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The Syrian government has confirmed that its army positions were targeted by Turkish shelling on Saturday, which also hit the positions of the Syrian Kurdish militias in the northern Aleppo province. Turkish shelling reportedly continued Sunday.

The Syrian government has condemned the Turkish shelling of Syrian territory and described it as direct support for “terrorist” groups, Syrian state media reported Sunday, citing a letter to the United Nations.

“Turkish artillery shelled Syrian territory, targeting Syrian Kurdish positions and the positions of the Syrian Arab Army,SANA news agency reported citing the letter.

Turkish troops shell airport and village held by Kurds inside Syria

The shelling targeted the Menagh military air base and the nearby village of Maranaz.
Kurdish forces and the Syrian Army had taken control of the air base on Thursday.
The Menagh base had previously been controlled by the Ahrar ash-Sham Islamist terrorist gangs, which seized it in August of 2013. Ahrar ash-Sham jihadist mercenaries at the base had been supported by Al-Nusra terrorists and some other gangs of barbarian apes coming from Turkey.

Ahrar ash-Sham is a terrorist gang that has trained teenagers to commit acts of terror in Damascus, Homs, and Latakia provinces, according to data provided to the Russian Defense Ministry by Syrian opposition forces.
The group was getting serious reinforcements from Turkey, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said during a briefing in Moscow on January 21.

Damascus sent the letter in response to Saturday’s Turkish shelling of areas north of Aleppo recently captured by a Kurdish-backed alliance.

The shelling of Syrian territory by the Turkish artillery amounts to direct support of terrorist groups by Turkey and is an act of aggression against the Syrian people”SANA reported.

The Turkish military launched artillery strikes in response to the military offensive conducted by the Syrian Arab Army in the northern part of Aleppo province, according to the government’s letter to the UN.

The shelling is “an attempt to increase the morale of armed terrorist groupings, who are being defeated,” the letter added.

In the letter the Syrian government condemned statements by Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu as “blatant interference” in Syrian affairs.

Turkish military sources told Anadolu Agency that the shelling was continuing Sunday and several positions of YPG – the military wing of the Kurdish Democratic Union (PYD) – have been destroyed. The militias reportedly suffered a number of casualties, the sources added.

The US has called on its NATO ally Turkey to cease artillery fire against Kurdish positions in Syria’s territory, referring to Saturday’s shelling. The US State Department pointed out the two sides have to join forces to combat Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).

We are concerned about the situation north of Aleppo and are working to deescalate tensions on all sides,” State Department spokesman John Kirby said in a statement Saturday. We have also seen reports of artillery fire from the Turkish side of the border and urged Turkey to cease such fire, he said.

Kirby also stressed that Washington does not regard the Syrian Kurds as terrorists. The comment prompted anger in Ankara, where the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its military wing, the YPG, are seen as affiliates of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

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Earlier last week, Turkish Foreign Ministry summoned the US ambassador John Bass on Tuesday, expressing its “unease,” AFP reported.

France also joined the US calls, with the country’s Foreign Ministry urging Turkey to halt the bombardment of Kurdish areas in Syria.

“France is worried about the deteriorating situation in the region of Aleppo and the north of Syria,” Paris said in a statement.

The priority should be the fight against Islamic State and the implementation of agreements reached by the International Syria Support Group (Russia, US and UN) in Munich earlier this week, it added.

Local journalist Barzan Iso told RT on Saturday the Turkish artillery fire was hitting Menagh as well as a hamlet nearby. According to him, the airbase was previously held by Ahrar ash-Sham Islamist rebel group that fought Syrian government’s forces as Al-Nusra ally since the start of the Arab Spring.

Menagh airbase was a Syrian Air Force installation located 6 kilometers south of Azaz, Aleppo Governorate.

Earlier this month, the YPG and its non-Kurdish allies regained control over the airbase, aided by Russian airstrikes and indirect cooperation from government forces.

Ahrar ash-Sham, which intensified its attacks on the Syrian army since January, was getting “serious reinforcements from Turkey,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said during a briefing in Moscow on January 21.

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Sunday, 14 February 2016 09:47

MORE FIGHTING as Saudis and Turks Attack Syria


Given the complexity of players (and equipment) in Syria and elsewhere in the middle east, in the table below we are publishing a list of acronyms to assist you in understanding who is being referenced in our ongoing coverage.  You can look up the acronym as you feel necessary!

