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Syrian Human Rights Network: International Organizations’ Depending on Untrue News about Syria Will Expose them to Legal Accountability.

DAMASCUS – The Syrian Human Rights Network (SHRN) warned the Amnesty International and the Human Rights Watch of the risk of depending on wrong, non-objective and non-neutral reports about the situation in Syria.

In a statement on Saturday, the Network said if these two international bodies continue circulating untrue news about the situation in Syria that are contributing to inflaming sedition and the armed violence committed by the armed terrorist groups against the citizens, they will be exposed to legal accountability according to articles 7 and 25 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

The SHRN stressed what is being promoted about Syria is contrary to what is really taking place on the ground, highlighting the falsification of the reality and the fabrication of facts being practiced by some media outlets to give a negative depiction of the events in Syria.

The Network demanded, based on its statement directed to the UN Human Rights Committee on November 24, 2011 and its call to the Human Rights Council on December 1, 2011, that the Committee and the Council back down on their resolutions that were based on fabricated media reports and restore respect to the Syrian Arab Republic and its people so as to preserve their credibility as a reference for human rights in the world and as two bodies working for preserving international security and peace.

H. Said – SANA – Feb 05, 2012

SyrianFreePress – 6/2/2012