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Russia strikes ISIS with cruise missiles from a Mediterranean submarine for the first time in history

17/11/2015, Maxim Solopov-RBCFortruss ~ Translated by Kristina Rus

Russia struck ISIS capital with “Caliber” cruise missiles from the submarine in the Mediterranean sea. This is the first in history practical use of such weapon. Russia responded to the confirmation of the terrorist attack on plane A321 in Egypt.

Russian diesel-electric submarine “Rostov-on-don”, making the transition from the Northern fleet to Novorossiysk, struck targets near the Syrian city of Raqqa, the capital of the banned in Russia “Islamic state” from the Eastern Mediterranean sea with “Caliber” cruise missiles, told RBC a source close to the Defense Ministry.

The results of the strike are being analysed using aerial and space intelligence. According to the source, the strike was made after the order of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to intensify attacks on terrorists in connection with their involvement in the crash of the Russian plane A321 in Egypt.

The targets of the strikes were training bases, the headquarters, warehouses with weapons and ammunition, and points of concentration of militants. The attack was executed on a ballistic trajectory at an altitude of several kilometers, in order to avoid incidents with the busy shipping in the Mediterranean.

Strike from a diesel submarine “Rostov-on-don” was the first application of cruise missiles launched from a submarine on real enemy objects in the history of the Russian armed forces, said the RBC source.

There were no official confirmations of a new strike on ISIS from Moscow. First it was reported by the Western media. The French newspaper Le Monde, citing the French Defense Ministry announced the launch from the Mediterranean sea of Russian cruise missiles on Raqqa, without identifying the carrier of the missiles. According to the publication, the launch of missiles occurred on Tuesday morning, November 17.

Reuters with reference to US officials reported that Russia warned the American side about simultaneous strikes with sea-based cruise missiles and strategic bombers.


Russia fires missiles from Mediterranean on targets in ISIS stronghold Raqqa – [reports]

(RT News, 17/11/2015) ~ The Russian military has launched airstrikes against the Islamic State stronghold of Raqqa in Syria with cruise missiles from the Mediterranean Sea, France’s Le Monde newspaper said, citing a French official.

The information that Russia has struck Islamic State positions in Raqqa has been also reported by a senior French government source, cited by Reuters.

A US official told Reuters that Moscow has conducted a significant number of strikes in Syria using both sea-launched cruise missiles and long-range bombers.


Russia gave notice to Washington ahead of the airstrikes, in accordance with an agreement on air safety, US official said, adding that some of Russian strikes had targeted Raqqa, the stronghold of IS militants.

VIDEO: Russian warships strike ISIS positions in Syria

If confirmed, this would be the second time Russia has hit Islamic State positions in Syria from the sea. The first attack was in October this year when Russian warships fired cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea to hit several Islamic State positions in Syria.

On September 30, Russia launched its military operation against Islamic State at the request of the Syrian government. Since the start of the operation the Russian military have destroyed hundreds of extremist targets in the Syrian provinces of Aleppo, Damascus, Deir ez-Zor, Hama, Homs, Idlib and Latakia.

Earlier on Tuesday France’s defense ministry confirmed that Raqqa was also being targeted by the French military.

Over 1,600 terror targets destroyed in 1 month of Russia’s Syria op. [Report]

“For the second time in 24 hours the French military conducted an air raid against Daesh [derogatory name for Islamic State] in Raqa [Raqqa] in Syria,” the ministry said, adding that ten Rafale and Mirage 2000 fighters dropped at least 16 bombs.

“Both targets [chosen for the attack] were hit and destroyed simultaneously…Conducted in coordination with US forces, the raid was aimed at sites identified during reconnaissance missions previously carried out by France.”

France started launching airstrikes against Islamic State militants in Syria in September. The strikes have intensified following the deadly Paris attacks on November 13 that left 129 people dead. The attacks were claimed by IS militants.

Putin: ISIS financed from 40 countries, including G20 members

On Tuesday, French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian made the country’s first-ever request for military help from all 28 EU members in French operations in Middle East and Africa. Such EU defense cooperation is possible thanks to the 2009 Lisbon Treaty.

“France cannot do everything, in the Sahel, in the Central African Republic, in the Levant and then secure its national territory,” Le Drian said.

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