  • AAH – Asaib Ahl al-Haqq/ League of Men of Truth
  • AQ – Al-Qaeda
  • AQAP – Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula
  • AQI – al-Qaeda in Iraq
  • AQIM – Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb
  • AQIS – Al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent
  • ASC – Aleppo Shari’a Court
  • ATGM – Anti Tank Guided Missile
  • BMP – Boyevaya Mashina Pekhoty (Infantry Fighting Vehicle)
  • BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa
  • COA – Course of Action
  • CENTCOM – US Central Command
  • CW – Chemical Weapons
  • FSA – Free Syrian Army
  • HASI – Harakat Ahrar al-Sham al-Islamiyya
  • HPS – Sinjar Protection Forces
  • HRW – Human Rights Watch
  • IAI – Islamic Army of Iraq
  • IDF – Israeli Defense Forces
  • IDP – Internally Displaced Person
  • IED – Improvised Explosive Device
  • IF Islamic Front
  • IKL – Islamic Kurdistan League
  • IRGC – Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps
  • IRGC-QF – Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps – Quds Force
  • IS – Islamic State
  • ISI – Islamic State of Iraq
  • ISI – Inter-Service Intelligence (Pakistan)
  • ISF – Iraqi Security Forces
  • ISIL – Islamic State in the Levant
  • ISIS – Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham
  • JAM – Jaysh al-Mujahideen
  • JDAM – Joint Direct Attack Munition
  • JIDF – Jewish Internet Defense Force
  • JMA – Jaysh al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar
  • JN (or JaN) – Jabhat al-Nusra
  • JRTN – Army of the Men of Naqshbandi Order
  • JU – Jaysh al-Umma
  • KRG – Kurdistan Regional Government
  • KSA – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • MB – Muslim Brotherhood
  • MBT – Main Battle Tank
  • MENA – Middle East and North Africa
  • MFS – Syriac Military Council (Hasakah Assyrian militia)
  • MOC – Military Operations Command
  • MSC – Mujahideen Shura Council
  • NDF – National Defense Force
  • OIR – Operation Inherent Resolve
  • OPSEC – Operational Security
  • PA – Palestinian Authority
  • PFLP – Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
  • PKK – Kurdistan Workers’ Party
  • PLO – Palestine Liberation Organization
  • PNA – Palestinian National Authority
  • POTUS – President of the United States
  • PRS – Palestianian Refugess from Syria
  • PTSD – Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome
  • PUK – Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (Iraqi party)
  • PYD – Democratic Union Party (Rojava Kurds)
  • RCC – Revolutionary Command Council
  • SAA – Syrian Arab Army
  • SANA – Syrian Arab News Agency
  • SLA – South Lebanese Army
  • SMC – Supreme Military Command
  • SOHR – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights
  • SOP – Standard Operating Procedure
  • SR – Syrian Resistance
  • SRF – Syrian Revolutionary Front
  • SSNP – Syrian Social Nationalist Party
  • SVBIED – Suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive device
  • TOW – Tube-launched, optically tracked, wire-guided missile
  • TTP – Tactics, techniques and procedures
  • UN – United Nations
  • UNICEF – United Nations Children’s Fund
  • UNESCO – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  • UNSC – United National Security Council
  • UXO – Unexploded Ordnance
  • VBIED – Vehicle-borne improvised explosive device
  • WFP – World Food Programme
  • WHO – World Health Organization
  • YBS – Sinjar Resistance Units
  • YPG – People’s Protection Units
  • YPJ – Women’s Protection Units

UPDATE 2:45 AM Eastern US Time — Turkish drones suspected of penetrating Syrian airspace over northern #Aleppo to find additional targets for artillery strikes.

UPDATE 3:19 AM Eastern US Time –– After the Syrian Army cut off supplies line between Aleppo and the Turkish border, Syrian militants received new supplies of ground-to-ground missiles from “Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s foreign enemies,” two militant commanders told Reuters.

According to a source, the missiles have a range of 20 kilometers.

Recently, government forces won one of their biggest victories in the five-year-long war, having cut off supply lines from the Turkish border to militants in Aleppo.

The news came after the Munich security conference agreed on a ceasefire in Syria on February 12, which would be secured by Russia and the US.

“It is excellent additional fire power for us,” one of the commanders said. The other commander said the missiles would be used to hit army positions beyond the front line.

This is yet more proof that the Intentions of Turkey and Saudi Arabia (and their allies) is NOT to “fight ISIS” but rather to assist rebels to overthrow the lawfully elected President (Assad) of Syria.  Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Turkey have been working WITH “ISIS” and rebels to destroy Syria and overthrow its government.

