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The Genocidal war on Syria only continues because NATO regimes and their allies dishonestly claim they and not the Syrian government, have the “choice” to decide who has and can use lethal weapons…in Syria.

Le Monde’s French “source” flying the kite about Hollande considering extending air strikes into Syria is only an extension of that Genocidal lie, where most people know that all the variously monikered ‘opposition’ to the Syrian government, including the ‘Islamic State’ are NATO mercenaries.

nato war propaganda that knows no bounds in trying to assert military rule

The UN’s mask and the old chestnut of international law are slipping badly now they can no longer disguise it is civilian society’s rule of law NATO’s military dictatorships are trampling all over to slaughter any civilians who get in their way.

The French “source” behind the latest claim is illuminatingly unclear what legal process President Hollande would intend to follow to embark on such an illegal action as escalating the illegal use of lethal weapons in Syria.

Le Dauphine Libere 6 septembre 2015

nato war propaganda doing the rounds

Le Monde quoted an unnamed “high level source” as saying that in the wake of the growing migrant crisis in Europe, President François Hollande was now considering sending French warplanes to attack Isil in Syria.

It said that Mr Hollande had discussed the possibility at a defence council meeting on Friday.

Government officials declined to comment on the report, saying that the president would express his views on the matter at a major ‘news’ conference on Monday.

The claim comes as David Cameron indicated that Britain’s plans to do the same could be abandoned if Jeremy Corbyn becomes Labour party leader.

Le Monde said that the exodus of Syrian refugees, the coalition’s failure to push back Isil, and the growing Russian military presence in Syria in support of the Assad regime had led France to consider new options.

A separate war propaganda report in the Middle East Eye quoting an unknown official speaking to AFP says France would not join the US-led coalition

Speaking to AFP on Saturday, a French official said it would not involve joining the US-led coalition.

“Our line [this is ambiguous] hasn’t changed, and there’s no question of joining the coalition in Syria,” he said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Other officials told AFP Paris may renounce its pledge not to intervene militarily in Syria “for reasons of national security” [trying to wriggle out of being unable able to provide legal grounds by trying to hide behind the ambiguity of ‘national security’ is a complete non-starter] saying it would be done “completely independently”.

It could not be more obvious they are ducking and diving all over the place because there are no legal grounds.

The French war propaganda is typically a collaborative effort with fake NAYO NGO’s like Amnesty International who are a truly an evil who should never be inflicted in any civilian population.

NATO War propagandists are out in force with wall to wall efforts to try and demonize the enemy by blaming the Syrian government for anything and everything, which they can only do through ‘news’ media, because it would never stack up in any court of law with a jury.

The propaganda includes another fake apologia from a French agent involved in the Auckland bombing in New Zealand, which is obviously being used to try and garner support for the bombing of Syria.

The ‘I was only following orders’ is obvious war propaganda from the same Fabius who wants to illegally bomb Syria.

The bombing was really about New Zealand people (Greenpeace have long been infiltrated) voting the Lange government in on a non-nuclear stance, which for what it’s worth means US Nuclear warships still cannot visit New Zealand.

1. The EU meeting to discuss the causes and find lawful solutions to any ‘refugee crisis’  in Europe etc has not even taken place (due September 14th 2015)

It could not be clearer that the “refugee crisis” where European borders have been opened to anyone while those of Israel, Turkey, Jordan, Qatar and Saudi Arabia have been closed to anyone who is unwilling to be a NATO mercenary, is nothing more than a NATO war propaganda roadshow designed to bomb an entire civilian population in Syria.

The only lawful solution is NATO regimes and their allies stop using lethal weapons in their Genocidal war on Syria.

2. The French government do not have the permission of the Syrian government to conduct airstrikes in Syria.

3. The Syrian government are lawfully protecting the major cities in western Syria where most civilians have always lived.

4. The French government illegally support lethally armed foreign backed mercenaries in Syria (it is irrelevant what moniker France claim any fly under).

5. There has been no UNSC vote at the UN.

6. The French government has not disclosed the contents of any Article 51 Letter it would need to produce to the UN

7. The French government have not disclosed any legal grounds to even conduct a vote in the French Parliament that has not been taken.

NB: The “Russian’s are coming” in Syria is a red herring that is irrelevant in every legal sense because the Russian government have been invited to help the Syrian government in various ways, which they are doing.

In all the circumstances the French government would reasonably know that it is illegal for the French government to conduct military air strikes in Syria.

today or tomorrow, the corporate lies are the same

The only legal solution really is for France et al to recognize the Syrian government and stop supporting lethally armed foreign backed mercenary terrorists.

The Genocidal war on Syria only continues because US-led foreign governments dishonestly claim they have the choice to decide who has and uses lethal weapons in Syria.

The reality most law abiding civilians everywhere know is the Syrian government are lawfully defending Syria.


BrianHaw, Parliament Square Peace Campaign, 6 September 2015
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