are Muslims with the same beliefs as them.

Thank God there arent many, and their support is shrinking.

Many of these crazed lunatics are working with your children, so I urge you to research the person caring for your children if your children are cared for, taught in a school, working for, etc anyone who supports the Free Syria Army. Also known as the Fake Suckers of America.

The East coast of the United States is full of these Wahhabi believing nut jobs. Now NOT all Muslims in America believe as they do, but if they support this FSA, you can pretty much be guaranteed these are the ones to avoid and call out.

Stand up to them! They are cowards!
They are FSA fighters one minute, teachers, and law students the next.

14 May 2015


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