UPDATE 3:25 AM Eastern US Time –– U.S.A urges turkey – in the strongest terms – to stop shelling northern Syria.
Turkey and Saudi Arabia say they will step up operations and send in ground troops if no resolution found.

Update 3:27 AM  Eastern US TimeTurkey once again commences shelling Northern Syrian territory held by Kurdish backed militia for second day 

UPDATE 3:29 AM Eastern US Time — 2 killed & 9 wounded due to the Turkish artillery shells in Minneg airport, northern Syria.

UPDATE 3:47 AM Eastern US Time –Saudi Arabia confirms its jets have arrived at Incirlik airbase, Turkey.  Also says they will be meeting soon to “finalize details” of ground operations.

UPDATE 3:56 AM Eastern US Time –– Retired US Air Force General Clyde Simmons has told SuperStation95 “I couldn’t imagine how Turkish and Saudi pilots would feel about flying into a nation whose entire airspace is defended with Russian S-400 missiles. Do they know the range of these things can hit Saudi and Turkish aircraft from INSIDE Turkey and Saudi Arabia right now if the order was given?

Either this threat of a ground invasion is completely empty or the US is going in too, with stealth aircraft on orders to take out every single Russian S-400 prior to Turkish and Saudi troops moving in.

Any other plan to invade Syria is a complete suicide mission.”

UPDATE 4:30 AM Eastern US TimePhone call between Putin and Obama to discuss the situation in Syria

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a VERY bad thing.  When the President of one country calls the President of the United States at 4:30 in the morning over military activities (anywhere) it is very urgent and very serious.  NO ONE does that sort of thing over nonsense; it is always a major, serious event if it warrants rousting one President out of bed in the middle of the night.  In political circles, it simply is not done —- unless war is at stake.  THis phone call seems to be a harbinger of very dangerous things to come.

UPDATE 4:45 AM Eastern US Time — YPG ally “Jaish al Thuwar”: Turkey’s shelling won’t force us to retreat; we are advancing towards Til Rifaat; our aim to reach ISIS territories and fight them

UPDATE 4:49 AM Eastern US Time — President Obama and President Putin agree to intensify diplomatic cooperation in phone call, Kremlin says


UPDATE 5: 00 AM eastern US Time #Turkey has reportedly carried out its first airstrike targeting #YPG terrorists in North Aleppo. says Erdogan

UPDATE 5:01 AM Eastern US TimeTurkish artillery is now striking the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia in Marnaz and Menagh airbase and village.

UPDATE 5:02 AM Eastern US TimeTurkey military is digging trenches in southeastern city Nusaybin on #Syria border across #Qamishli

UPDATE 5:13 AM Eastern US TimeRace to Raqqa: Saudis Move Troops to Turkey as Syria, Russia Advance on ISIS Stronghold 

If Assad takes Raqqa, Turkey and Saudi Arabia would have to think up a new excuse to invade Syria. It’s now a race against time.


UPDATE 5:38 AM Eastern US Time — “Moscow supports not Bashar Assad in person, but friendly ties with the Syrian state. At the same time there is no other legitimate head of state in Syria today, except Assad.  Attempts to oust Assad would lead to greater mess in the region. Russian prime minister also considers ground operation a bad idea since it might lead to a full-scale war.”

UPDATE 5:38 AM Eastern US Time — PYD (political wing Kurdish YPG) rejects demand for evacuation of Mennegh airbase, says Syrians will confront any intervention by Turkey.

UPDATE 5:58 AM Eastern US Time — A reporter sending info to us covertly tells us “I am at the border gate to Syria in Kilis/Turkey. Shelling never stopped since morning. We hear at least 10 artillery barrages in the last 5 mins.”

***************** URGENT ******************* 

Sources at the Denver International Airport who work in the air cargo business tell us ” Things are being shipped.. . a lot of things.. to destinations north of Anchorage. Non-disclosures, shielded manifests and need-to-know are being implemented.”

The _only_ thing of interest north of Anchorage is Fort Greely, home of the United States Military’s Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense systems.  Those systems protect the United States from Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles coming over the North Pole from places like . . . Russia.  Why would the US suddenly be concerned about nuclear missiles coming over the North Pole at us?  Maybe because of what the US is doing in Syria and the fact that Russia is rapidly approaching the point where it is going to stomp on the terrorists and their foreign supports? Looks like Obama and his failed Presidency are about to get a lot of us killed.

