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Turkish ‘democracy’ which is similar to Britain, sees all ‘politicians’ and ‘news’ media first and foremost salute the Genocidal corporate NATO State.

While the AKP’s Erdogan & the MHP are obviously NATO tools as indeed is the main ‘Opposition’ leader from the CHP, all the Kurdish ‘political’ leaders are also lining up to try and help NATO carve up Syria and Iraq, with reckless disregard for Syrian civilians lives.

wall to wall, floor to ceiling nato propaganda in turkey


 “…Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has accused prominent international media institutions like the New York Times, CNN and the BBC of trying to weaken the country and then disintegrate it in line with instructions issued to them by what he called “the superior mind.”

“Think about this; this newspaper [the NYT] did the same thing against [Ottoman] Sultan Abdülhamit in 1896. It fulfills a duty imposed by a certain power [the same NATO he works for]. It serves this [NATO] power in line with the assignment. This is what it’s doing now. It fulfilled its duty during the Gezi incidents [in 2013] as well, as you know. Just like the BBC and CNN,” Erdoğan told private broadcaster Show TV late June 2…”

 In fact if everything that Erdogan and the NATO propagandists across the entirety of Turkish ‘news’ media claimed was examined before a jury in a court of law, the true facts and evidence, would show that they had followed exactly the same NATO soundbites, all the other NATO ‘governments’ and ‘news’ media do, in the NATO War on Aghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

The odd example of finger pointing that goes on between all these propagandists is only intended to try and maintain some credibility as they all try to divide and rule civilians everywhere.

Goodness knows what Erdogan means by the ‘superior mind’ when civilians can see with their own eyes that NATO propaganda is all written by the not so ‘hidden hand’ of the NATO scriptwriters.

criminal nato war propaganda which is not trying to ‘save’ syrian civilians lives, is deeply offensive

In legal and practical terms is not by co-incidence that in any week the theme is this that or the other across the board of all NATO ‘governments’ and their ‘propagandists’.

The most recent ‘theme’ that President Erdogan et al are all following is to try and distance themselves from the fake ‘Islamic State’ to try and bomb Syrian civilians in Aleppo.



nato checklist: did the i love babies shot

It beggars belief that Demirtas claims he could ‘save’ Turkish ‘democracy’ by calling the NATO War on Syria, a ‘civil’ war, where Kurdish ‘political’ leaders would like to see Iraq and Syria, carved up by NATO for their own benefit. 


“..Demirtas’ platform is ‘liberal’ and pro-European..” [NATO ‘governments’ who are not at all ‘liberal’]. 

 The You Tube video above published on June 3rd 2015, shows Demirtas at an election rally in Mardin (about 35km from the Syrian border) dishonestly saying (@ 7.44-9.52):

“Except for the Rojava region, almost nowhere in Syria can [people with] different beliefs, sects and identities live together. Arabs, Turkmens, Kurds, Shias, Sunnis can no longer live together in Aleppo, Damascus, Lattakia, Hama, Homs; [basically] nowhere.

They have been turned into enemies. They can no longer live in the city, let alone the same neighbourhood, and they are growing increasingly incapable of living in the same country. So, people have been turned into enemies because of their mother tongues, ethnic identities.”

And to think that on May 27th 2015, Karayilan was daring to boast that the Kurdish people were trying to bring people ‘together’, when all they are doing is supporting Genocidal NATO divide and rule for what they can get out of it.

It is revealing to remember what Demirtas was saying in 2013:

 “Three Kurdish states may come into being: A Kurdish state in Iran, a Kurdish state in Iraq, a Kurdish state in Syria.

Now it is certain that there will be an ‘autonomous’ region in Syria just like the one in Iraq. Of course, if the Kurdish entity in Syria incorporates Lattakia as well, a big problem for the Kurds would have been resolved. [Then] they would have access to the sea and a total dependence on Turkey would come to an end. […] The Kurds are Turkey’s luck. There is a Kurdish buffer [separating Turkey from both Syria and Iraq] . If the central administration in Iraq persists in its current mentality, then the Kurdish state in Iraq may come into being as a fully independent [entity] .”

