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By Israa Al-Fass, Al-Manar
(submitted by Cem Ertür)

“Mustafa Badreddine” and the Israeli Fiasco

“On that day I was in the city of Qom when we received the news of Saddam entering Kuwait. At the time, nothing but the detainees of the Kuwait Prison, among which was Sayyed Mustafa Badreddine, came to my mind. I was asking myself about their destiny after the entering of Saddam”,
says the Coordinator of Al-AMAN Network for Strategic Studies, Anees Naqqash to Al-Manar Website.

The name of “Mustafa Badreddine”, just like other great resistance leaders, is not mentioned in Beirut’s southern suburb unless it is to comment on what is reported by journals and websites such as claims and scenarios that aim at defaming the man known by the people of resistance in Lebanon as one of its distinguished leaders and a man of uncountable achievements.

There are many guys who receive their orders from “Mustafa Badreddine” without knowing him. Some would meet him without knowing who he is. “Mustafa Badreddine,” like other leaders, doesn’t like popularity or being mentioned here and there.

However, media reports made the name of “Mustafa Badreddine” one of the most attractive titles for readers. Many reports were published about the man, presenting him as a multi-relationship, quick-tempered, corrupt, who owns fancy apartments and cars besides accusing him of assassinating PM Rafik Hariri, the report of the US Treasury, freezing his money assets and other defaming issues. Mr. Naqqash says billions were spent on these reports to defame the resistance. Not only “Israel” was the financer of this money, but also some Gulf countries were keen to support all what could harm Hezbollah, its resistance and symbols.

Mr. Naqqash

Mr. Naqqash tells us about Sayyed Badreddine’s release from prison in Kuwait in 1990 after it was invaded by Saddam Hussein forces. As for the “Sayyed’s” value, Naqqash uncovers calls that took place with Iranian officials to be ready for the exchange operation with the Iraqi regime once Badreddine’s personality is recognized. “In fact, we didn’t believe there was any other solution.”

At the time, Iraqi forces were robbing the Kuwaiti houses. They burnt public properties, and prisons were opened in which “the group” was released, among which was Badreddine.

Why “Mustafa Badreddine”?

“Because the man has a history and a background, he occupies a high rank in the resistance work, and they believe he plays a role in Syria, something they are annoyed of… Their information might not be correct,” says Mr. Anees Naqqash.

Badreddine’s name is related to Hezbollah’s resistance work, which represents the most evident and mostly respected side by its people; hence influencing this side is an important goal for the enemy.

His town is Ghobeiry, he is also familiar with the areas of Ouzai, Haret Hreik and beyond. His life is full of secrets which telling them is yet to be permitted, as well as the picture of his fellow martyr leader Imad Moughnieh.

Mustafa Badreddine was trained by Fatah Movement, he was involved in and led confrontations against the Zionist enemy since the beginning in 1982 after the Israeli invasion. He was among the group that confronted the Israeli army during the famous Battle of Khalde, in which he was deprived from entering Beirut through its southern gate.

“Destroying the image of the combatant” or what is also known as the “character assassination,” is a method taught in the academies under the title of: “How to combat a revolutionary movement.”

As Mr. Anees Naqqash talks about what he read regarding “the art of fighting revolutionary movements,” he tells a story that took place between the British and the Irish Republican Army that was demanding independence.

He narrates:

“When the British were able to identify the person responsible for the revolution, they kidnapped him, killed him and dissolved his body in acid. After his disappearance, supporters of the Irish army suspected that he might be either detained or killed… Few months later, his family started receiving money orders from Canada under his name. The goal of the British was to show the supporters of the cause that the “revolutionary leader” escaped with the money of the army, and they wanted to cut off the funding the army was receiving from the sympathizers with their cause in the United States throughout discrediting the integrity of the Republican Irish people, and damaging their trust in them. The British succeeded also in convincing the Irish army that the revolutionary escaped with the money, they caused chaos among the army troops, and the story remained hidden until it was uncovered by media reports that were published later.”

It is said that the character assassination banishes the need to the physical one. But this is not applied to the case of Mustafa Badreddine, because “Israel” won’t rest before assassinating him. He’s at all times the precious and wanted catch.

A specialist in speech analysis explains that this method “uses the general moral titles in an immoral way against a public figure that is wanted to be socially overthrown. Religion, morality, terrorism and national betrayal are here used against political opponents to defame the moral value of the person in public among his people or the public opinion.”

The specialist adds that what he describes as “political assassination” is drawn by intelligence apparatuses, executed by media outlets and institutions that hide their agendas behind some shiny slogans…” He adds, “in the case of Mustafa Badreddine, it is clear that the moral assassination is a strategy used by the enemies of Hezbollah to socially overthrow them regarding the model image the Hezbollah people view them with.”

Character Assassination is Evidence of “Fiasco”

Mr. Naqqash clarifies that character assassination comes to hide the failure in achieving a physical assassination. “Israel” recognizes that it is unable to execute “Badreddine,” that’s why pumping such defamatory reports is meant to say that the survival of a man “with such characteristics is way better than killing him.”