UPDATE 6:26 AM Eastern US Time — Russia will ‘fail to save’ Syria’s Assad: Saudi Foreign Minister


UPDATE 6:49 AM Eastern US TimeSAA and allies advance towards Tabaqa: Captured several hills which overlook AlZakia junction in SW Raqqa countryside  (Editor’s Note:Erdogan’s irratic behaviour will lead to a Chapter 7 UN resolution. If US refuses to adhere to the UN charter, will be exposed to be supporting none other than ISIS and their enablers Turkey and Saudi Arabia.  This would be an ultimate breach of international law… which in turn will further expose utter lawlessness of the western cabal, and the world will spin out of control and enter chaos territory, which will destroy just about everyone.)

UPDATE 8:04 AM Eastern US TimeBREAKING UPDATE: Damascus confirms its army was targeted by Turkey shelling

UPDATE 8:27 AM Eastern US Time — URGENT:  Iran has now warned Saudi Arabia against sending troops to Syria after it deployed combat aircraft to Turkey “We will take necessary actions in due time.”  Moreover, an Iran Air Force Commander said Iran is ready to defend Syrian skies if President Assad requests it. 

UPDATE 8:43 AM Eastern US Time — 100s Soldiers of Jordan Army with armored vehicles, moving towards Syria border

UPDATE 9:03 AM Eastern US Time — “The plot thickens . . . . ”  After its victory against Rebels and Terrorists outside of  northern Al Sweida, Syria today, the Syrian Arab Army displayed weapons it captured from the Rebels and Terrorist . . .  INCLUDING ISRAELI-MADE MORTARS!

(Editor’s Note:  We’ve always found it very strange the so-called “ISIS” terrorists never once targeted Israel.  Now it appears we all know why:  ISRAEL IS SUPPLYING THE REBELS AND TERRORISTS WITH WEAPONRY!)


UPDATE 9:10 AM Eastern US Time — US (again) urges Turkey to stop shelling Kurdish and Syrian forces

UPDATE 9:19 AM Eastern US Time — After having been relentlessly shelled by artillery inside Turkey, the Syrian Arab Army is now RETURNING FIRE; it is shelling into Turkey!

UPDATE 9:49 AM Eastern US Time — Local reporter claims that Turkey are shelling SAA positions in the area of Ateera, Latakia. 

UPDATE 9:57 AM Eastern US Time — Reports of “unknown aircraft” bombing SAA positions in Latakia, Syria

UPDATE 10:05 AM Eastern US TimeNusra terrorist commander Abu Ahmed al Abdullah killed by YPG/SDF in Tal Rifaat

UPDATE 10:20 AM Eastern US Time — France calls for halt to Turkish bombing of Kurdish forces in Syria

Image below: Photo from the battle for Kinsibba, Northern Lattakia Countryside today (14/02/2016)


UPDATE 11:02 AM Eastern US Time Iraq sent forces to oversee Saudi Arabia led military “exercise” on the border, Army warns against border violations 

UPDATE 11:15 AM Eastern US Time — The Syrian Foreign Ministry said that 12 pickup trucks equipped with machine guns, crossed the Syrian-Turkish border and entered the territory of Syria. On Sunday, 14 February reported the Syrian agency the SANA. It went on citing Turkish attacks in more Syrian areas on the same day, saying that 12 pickups with DShK and 14.5 mm machine guns mounted on them had their way from the Turkish land into Syrian territory across Bab al-Salameh border crossing.

The Ministry noted that the pickups were accompanied with 100 gunmen, some of them are believed to be Turkish soldiers and Turkish mercenaries, adding that munitions supply operations into the Syrian Aazaz area continue.

UPDATE 11:13 AM Eastern US Time — After Syrian Troops captured Israeli-Made Mortars from rebels and terrorists earlier today, Russia has just announced they are givingHezbollah advanced radar systems capable of locking onto Israeli aircraft.

UPDATE 11:33 AM Eastern US Time –Reports that YPG/SDF forces have now taken Ayn Daqnah, despite Turkey’s shelling Syria . . . the rebels and the terrorists are LOSING!

UPDATE 11:35 AM Eastern US Time — Reports of downed jet near Turkish-Syria border!

UPDATE 11:40 AM Eastern US Time — Some 400 militants of the Sham Legion militant group have arrived in the Syrian province of Aleppo through the Turkish territory to help al-Nusra Front terrorist group, media reported Sunday. (Editor’s Note: Erdogan openly supports ISIS/al Nusra… their goes his NATO Article 5 flushed down the toilet.. he’ll end up facing an international war tribunal.)

