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It is time for the U.S. authorities to stop these Nazi-liberals in the pay of Soros, Clinton and Wall Street.

Are they Democrats? Just ticks? Mercenary Democratic-ticks? Or all of these things together in two simple word: useful idiots?


Almost 75% of US Citizens Accept Trump’s Victory as Legitimate

The majority of the US citizens consider the victory of Donald Trump at the presidential elections to be legitimate, a poll revealed Sunday.

Almost three out of four US citizens accept that the victory of Donald Trump at the November 8 presidential elections was legitimate, a poll revealed Sunday.

According to the poll conducted jointly by The Washington Post and ABC News, 74 percent of US citizens responded that they accept the results of the election, while 18 percent refused to do it.

The survey showed that majority of people, backing Trump’s Democratic rival Hillary Clinton accepted the election of the Republican politician, while one in three Clinton’s supporters refused to recognize Trump as the president-elect.

The survey was carried out on November 9-11 in the United States with participation of 865 adult respondents across the United States. The maximum sample error stands at 4 percent.

On Friday, a survey released by the Gallup pollster showed that about 76 percent of Clinton’s supporters considered Trump as the legitimate ruler of the country.

Trump secured an unexpected victory in the presidential election on Tuesday with at least 290 electoral votes against Clinton’s 232. His inauguration will be held on January 20, 2017.

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