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Russian Embassy in Damascus

Russia affirmed that the terrorists’ provocations and the shelling of the Russian chancery in Damascus  will not affect Russia’s resolve to continue cooperation with partners to eliminate terror hubs in Syria, to contribute to restoration of peace and security in the country, strengthening of its sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity.

“A shell fired by terrorist groups hit the outer fence of dwelling compound at the Russian embassy, causing damage to the building’s wall, electricity lines and the water supplies system,” said the Russian Foreign Ministry, adding that no one was hurt.

The ministry strongly condemned the recent terrorist attack, adding that Moscow has repeatedly drawn attention of the international community to continuing shelling of the Syrian capital at the hands of terrorist groups which oppose the restoration of peace to the Syrian territory.

It added that those irresponsible acts claim the lives of civilians, including women, children and elderly men.


Four people injured in mortar attacks on Russian Embassy and neighborhoods in Damascus

Four people were injured in terrorist attacks with mortar shells on the building of the Russian Embassy and other areas in Damascus on Tuesday.

A source at Damascus Police Command told SANA reporter that the shells, which landed on the chancery in al-Mazra’a neighborhood, left material damages.

The source added that six other shells fell in the neighborhoods of Bab Touma, al-Zablatani and al-Abbassiyeen in Damascus.

The attacks caused material damage to a house and a number of cars.



Shelling against the Russian embassy in Damascus do not shake determination to eliminate all terrorists in Syria

The new attack against the embassy will not shake Moscow’s determination to bring its operation against terrorists in Syria to a victorious end, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in the wake of the shelling.

“A shell fired from terrorists’ positions on November 20 hit the fence of the Russian Embassy close to a living quarters building. As a result of a 122mm shell explosion, walls, power lines and the water supply system were damaged. No embassy employee was hurt,” the ministry stated.

Moscow “resolutely” condemned yet another attack on Damascus and reaffirmed that such provocations “will not affect Russia’s determination, together with partners, to complete the destruction of the terrorist hotbed on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, to help restore peace and security in Syria, to strengthen its sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity”.

The Russian Embassy has experienced a number of mortar attacks since the beginning of Moscow’s campaign on September 30, 2015.

The Russian Foreign Ministry called on its “Western partners” to condemn the incident instead of keeping silent, noting that similar actions by extremists have left civilians — women, children and the elderly — dead and crippled.

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