UPDATE 11:56 AM Eastern US Time —

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad spoke to AFP news agency in an exclusive interview on the developments in Syria. 

Talking about a possible foreign ground invasion in Syria, Assad did not rule out the possibility of a Saudi, Turkish intervention saying, “Logically, intervention is not possible, but sometimes reality is at odds with logic, particularly when there are irrational people leading a certain state. That’s why I don’t rule that out for a simple reason: Erdogan is a fanatical person with Muslim Brotherhood inclinations. He is living the Ottoman dream. For him, the collapse which took place in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Syria is something personal.”

“This threatens his political future on the one hand, and his fanatical Islamist ambitions on the other. He believes that he has an Islamist mission in our region. The same applies to Saudi Arabia. The collapse of the terrorists in Syria is a collapse of their policies. I tell you that this process is surely not going to be easy for them, and we will certainly confront it,” Assad said in an interview as cited by Syrian official.

UPDATE 2:25 PM Eastern US Time — VIDEO: Tanks moving in Saudi Arabia for Syria Invasion!

UPDATE 2:32 PM Eastern US Time —  Russian military analyst Pavel Felgenhauer “Russia and Turkey are now on a collision course in #Syria and repercussions can be catastrophic”

UPDATE 2:35 PM Eastern US Time — Eyewitnesses: Between 20-24 highly equipped Commandos fighters spotted in two groups assisting the Syrian rebels around Azaz — now believed to be Turkish Special Forces directly aiding embattled rebels and terrorists

UPDATE 2:53 PM Eastern US Time #Qatar|i Foreign Minister: we urgently need to send ground forces. Qatar is ready to send forces.  (Editor’s Note: Why?  Because your terrorist and rebel buddies are losing?  Too bad!)

UPDATE 3:29 PM Eastern US Time — BREAKING Egyptian Foreign Minister rejects the Saudi military intervention in Syria

UPDATE 3:31 PM Eastern US Time — YPG/ SDF fighters have just taken al-Hadeed street northern Tal_Rifat from the murderous Jihadist Terrorists based there; heavy fighting occurring near al Omari Mosque.

UPDATE 3:35 PM Eastern US Time YPG on extreme alert in Afrin, Syria, calls on shops to close and people to go home as YPG prepares to do battle against local Jihadist terrorists

UPDATE 3:39 PM Eastern US Time — Breaking: A member of the Turkish Regular Army Special Forces, embedded with Al-Nusra Jihadist Terror Group, has been captured by #YPG/SDF. Azaz, Rifaat.  This is now 100% verification of the widely held suspicion that the government of Turkey has been actively assisting the Jihadist Terrorists.  Turkey is now a confirmed “State-Sponsor of Terrorism.”

UPDATE 3:55 PM Eastern US Time —



UPDATE 4:04 PM Eastern US Time Turkey shelling new positions of SDF/ YPG in Ayn Daqnah village To support the jihadists of al-Qaeda in Syria.

Istanbul: Pro Kurdish protestors, demanding an end to Turkey’s attacks on Kurds, were attacked by Turkish police. 


SuperStation95 can now confirm the following Turkish Invasion Forces along Syria Border:


These Invasion Forces are deployed as follows:


Update 4:34 PM Eastern US Time —


According to military sources, Turkish F16s are taking off from Diyarbakir base to attack targets in northern Syria.


UPDATE 5:19 PM Eastern US Time —

Its official — even Turkey’s prime minister has confirmed: Turkish forces have attacked Kurdish YPG militias in northern Syria, and have demanded the Kurds withdraw from the airbase they recently captured from “moderate” rebels.

Turkey has also confirmed strikes against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). Ankara claims the attacks (mostly likely shelling, but it’s not 100% clear) were in retaliation for mortar fire from Syrian forces.

While this scenario isn’t impossible, most likely Turkey is looking to provoke the Syrians into firing the first shot — then a direct military intervention would be “justified” in the eyes of NATO/The New York Times.
Well, Turkey might just get what it wants:
Syrian Democratic Forces SDF have warned #Turkey that they will retaliate if artillery attacks continue… #Twitterkurds #Rojava

— curdistani (@curdistani)

February 13, 2016


For its part, the US has allegedly asked Turkey to stop attacking Kurdish and SAA forces:
#BREAKING U.S. asks Turkey to stop the bombing of the Kurds and the forces of the regime in Syria

— Al Arabiya English (@AlArabiya_Eng)

February 13, 2016


Whether the request is genuine is another story. Russia however, seems to be completely unamused by Ankara’s latest shenanigans. According to sources in Damascus:
Informed regime source: #Russia has decided to close all Syrian-Turkish border crossings by force.