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah has mentioned in the speech he delivered in the graduation ceremony of the sons of martyrs:

“Those who haven’t been reached yet by physical assassination, they are working to assassinate them on the moral level. There are specialized Israeli websites and intelligence systems that focus on our brothers, leaders and fighters, in which they accuse them of convictions on the personal, moral, financial and behavioral levels. This comes as part of the moral assassination of some leaders whose history in the resistance work, sacrifices and achievements are distinguished, after they failed to assassinate them physically.”

The Coordinator of Al-AMAN Network for Strategic Studies sums up:

“Perhaps the media propaganda and daily pumping of information have influenced the subconscious of the follower, but what is important is that such pumping has no influence on the youth people of the resistance. What we are witnessing of achievements and sacrifices on a daily basis prove how much this group trusts its leadership. Even on the popular level, there is awareness that what is going on is a moral targeting and that it is a different method of war launched against the resistance. We can sense the strong presence of resistance among the popular conscience, which makes us feel content that we are at our best.”

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Translated by: Zeinab Abdallah



Hezbollah Jihadi Commander:
“I’m Either Martyr or Holder of Victory Flag”

Al-Akhbar Newspaper
Translated by Mohamed Salami

Mustafa BadreddineThe continuation of the open-silent war between Hezbollah and the enemy is no longer limited to a consultation among the central states, like Israel, the US and some Western countries. It gradually became a practical cooperation which includes Arab states and services as well, and unfortunately some of the Lebanese.

In this issue, the matter is not restricted to one side, which is describing the jihadi commanders as terrorists, but extends to be a broadened pressure program that aims at destorting the images of those who are alive and the martyrs and at subjecting their close social environment or the slightly wider to behave in a different way regarding what is said or circulated about them, especially that this campaign reflects the role of professional parties that possess huge capabilities, but they conceal what is more dangerous than hostility: It is hatred which leads to blind fanaticism.

In this context were the speech of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah last Saturday and his long elaboration on what was recently released, including the US resolution or the new list which targets a number of Hezbollah jihadi commanders, imposing financial sanctions against them and confiscating their funds. They have also been circulating lies since several years that are related to commanders, personalities, cadres and officials from Hezbollah as it seems that whom they failed to assassinate physically, they work on assassinating them morally. Besides, there are specialized Israeli and intelligence websites that concentrate on Hezbollah mujahidin and commanders and throw personal, moral, financial and behavioral accusations at them. This comes in the context of the moral assassination of the leaders who have a history of jihad, sacrifices and major achievements after they failed to kill them physically.

What may be new is talking about the issue directly and about the most prominent of the targeted by this operation who is Hezbollah jihadi commander Mustafa Badreddine that has been playing his central role in the open confrontation of the Israeli Mossad and the US intelligence since 1982. The enemy has tried, without stopping, to reach “Zulfikar”. After he went out by force from the Kuwaiti government’s jail, he resumed his jihadi work by leading the most sensitive security and military apparatus of the Resistance. Moreover, the Americans and the Israelis continued chasing him with the intention of assassinating and getting rid of him.

After the martyrdom of Hajj Imad Moughnieh, the enemy, including all its Hebrew, Arab and Western sections, went out to announce that it is facing a new problem and that its existing goal is who has been the target all the time. The direct campaign on Badreddine has been renewed and invigorated since several years after the enemy accused him of being behind the hugest security campaign launched by the Resistance against the US-Israeli spy networks in Lebanon, Syria and other places, as entire networks were destroyed and dozens of traitors were arrested.

Since the eruption of the crisis in Syria, a new stage of the confrontation started, based on the role of Badreddine in leading the Resistance groups which fight alongside with the Syrian army in several areas in Syria and in commanding a military and security feat which aims at not only frustrating the plans of the traditional enemies of Syria and the Resistance, but blowing direct strikes to the takfiri groups.

They accused him of assassinating the former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri as a campaign was launched to turn him to be a criminal chased officially all over the world. They also tried to harm him through well-known false witnesses and others who are thought by the International Tribunal to be confidential witnesses as well as those who think that they are anonymous. Those (witnesses) submitted testimonies and stories which not only serve the context of accusing him of murdering Hariri but also present him as an immoral or outlawed man.

In this period, the Israeli-US intelligence worked on that helped unfortunately by a Lebanese team that some of its members occupy official and political posts. All those attempted to reach him either to assassinate or to kidnap him, but they failed. They also idly tried to uncover his work’s mechanisms and the networks he leads against the Mossad agents and the trakfiri groups in Lebanon, Syria and farther.

Their campaign does not aim only at deforming the image of Badreddine before the public opinion but also at pushing him to react wrongly and under tension. However, Badreddine does not react to their reactions but just laughs at all what they circulate as the case of all Hezbollah Jihadi commanders.

Although Badreddine is absolutely away from the media and statements, those who work with him reiterate what he says, “My duty is to confront all their schemes, and I will not abandon my work neither in Lebanon, Syria nor in any other place except as a martyr or holding the flag of victory.”

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1) By Israa Al-Fass, Al-Manar
2) Al-Manar from Al-Akhbar Newspaper
Submitted by Cem Ertür 
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