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By Ruslan Ostashko, PolitRussia 
translated by J. Arnoldski for Fort-Russ
Submitted by SyrianPatriot & Lone Bear

During the recent discussions at the Valdai Club meeting, the ex-president of Finland told Putin that bells are ringing in Finland for those killed in Aleppo. In response to this, the Russian president reasonably asked why Finnish bells are silent for the dead in Mosul. Of course, he did not receive an answer.

Today, Syria is the epicenter not only of military hostilities and the so-called proxy war between Russia and the US, but the epicenter of an information war in which, for the first time, the West has been seriously challenged. 

Earlier, all American operations to demonize the leaders of certain countries in which they wanted to accomplish regime change were cheered and almost unopposed. But now everything is more complicated, and American spin doctors have to opt for obvious fakes to somehow justify the supranational oligarchy and bureaucracy’s desire to overthrow the Syrian government.

The Americans’ main problem is that they can’t make Bashar al-Assad into a second Bin Laden, which they apparently now really regret. With Bin Laden, Gaddafi, and Hussein, it was simple – they were accused of supporting terrorism, which the normal citizen was frightened of and believed. Everything was just a matter of technique. After all, fear is a very powerful weapon.

They also tried to play the weapons of mass destruction card with the Syrian leader, but failed. And most importantly, they failed to scare Western citizens with this.

Now they are compelled to pressure opinion through pity, by showing on CNN how Syrian or Russian air forces are supposedly bombing schools and peaceful neighborhoods in Aleppo.

But the problem is that the well-fed European and even American citizen couldn’t care less about the lives of Syrians or Afghans. What’s important for them is that these people don’t come to their countries. It is this problem that American and European spin doctors have to solve urgently, because the people giving them orders really want to fight in Syria, but are afraid of unpleasant surprises in the upcoming elections in key EU countries and the US. 

Their last trump card on the table is running time-tested horror stories about evil Russians and terrible Putin, who are bombing schools and killing innocent Syrian terrorists, i.e., the innocent children of the moderate and democratic opposition. In the photos run in Western media, it is sure obvious that the school bombing which just yesterday all the press was screaming about, was done by some strange bombs that don’t even leave fragments and whose blast isn’t powerful enough to move school desks in a classroom. 

The photos and video clips in Western media are, of course, fake, but the bet has been waged on them to make the tears flow and frighten Westerners with Putin, since they don’t want to be afraid of Assad.

How can this be countered.? There is only one way: consistent and persistent work on foreign audiences and even work on convincing the politicians of other countries. In order to show who is who in the UN Security council, the Russian delegation has circulated a really detailed document, whose details describe our attempts to reach agreements with the American side only for the Americans to subsequently violate their obligations.

It is clear that CNN won’t report this, but RT and social networks will.

We don’t need people in the West to love Putin or support our operation in Syria. The real success will be convincing part of society that not everything in Syria is so clear as shown by the Western systemic media and Western systemic politicians say. 

It might still seem that listing the Americans’ broken promises is senseless, as everyone already knows about this. But this is the wrong approach. Listing these violated promises is a chronicle of the decline of American foreign policy capacity. Here’s why: when the US was at the peak of its power, they could cheat while still signing contracts, or just deceive such simpletons as Gorbachev without signing anything on paper. However, with rare exceptions, they still took written commitments seriously.

This was because the Americans could, by virtue of strength, allow themselves to simply not promise anything that didn’t benefit them. But now they can’t do this. In these circumstances, Churkin’s list is evidence of the Americans’ weakness, which complicates negotiations for the Americans on all geopolitical fronts at once. Now no one will take them for their word.

The report on Syria has another important, practical goal. It shows the world the split in the American elite about which I have often spoke and which Putin mentioned at Valdai when he said that there are forces in Washington which did not allow Obama to fulfill the agreement on Syria.

In this torn state, America simply can’t pursue a coherent foreign policy. Holding negotiations with the Americans is therefore practically pointless. The most important fact is that this split did not begin yesterday and won’t end tomorrow. This means that Churkin’s list and Putin’s statements are a double bomb planted under the foreign policy capacity of the next American president.

Russian diplomacy can be congratulated. Our PR campaign has been a success, and the Americans can only envy us. After all, they’ve been damaged and we didn’t even need fake videos and photos to do this. And this is not the last time that this will happen. The Americans have been hurt and offended in the very sphere of information warfare in which they always considered themselves kings. 

Ruslan Ostashko, PolitRussia
translated by J. Arnoldski for Fort-Russ
Submitted by SyrianPatriot, Lone Bear
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