— Shami Rap (@ScotMikey1111)

February 13, 2016


Turkey is now warning of a “massive escalation” in Syria over the next 24 hours.


UPDATE 6:45 PM Eastern US Time — Azaz residents call on Al Nusra/Al Qaeda to lay down their weapons and surrender, to avoid bloodbath

UPDATE 6:48 PM Eastern US Time — Syrian army source: Saudi-Turkish aim is to “establish their forces” in Western Syria and “impose a political change” to “destabilize regime”

Update 6:51 Pm Eastern US Time –Liwa Al-Fateh commander Abo Mahmoud Nadaf was captured by #SDF at Tell Rifaat

UPDATE 6:59 PM Eastern US Time — YPG Media Center: Russian Air Force is bombing border area between Syria & Turkey.

Update 7:07 PM Eastern US TimeArab commander of Jaysh al Thuwar allied with YPG says Turkey is bombing them while they fight Al Qaida 

 ***** CNN*****

CNN Kurdistan (Eng) @CNNEnglishKurd · 5m5 minutes ago 

#Breaking Report #Turkey has transferred 400 jihadis of Alqaeda & Ahrar from Idlib (through Hatay) to Azaz. 


(Editor’s Note:  This is now further PROOF that Turkey is not only working with, Al Qaida and AHrar Jihadist groups, they are now transporting them from one battle area to another to bolster the other terrorists who are losing to the Syrian Army and the Kurds!  This is now the SECOND documented instance, today alone, where Turkey has given direct assistance to known Terrorists.  Turkey is therefore now, a confirmed State Sponsor of Terrorism).

UPDATE 7:18 PM eastern US Time — Azzaz, Syria encircled by Anti-ISIS Kurdish forces of YPG, now on the North, West and South. Jihadists Trapped!  Final offensive expected tonight . . .



Turkey Shelling into Syria,
Directly Attacking Syrian Arab Army
and perimeter of Russian Base in Latakia

(by Superstation95submitted byThe Old Sniper)buffer-zone-to-not-isolate-daesh-from-turkey

It appears that World War 3 is beginning right now.  This morning, Turkish Artillery began shelling positions outside of Azzaz, Syria.  Those positions are held by the Syrian Arab Army (legitimate, duly-elected government of Syria) and are NOT being aimed at ISIS terrorists! These are direct attacks by Turkey upon the lawful government forces of Syria.With their rebel pals falling to the legitimate government of Syria, Turkey has now begun shelling into Syria to aid their Rebel forces and ISIS Terrorists!

Sources on the ground inside Syria tell SuperStation95 that the Turks began a furious artillery barrage at about 6:00 AM eastern US time today.  Turkey is attacking the Kurdish YPG .


It is unclear at this time, whether the YPG is pro-Bashar Assad and his duly elected government, but it is clear that YPG directly engaged and destroyed ISIS in past battles.  So on the surface, it appears that YPG are the “good guys” and Turkey is attacking them!

It is not known if Russian air forces will engage the artillery firing into Syria because to do so would mean attacking those forces  located inside Turkey.  If Russia were to attack them – even though they have lawful cause to do so — it is clear that Turkey would cry to NATO that they had been “attacked” and try to invoke Article 5 of the NATO self-defense agreement.  That would require NATO to come to the defense of Turkey, thus engaging Russia directly.

One intelligence source in the US, who must remain anonymous – told SuperStation95 “This has disaster written all over it.”

This is a fast developing story, and will be updated frequently today (13 February 2016).  Check back often.

UPDATE:  12:10 PM EST —  Turkish Official boldly declares “major escalation will take place in Syria within 24 hours.”

UPDATE: 12:32 PM EST — Turkish warplanes are flying on the Turkey side of the Turkey/Syria Border, fast and low.    Russian warplanes are flying on the Syrian side of the Turkey/Syria border.  If any single one of these pilots flies across — or fires across – the border, all hell is going break lose TODAY.

UPDATE 12:50 PM ESTKuwait caught moving troops and war gear into Turkey! A Kuwaiti Air Force C-17 Globemaster, no identification tracking, on final approach to IST Ataturk 5/23runway:


Updates 1:30 PM EST —

YPG still is moving south of Azaz, Syria towards the town of Tel Rifat. This offensive appears coordinated with Russian Air Force.