[co-chair of the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) Selahattin Demirtaş, interview with Haberturk newspaper, 23 May 2013

 The public statements of Demirtas on May 23rd 2013 and June 3rd 2015, taken together, very disturbingly amounts to a call to deliberately commit Genocide in Syria, in concert with the Turkish regime for the benefit of the Turkish regime and Kurds.

Of course NATO does not create ‘Independent’ oil states but rather employs mercenaries to do their dirty work.

“Mr Erdogan has become increasingly intolerant, nationalist and autocratic [just like all politicians in Britain then]…The two main opposition parties are weak outfits with lacklustre leaders. The strongest opposition figure is Selahattin Demirtas of the small pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (HDP), which is polling close to the 10% threshold that it needs to reach in order to win seats in the national assembly. If it got into parliament, there would be a double benefit: the way the political maths work, Mr Erdogan would probably have to abandon the executive presidency, and the Kurdish peace process would gain a welcome boost. Turks should give their votes to the HDP.”

 Obviously the ‘Economist’ who are huge NATO propagandists, are not renowned for being squeamish about ‘autocracy’ anywhere, but they would like to use the ‘Kurdish’ banner to promote a ‘moderate’ narrative.

Of course there is nothing ‘moderate’ about murdering Syrian civilians for NATO.

Plenty of Kurds have been observed asking for ‘pluralistic’ lethal weapons in Washington and Paris.

nato checklist: some ‘pluralistic’ kurds chillaxing in the Elysee with the deeply unpopular Hollande who only invites fellow NATO devotees around for the photo shoot

European civilians don’t mind if Kurdish people want to take the European ‘political’ leaders they love so much back with them (feel free, no-one will complain) but they cannot have the lethal weapons they want European civilians to pay for so they can lie just like NATO.

Those who dirty deals with NATO are the enemy of civilians everywhere.

 “..Çavuşoğlu also said the U.K. has asked to support the program. “In principle, we are open to British support, but we [with the U.K.] have not decided upon the area in which it would give support…”

The story about the British regime ‘support’ changes all the time, because the British regime are legally obliged to and cannot provide the requested legal grounds which would obviously need to be the same as if they were sending in their own ‘official’ troops. Which is what the ‘training’ is really about.

exodus: it is the turkish regime causing civilians to flee a nato war zone


“…The HDP aims to bring together different marginalized groups such as the Turkish left, Kurds, Ezidis, Assyrians, Armenians and Circassians. The HDP’s decision to run in the upcoming elections as a party reflects the party’s will to surpass the 10 percent election threshold, carry marginalized groups to the parliament, and accelerate Turkey’s democratization process.


For AKP to be successful on June 7, HDP would have to stay below the 10 percent electoral threshold…”

 The whole HDP ‘electoral’ pitch which is seriouslu dishonest is very like the British Con- Dem coalition etc which was no different from the Labour Party over NATO Wars.

Demirtas supports the violent NATO divide and rule of Syrian civilians, who he claims can no longer live together.

The more civilians become opposed to NATO Wars, the more ‘political’ leaders have to be wheeled out to try and keep civilians under any old banner.

Let us not forget the shameful collaboration of the Kurds with Erdogan in Syria over Suleyman [Shah mausoleum]

the turkish army moved the suleyman tomb in syria, to try and create a nato ‘safe’ zone

 ” PKK Executive Committee member Murat Karayılan said the operation to move the tomb o Suleyman Shah had involved the approval of the PYD and YPG, adding that the Turkish state had also reached agreement with ISIS to ensure there was no intervention…”


In an extremely cynical attempt, the main ‘opposition’ party CHP is trying to ‘win’ votes using the unpopularity of the NATO war on Syria by re-hashing MIT trucks entering Syria (no doubt along with those of other intelligence services which must have been entering Syria since before March 2011)

The fact MIT trucks were entering Syria was ‘reported’ in 2013 after the Reyhanli bombings in May 2013, most probably because Erdogan’s government was under extreme pressure about the mercenary activities in Turkey as well as all sorts of cross-border activities.

Therefore Erdogan sought to create the impression that: 1) this was happening without its knowledge and 2) the authorities were making an effort to stop this 3) the seized weapons had nothing to do with Nato.

