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Capitals, (SANA) – Hundreds of people have demonstrated in the Times Square in New York to express their rejection of any potential military intervention in Syria.

“The demonstrators raised posts of President Bashar al-Assad and chanted slogans against the US and the NATO”, Reuters said.

Participants said that they do not believe that Syrian government used chemical weapons against its citizens, accusing terrorists and foreign sides to be involved in this issue.

“The same thing happened in Iraq when the US official create a false pretext to justify invading Iraq”, an American activist said.


US administration announced retaining the unilateral aggression option, few hours before aggression on Syria was rejected by the British House of Commons.

In Rome, Archbishop Hilarion Capucci, the Bishop of Jerusalem in exile led scores of protestors who turned out in rejection of US threats to launch an aggression against Syria, voicing solidarity with the Syrian people.


Syrian community in France demonstrates against any potential aggression on their homeland

Large number of Syrian community’ members in France participated in a demonstration that took place in Saint- Michel Square in Paris, organized by the French Peace Movement under the motto “No to war on Syria”.

The participants waved the French and Syrian flags and posters of President Bashar al-Assad to express their rejection of any military intervention in Syria, calling for finding a political solution to the crisis.


They expressed their readiness to defend Syria against aggression, voicing their confidence in the victory of the Syrian Arab Army on any aggression.

A French activist condemned the pretexts of the US, Britain and France to justify aggression on Syria, saying” They attempt to circulate that the aggression will return security to the Syrian people, while the war is a permanent instability.


Anti-war activists in UK to organize mass demonstrations against potential aggression on Syria

British anti-war activists said they will organize mass demonstrations in several cities in the country as to express rejection of any aggression against Syria, amid mounting opposition to a possible military strike on Syria.


The British “The Independent” newspaper said that the “Stop the War” coalition announced that there is a wave of popular rage that is similar to the popular opposition against the war on Iraq in 2003, adding that the demonstrations scheduled on Saturday will probably witness huge turnout.


Thousands of citizens are expected to partake in the events. Activists said that about a thousand persons gathered in front of the British PM’s office last Wednesday holding banners that read “Hands off Syria” and “Prevent War, It is Not in the Peoples’ Interests”.

The demonstrations are to kick off in most of the UK cities, including London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Bristol.


Syrian community in Belarus stresses solidarity with homeland

Members of the Syrian students and community in Belarus on Friday organized a sit-in to express their solidarity with homeland in the face of the fierce aggression against Syria.

Holding posters of President Bashar al-Assad, the participants expressed their pride in the Syrian Arab Army, stressing their support to Syria against the plot and readiness to defend the country against the enemies.

They said that the Syrian enemies’ resort to the NATO will not dissuade Syria from its firm stances and its battle against terrorism because of the awareness of the Syrian s and their support to their leadership and army.

They chanted the Syrian anthem and observed a moment of silence in honor of the souls of the martyrs, reiterating their rejection of terrorism and its supporters and funders.

Syrian, Arab communities in Australia denounce threats of military strike in Syria

Members of the Syrian and Arab communities in addition to representatives of Australian associations denounced the threats to launch a military strike against Syria.

In a statement released on Friday, the participants stressed that they are aware of the scale of the plot against Syria, highlighting that Syria, under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad, will emerge from the crisis stronger.

The statement said “We strongly condemn the decision of the US and some western and Arab countries to launch a barbarian aggression on Syria as to fragment the country.”

They stressed their support to Syria and readiness to defend it, reiterating their rejection of any foreign intervention in the Syrian internal affairs.

Tens of thousands Yemenis partake in demonstration in support to Syria

Tens of thousands of Yemenis participated in a demonstration in Saada Governorat to express their solidarity with Syria and rejection of the US-western schemes to intervene in Syria’s affairs.


The Yemeni Popular Committee to Defend Syria, organizer of the event, stressed its condemnation of the US-western-regional threats to launch a strike against Syria under false pretext of using chemical weapons.

The Committee highlighted that these accusations came after a series of achievements accomplished by the Syrian Arab Army, adding that targeting the Arab armies aims at securing and defending Zionism and its interests.


The Committee called for standing by Syria and the resistance, denouncing the weak stances of the Arab and Islamic world and the stances of some Arab countries which are involved, along with US and Israel, in the crisis in Syria.

Hundreds of Tunisians protest US-Western threats against Syria

Hundreds of Tunisians rallied to protest the US-Western threats against Syria, marching from Mohammad Ali al-Hami Square in the Tunisian capital carrying Syrian flags and pictures of President Bashar al-Assad, the late President Hafez al-Assad, and late Egyptian President Jamal Abdelnasser, arriving at the French Embassy where they hoisted a large Syrian flag and repeated slogans against French President Francois Holland.

The protest, which was organized by the Tunisian Popular Coordination for Supporting Syyria, moved afterwards towards the Ministry of Interior, with the participants lauding the heroics of the Syrian Army in the face of terrorism and censuring US President Barack Obama.

Jordanian national, media and youth forces protest any potential Western attack on Syria

Jordanian national, media and youth forces participated in a protest organized by the Democratic Popular Unity Party (Wehda) to voice rejection of any potential Western attack on Syria.

Participants carried Syrian and Jordanian flags and banners denouncing Western and regional threats against Syria.


In a speech on behalf of participants, former head of the Jordanian Doctors Syndicate Dr. Ahmad al-Armouti voiced rejection of involving Jordan in any potential aggression against Syria and removing any foreign military presence in Jordan, calling upon the Jordanian Parliament to pass a vote of no confidence on the current cabinet.

The participants concluded their activities by reciting the Syrian national anthem.