BREAKING: Heavy clashes outside Tel Rifaat between YPG/SDF and Turkish backed jihadists!

Source in Efrin says they are OUTSIDE Tel Rifaat but offensive launched to retake it. Heavy clashes ongoing!

37 air raids at least by Russian Air Force on Til Rifaat today, now YPG/SDF will try to take it. It’s been held by jihadists for long time.

URGENT:  1:56 PM Eastern US Time,  13 February 2016 — Stratfor is now confirming Russia has dispatched a ship to the Mediterranean, to deliver NUCLEAR-TIPPED CRUISE MISSILES.

UPDATE  2:03 PM Eastern US Time — Syrian Forces Commander Abu Omar told Russian news outlet “Sputnick” via electronic interview “Turkey is attacking us with mortars and rockets across the border. If the attacks continue, we will respond”  http://haber.sol.org.tr/dunya/afp-turkiye-ypg-ussunu-top-atesiyle-vurdu-145795

UPDATE  2:34 PM Eastern US Time — In an utterly UNPRECEDENTED move, Turkey has begun notifying NEWS AGENCIES (Like Ours) to make certain we are at worked and properly staffed tomorrow because there will be very big news and a huge escalation in Syria.  This is amazing to us; governments don’t do this sort of thing.  They aren’t saying exactly what will happen but the thought is a major air offensive with the Saudis ahead of ground troops. Some pathfinder forces are already on the ground in Syria

UPDATE 2:41 PM Eastern US Time — Turkey is closing major roads near Syrian border and hospitals are being cleared.

 URGENT UPDATE: 2:45 PM Eastern US Time —  UK military members told to cancel all plans and all leave, prepare for deployment to Syria!

UPDATE 2:49 PM Eastern US Time — Turkish Military Artillery Forces have just begun yet another barrage of artillery fire into Syria; this one is directly targeting the Syrian Arab Army and is a direct attack upon the lawful government of Syria —  Turkey is now levying war upon Syria.  Turkey attacked first.  Turkey cannot expect to be able to invoke NATO Article 5 because Turkey attacked first.

Update  2:58 PM Eastern US Time — An entire FLEET of Russian Antonov-124 cargo planes (the largest cargo planes in the world) have begun arriving in Syria carrying Russian Tanks, Nuclear-tipped artillery shells and other major warfighting gear.  Within the last 90 minutes, TWO of these massive cargo aircraft have landed and began unloading.  Other Antoniv’s can be seen circling under the watchful eye of Russian warplanes as shown below:

Russian Antonov-124 cargo plane-1

Russian Antonov-124 cargo plane-2

UPDATE 3:17 PM Eastern US Time 13 February 2016 — Russian Air Force Strategic Bomber/Tanker HF Voice Net “BALANS” Heavily Active with numerous fighter jets arranging re-fueling on their trip from northwestern Russia to Syria.  NUMEROUS NUMEROUS Russian Fighter Jets in the air enroute to Syria right now

UPDATE 3:20 PM Eastern US Time — THIRD Antoniv-124 Cargo Jet landing in Syria . . . many more circling or enroute to supply Russian Military Forces again what is now believed to be IMMINENT ATTACK By Saudi Arabia, Turkey and others.  War likely to start by Tomorrow, Sunday, 14 February 2016 . . . . . . . . .

Russian Antonov-124 cargo plane-3

UPDATE 3:40 PM Eastern US Time —   Turkish artillery in Hayat, Turkey is targeting Syrian Arab Army positions near #Latakia. Syria.  This is an additional line of attack by Turkey, directly against the lawful army of the duly-elected government of Syria.  Turkey and Syria are now in a de facto state of war.

UPDATE 3:45 PM Eastern US Time — FLASH: Turkish artillery has begun hitting Syrian Army positions in northern #Syria

UPDATE 3:51 PM Eastern US Time —  Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu says “Syrian Kurdish militia must withdraw from area around Azaz in northern Syria.”  (Did you get that?  The TURKISH foreign minister is telling certain people in ANOTHER COUNTRY, that they must leave their country because TURKEY says so!  What balls!)

UPDATE 4:01 PM Eastern US Time — The Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia has told CNN “Assad will leave — have no doubt about it. He will either leave by a political process or he will be removed by force.”  (Did you get that?  The foreign minister of SAUDI ARABIA is deciding who can be the duly-elected President of ANOTHER COUNTRY, Syria!!  What Balls!)