The statements of the CHP ‘Opposition’ Leader who couldn’t pledge enough of his undying support to the NATO War on Syria on August 28th 2013 and September 9th 2014 have actually been no different from Erdogan.

Hürriyet: How would you see an intervention against Bashar Assad?

Kilicdaroglu: This could be launched if it is determined that he had used chemical weapons. In fact, that’s what international law requires [Hurriyet, August 28th 2013]

This interview was five days after the chemical attack in Ghouta that NATO and it’s allies tried to pin on the Syrian government to provide a pretext for War.

in reality, there is no difference between the AKP & CHP

” The Turkish main ‘opposition’ Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroglu gave the green light to a U.S.-led coalition that aims to fight against the increasing threat of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) in Iraq and Syria. At the NATO summit held on Sept. 5-6 in Wales, 10 nations, including Turkey, agreed to establish a core coalition to halt ISIS. As part of the agreement, the U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel arrived in Turkey on Monday and held talks with Turkish officials.

As part of the agreement, the U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel arrived to Turkey on Monday and held talks with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, Defense Minister İsmet Yılmaz and Chief of General Staff General Necdet Özel to see how far Ankara will contribute to the coalition against ISIS.

Yesterday, Kılıçdaroğlu said at a meeting organized for the 91st anniversary of the establishment of the party that the CHP will not stand against Turkey’s inclusion to any international operation against ISIS.

Kılıçdaroğlu’s move came a week after the Prime Minister Davutoğlu called on opposition parties to bring proposals and recommendations and make a positive contribution, instead of engaging in petty political calculations. The CHP leader further noted that if the president was to invite the CHP to discuss how Turkey can contribute to the coalition, the party would accept the invitation…”

What all the fake ‘journalists’ who are really NATO propagandists would like people to ‘forget’ is that they actually work hand in glove with the NATO corporate state of all ‘political’ shades to get civilians unlawfully arrested and murdered, so they are not all exposed.

What is criminal NATO propaganda does not ‘just happen’, but is instead carefully planned to disguise what is being done to civilians, in this case in the NATO War on Syria.

nato checklist: he remembered to gloss over he is completely in bed with nato too

“Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of his election rally in the eastern Anatolian province of Kars on June 1, Kılıçdaroğlu said Erdoğan’s remarks marked the very first time that a Turkish president has “openly threatened a journalist for exposing a lie.”

“For the very first time, a president is openly threatening a journalist because he exposed a lie. This shows Erdoğan’s impotence. In fact, it is he who should apologize to people because he deceived and lied to them,” the CHP leader added.

Erdoğan threatened on May 31 to make Can Dündar “pay a heavy price” after his paper published images of what it said were Turkish trucks loaded with ammunition destined for militant groups in Syria [that have been around on the internet for ages]
CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu said the footage raised many questions.

“There are a lot of questions that need to be asked. From which country did these weapons come to Esenboğa [Airport in Ankara]? How many times did these affairs happen?” he said….”

“Turkey will now be up against the wall in the international arena. The hands of both Erdoğan and [Prime Minister Ahmet] Davutoğlu are bloodstained,” he added.

Clearly (and in legal terms) the main ‘Opposition’ leader has just as much blood on his hands too, not just because he agreed to support the NATO War on Syria, in the full knowledge of the MIT information that had long been circulating, since 2013.

As recently as September 2014 this same CHP ‘Opposition’ leader was grovelling asking if there was anything the CHP could do to help any arm or leg of NATO itself.

In a typical display of NATO badge and label waving, 400 ‘intellectuals’ have also lined up to support the ‘journalist’ who didn’t ‘break’ the news of MIT trucks going into Syria.

Leading Turkish anti-Syria propagandist Orhan Pamuk (who was a signatory to a letter to the UN in 2011 making false claims against the Syrian government) is among the initial group of ‘intellectuals’ using the MIT truck reporting for ‘political’ point scoring to disguise their own pro NATO War on Syria stance.

orhan pamuk

 “Seven well-known authors, including Orhan Pamuk, Salman Rushdie and Umberto Eco, have sent a letter to the United Nations Security Council urging it to officially adopt a resolution condemning Syria for a crackdown on its citizens.

