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Russian Defense Ministry said that the Russian forces directed several strikes on the sites of Daesh (ISIS, ISIL, IS) mercenary-terrorist organization in the city of al-Bukamal in the southeastern countryside of Deir Ezzor city.

“Russian Tu-22M3 long-range bombers struck ISIS targets near the town of al-Bukamal in Syria on Saturday”, the Ministry said in a statement.

Command centers and weapon depots were among the targets hit by the bombers which flew over Iran and Iraq, according to the statement.

On Friday, long-range bombers Tupolev-22 and the submarine The Kolpino have dealt a massive missile and air strike against ISIS terrorists and infrastructure near al-Bukamal.

Six strategic bombers Tupolev-22 and six submarine-launched cruise missiles Kalibr hit terrorists’ fortifications, weapons and ammunition depots, manpower and command centers.

SyrianPatriots  from  SANA 4/11/2017