Pardon Us for a moment while we insert some much-needed Humor into this deadly serious news coverage.   Given the Turkish and Saudi remarks about Syria (above), we thought injecting this meme might be a stress-reliever! 


UPDATE 4:25 PM Eastern US Time — SuperStation95 has consulted with military experts who told us “Turkey is ready to deploy some 18,000 troops with substantial artillery and air support to occupy a 30-kilometer deep territory across the border running from the city of Jarabulus westward to the city of Azaz. The operation would cover an area under ISIS control, and it would provide a direct military assistance to terrorists and facilitate establishing of a buffer zone for the vestiges of their forces in Northern Syria. It would drastically escalate the tensions with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the predominantly Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). However, the Turkish military is fully capable of completing the first move aimed to push the SAA and the SDF from the aforementioned area and occupy a significant part of Northern Syria.

This step will likely face a hard answer of the Russian military grouping located in the country. The Russian land and navy air-defense systems and fighter jets are fully capable to neutralize the Turkish air force which will allow the Syrian government to counter-attack the Turkish intervention forces. Thus, the anti-terrorist forces will get a chance to exercise a counter-attack which will be likely supported by the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces.”

UPDATE 4:43 PM Eastern US Time — Turkey has now opened fire with artillery against FOUR separate Geographic zones inside Syria.

UPDATE 4:50 PM Eastern US Time — Qatar-i warplanes Have arrived with Saudi Arabia warplanes at Incirlik Airbase in Turkey — Air Attacks upon Syria deemed “Imminent”

UPDATE 4:53 PM Eastern US Time — Russia has increased the Alert Level for its entire military.

UPDATE 5:00 PM Eastern US Time — Turkish Artillery is shelling Deir Jamal, Syria and Malikiyah, Syria

Former Turkish Foreign Minister Yasar Yakis has warned that Turkey may risk losing a portion of its own territory should it decide to intervene militarily in Syria amid an intensified military campaign by regime forces backed by Russia.

UPDATE: 5:57 PM Eastern US Time —  Russia is amassing military supplies in its Southern Military District – high alert 

UPDATE 5:58 PM Eastern US Time — Eyewitnesses: The Main highway from Kerch to Simferopol, Crimea is completely LOADED with huge military convoys and trucks carrying VAST amounts of heavy military hardware to the Black Sea Port at Simferopol.  The road has a traffic back-up two-hundred eight kilometers long  (208 KM) made up of 100% military convoys.

UPDATE 6:04 PM Eastern US Time — BREAKING: Turkey confirms that its artillery targeted Syrian regime positions in Latakia  (This is now an actual admission by the sovereign government of Turkey that it has deliberately attacked the forces of the legitimate and sovereign government of Syria.  Without cause or justification, Turkey has begun a war.)

UPDATE 6:11 PM Eastern US Time — Emergency Action Messages (EAM) – the highest priority message in the entire United States Military Command Structure, requiring IMMEDIATE attention and action —  have been broadcasting non-stop for about the last ten minutes on 8992 KHz USB.

UPDAT 6:16 PM Eastern US Time — URGENT: Turkish artillery renews attack on Syrian govt army positions in Aleppo

UPDATE 7:13 PM Eastern US Time — Reports from border town Kilis, Turkey: Heavy shelling still continues towards positions inside Syria.

Prolific researcher and analyst John Galt of the Shenandoah web site says that should Saudi Arabia put boots on the ground and attempt to engage ground forces in Syria the consequences may be disastrous:

The Saudi forces allegedly deployed are designed for operations to protect the royals. Saudi SF are not trained for foreign engagements, have no familiarity with Syrian, Iranian, or other combat operations.

It would be like sending our TSA to fight the Mexican Drug cartels in Monterrey.

If the Saudi and GCC SF’s engage in combat inside of Syria without US oversight, they will lose 50% of their forces in the first engagement with Syrian or Hezbollah forces who now have learned how to launch coordinated air and ground assaults on enemy positions.
…   . . .   . . .
The Saudi military is a joke.

The Saudis have a bigger problem; they don’t even control their Southern border. They are losing tanks, men, and other equipment daily to a bunch of sandal clad Houthi warriors while they have the “best” equipment from the United States.

“Whatever propaganda the Saudis continue to feed their domestic population,” he says, “is being betrayed by the arrival of body bags from the front lines.”


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