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Lavrov: Some Countries Exploit Houla Massacre to Conduct Military Measures, Pressure UNSC

Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov expressed on Tuesday his country’s concern over some countries’ disregard of the UN Security Council’s call to investigate the Houla massacre in Syria.

On this level, Lavrov indicated that some countries are trying to exploit the May 25 events [Houla massacre] as a pretext to take up military measures and put pressure on the UN Security Council”.

Also, Lavrov added that the attack on Houla could be advantageous for those who want to hamper the implementation of the [Kofi] Annan peace plan; however, he believed that Annan’s plan seems to hinder the said attempts.
Commenting on opposition figure, Burhan Ghalion’s statement, in which he called on all Syrian opposition factions to continue their intense strife until the UNSC approves a military intervention, Lavrov believed that it is a direct call for civil war.

Russia’s Foreign Minister asserted that such pleas contradict with Anna’s plan that calls for unifying the opposition factions, in order to launch a constructive dialogue with the regime.
Moreover, Lavrov reflected on the repercussions of the Syrian crisis stating, “It’s important to look at the situation around Syria, because the events which are going on there have already had an impact in Lebanon and could also have negative consequences in other countries in the region.”

“It is important that we all take maximum responsibility and don’t go throwing oil on the fire, but on the contrary, try to put it out and sit the sides down to the table for talks,” Lavrov said.
Russia, with China, has been committed to a diplomatic solution to the Syrian crisis, as it stands against any proposal of military interventions in the Middle Eastern country.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by moqawama.org

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