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TARTOUS – The national campaign to prosecute Saad al-Hariri and Oqab Saqer after revealing their involvement in funding, arming and recruiting terrorists in Syria kicked off in Tartous province.

The activities included signatures campaign to file lawsuits against al-Hariri and Saqer and the Bar Association will submit them to the UN Security Council and other international organizations.

Families of martyrs and those who were affected by the terrorist acts and lawyers of the province participated in the campaign.

The participants organized a solidarity gathering at the governorate square to express their appreciation for the martyrs and to condemn the armed terrorist groups’ practices against citizens.

They wondered about the role of human rights organizations, the Arab League and the UN Security Council regarding these terrorist crimes.

The martyrs’ families stressed that the conspiracy targets Syria because of its pivotal role in confronting aggression and domination schemes.

The organizer of the campaign, Saif Eddin al-Khudari said that the terrorists’ massacres in Syria are morally and religiously condemned and they reveal the criminal mentality of the West’s terrorists and agents in the region.

In turn, Sheikh Yehya Ibrahim said that the Syrian people have always stood by the Lebanese, calling upon the Lebanese Parliament to lift immunity of Oqab Saqer and Saad al-Hariri on charges of being involved in arming and funding terrorists to shed the Syrian blood.

Wassim Barhoum from “Friends of Martyr Mohammad Iskandar Qabbah” group said that the campaign was launched at the request of the martyrs’ families and the popular activities in the province to express their condemnation of what is taking place in the country.

Coordinator of the national unity in Tartous, Sheikh Ahmad Bilal said that the Syrian people will not tolerate those who are involved in shedding their blood, adding that conspiracy against Syria’s national unity and stability will be foiled thanks to the awareness of its people.

Lawyer Mahmoud Abdul-Latif stressed that the Bar Association branch in Tartous will defend the rights and punish the terrorist criminals, indicating that the lawsuits filed called for bringing al-Hariri and Saqer who participated in destroying our houses, displacing our women and children and shedding the blood of our youth to the justice. – (R. Raslan / Ghossoun – SANA – 7/12/2012)

SyrianFreePress.net Network reload 7/12/2012