Britain, France, Germany and Portugal have drafted a resolution, which condemns President Bashar al-Assad’s government, but does not impose sanctions or authorize military action. Russia and China have opposed it, without saying if they would use their vetos in the Council to block it.   

“The outcome of this resolution is in your hands. It ‘qualifies’ the repression in Syria as a crime against humanity,” the letter, addressed to the 15 Security Council members, said.   

“It does not propose sanctions against Syria nor military intervention. It is limited to condemning the repression and clearing the path for investigations into the crimes against humanity. However limited, this resolution is necessary,” the letter also read.   

The letter, published on Wednesday on the website of French intellectual and writer Bernard-Henri Levy [since removed], is also signed by David Grossman, Amos Oz and Wole Soyinka. Levy was instrumental in introducing the Benghazi-based Libyan [terrorist] rebels to French President Nicolas Sarkozy ahead of his decision to intervene against Muammar Gaddafi in March.   

“It would be tragic and morally unacceptable if, because of the threat of an eventual veto or the occasional abstention here or there, this proposed resolution not be reviewed only to finish in the bin of abandonment,” the letter said.   

The letter follows a speech by Assad in which he promised reforms to address a wave of protests against his rule but which opponents said did not meet demands for sweeping political change and which the European Union called “disappointing.”

An alleged crime against humanity is a crime against humanity, that is a very serious allegation to make.

I am not surprised that Levy subsequently withdrew the malicious allegation made to the UN from his website, because the letter put the ‘authors’ directly in the line of all sorts of legal fire in courts really over trying to use the UN.

They were very seriously falsely accusing the Syrian government of committing war crimes, to get more than a benign UNSC resolution to start a NATO War on Syria.

The word ‘intellectual’ is often waved around by NATO to distract from civilian society’s rule of law.

These self appointed ‘intellectuals’ and ‘journalists’ need to stop hiding behind labels and join the human race by starting to uphold civilian society’s rule of law, which means supporting Syrian civilians and opposing the NATO War on Syria.

Indeed one really has to ask why all the ‘intellectuals’ and ‘journalists’ cannot put ‘politics’ to one side to write a letter to the UN condemning the Turkish government over the crime of MIT trucks, like the Syrian government has.

DAMASCUS – Syria urged the UN Security Council to spring into “prompt and decisive action” against the Turkish government whose actions against Syria are tantamount to aggression. 

Addressing two identical letters to the UN Secretary-General and the UN Security Council chief concerning recent reports in Turkish media about Turkish arms transfers to terrorists in Syria, the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said the UN and its counter-terrorism committees must oblige the Turkish government to control its borders and stop training and supporting terrorist organizations. 

The Turkish daily Cumhuriyet has recently published a news story including photographs and a link to an online video which revealed large quantities of mortar shells, grenade launchers, and ammunition hidden in a Turkish truck bound for Syria. 
Reports showing the Turkish support for terrorists as revealed by the Turkish media are only “tip of the iceberg” of the scope of the Turkish involvement in the current events, said the letters. 

Syria has submitted plenty of authentic information to the UN Security Council that exposed Turkey’s subversive role in Syria, the ministry said, describing it as a “flagrant violation of the UN Charter, international law and relevant UN resolutions”, all of which have gone unanswered.

Concluding the letters, the ministry said that the silence over Turkish crimes is a tacit support for terrorism which will prolong the Syrian crisis and provides a cover for terror organizations that encourages them to commit more atrocities against the Syrians. SANA


The ‘Nationalist’ Movement Party (MHP), the only ultra-‘nationalist’ party in the Parliament, is actively collaborating with Erdogan’s AKP covert war against Syria.

Those who wage NATO wars while waving around the ‘humanitarian’ banner are really only trying to establish a NATO ‘safe’ zone in Idlib.

terrorists collaborating with nato

The ‘humanitarian’ canard is routinely deployed by NATO NGO’s like the anti-Syrian government HRW & (Shamnesty) who never produce any evidence that would withstand any scrutiny.

Collaboration with long Genocidal NATO is alive and well in truly sickening Genocidal Turkish ‘politics’.


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