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THE GREEN WALL activist contest 2012

A world-wide green committee action and contest is taking place from January 2012 to June 2012, with awards prize winners for creativity (originality), beauty (aesthetics), bravery (audaciousness) and visibility (reach) to be decided by vote
Rules of the contest
1. Anyone wishing to participate in THE GREEN WALL worldwide action, should select one or more public places and display the web address
“WWW.GREENCHARTER.COM”. The method and location can be left to the imagination, either paint, or some other display method, on a wall, balloon, building, bridge, or even trailing behind an aircraft, etc…
2. Entrants must take at least one photograph of before the action, as well as after the action, as proof that they created the WWW.GREENCHARTER.COM addition to whatever was there before without it, and send the photos along with a description of the action and its location, to the email address greenwall@libero.it along with any other comments.
3. Valid contact emails in addition to any other addresses such as social media of the sender must be supplied so that they can be contacted in the case of winning one of the prizes, or so that any further information required can be requested.
4. All photos of “before and after” will be published on the new blog THE GREEN WALL ( http://greenwall2012.wordpress.com  under construction).
5. The best actions as voted for each of the 4 prize-winning categories will be chosen by readers and will decide the winners of the contest in June 2012.
6. Prizes are yet to be finalized but are proposed as:
a) For most beautiful display of WWW.GREENCHARTER.COM: Large Green Jamahiriya flag with extendible aluminium pole;
b) For the most daring display of WWW.GREENCHARTER.COM: An interview by Mathaba News Agency, method and final public content to be approved by the winner;
c) For the most visible display of WWW.GREENCHARTER.COM: A life-long Mathaba Gold subscription membership;
d) Most original/creative display of WWW.GREENCHARTER.COM: A restaurant dinner (if practicable) or a private Q & A video call session with the founder of the Green Charter Movement.
e) Other follow up prizes to be determined and offered by other supporting groups.
Why the contest?
Www.greencharter.com  is the home of the Green Charter Movements and thus a home for everyone who believes in the Jamahiriya concept, in direct democracy, in freedom, in the power of the Masses. It is a site that everybody in the world should see, and is the hope of the Humanity.
This contest is an opportunity to spread the knowledge of The Green Book and the Green Charter of Human Rights by public display of the web address, which would certainly be much appreciated by the oppressed people around the world.
The Green Charter was the result of the discussion of millions gathered in people’s conferences in 1988, ignored by the world media, the most democratic document ever to have been drafted in human history. Amnesty International and other so-called human rights organizations should have adopted it as their reference for advocacy, instead of the outdated so-called United Nations Human Rights document, which looks like slavery in comparison.
The (r)evolutionary (green) committees and free people the world over, have adopted the Green Charter and abide by its principles, human responsibilities, rights and freedoms. The Green Charter is an effective tool in the arsenal of the masses to gaining freedom from their oppressors, and also puts forward The Green Book as offering solutions worthy of study in order to achieve the free jamahiri (mass) society — the Jamahiriya — where the masses have the power, the wealth and the arms.
What can do an administrator of a blog, site, or social page do to help the spread of THE GREEN WALL project?
You can do something great for the spread of the Jamahiri ideas, you can add a link on your site or page to the blog page of THE GREEN WALL which will create a return link to your page.
Raising the visibility of the contest will thus also grow the visibility of your web page, site or social media account.
In addition you may also help the growth of the Green Charter Movement by placing in your site graphic links or text links, to www.GreenCharter.com
This is a great and free opportunity to grow your page or site audience and help the spread of the Green (R)Evolution, as well as to foster unity of common ground among green charter supporters everywhere.
Further suggestions?
Please contact us, we welcome your comments about THE GREEN WALL project and contest.
Thank you!