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syrian-arab-army-logoWide military operations carried out against terrorists in several areas around country

Unites of Armed Froces continued Sunday military operations against terrorists’ dens and gatherings, eliminating dozens of armed terrorist groups in several areas around the country.

Increasing numbers of terrorists killed in Damascus Countryside

A military source told SANA that an army unit killed a number of terrorists specialized in preparing booby-trapped cars.

The source added that another army unit killed many terrorists in the area surrounding Housh Arab town, including Ahmad Ali Hamra, Farid Khair Jouma and Houssam Masoud Hamoud.

SANA reporter said the army units continued operations in the towns in Yabroud area, destroying a terrorists’ den in the northeastern farms of al-Sarkha town, in addition to killing many terrorists who were inside it, including Sabah Taktouk and Baraa Ghali.

Other terrorists were killed and injured to the northwest of al-Mishrfeh.

The source added that other army units clashed with terrorists near al-Sayyeda Sukaina Shrine and al-Alali areas, killing more than 15 terrorists and destroying two cars equipped with heavy machineguns.

An army unit inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists in Douma and its farms, destroying a gathering and killing a number of terrorists, including Saleh al-Qalla’ and Mohammad al-Mbayyed, in addition to eliminating 8 terrorists in Aliyeh farms.

Meanwhile, other army units stormed terrorists’ dens and gatherings in Ein Tarma and Erbin, killing and injuring scores of them, including Bashir Younes.

14 terrorists killed in ambush in Quneitra

A military source told SANA that an army unit ambushed terrorists in al-Dwayeh al-Sughra village in the southern countryside of Quneitra, killing 14 of them.

Scores of terrorists killed in Daraa

Army units foiled a terrorists’ infiltration attempt from al-Mahja town in Daraa countryside towards the international highway, killing all its members, as they destroyed terrorists’ gatherings in Daraa city and countryside.

A military source said an army unit inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists in al-Kasara area in Samlin town and destroyed a vehicle with all terrorists inside in Janin village to the south of Khobab town in the province.

The source added that the body of the terrorist Abu Ahmad al-kherbawi was identified among the dead, as many other terrorists got injured on al-Hrak-Namer road.

In Daraa al-Balad, an army unit destroyed terrorists’ dens in Mokhayam al-Nazihin, al-Kark and the Irrigation Canal areas, killing many terrorists and injuring others, according to the source.

Army eliminates scores of terrorists, foils infiltration attempt in Aleppo

A unit of the Syrian Arab Army foiled on Sunday a terrorists’ infiltration attempt east of the Umayyad Mosque in the old city of Aleppo and eliminated a number of terrorists, in addition to destroying two armored vehicles and another one equipped with a heavy machinegun.

A military source told SANA that units of the army inflicted heavy losses on the terrorists in Kafar Hamra, al-Shwiehneh, Icarda, Babis, Injara, Kafarnaha, Atareb, Khan Tuman and Jub Ghabsha in Aleppo countryside and destroyed their criminal tools.

Other army units targeted terrorist gatherings in the surrounding of the Central Prison, Khan al-Assal, Maaret al-Artiq, Anadan, Handarat, Bishqatin, Kafar Saghir and al-Lairamon and killed scores of terrorists.

Army units clashed with terrorists in the old city of Aleppo, al-Mashad, Dahrat Abd-Rabbu, al-Mansourieh, Sheikh Said, the industrial city and al-Kastilo and inflicted direct casualties among the terrorists.

Army units eliminate terrorists, destroy their weapons in Homs countryside

A source in Homs told SANA that an army unit destroyed a number of terrorist vehicles equipped with rocket launcher, heavy machineguns and mortars, killing 15 terrorists in Oniq al-Hawa and Abu Jrais villages in Homs countryside.

The source added that other army units destroyed a car equipped with heavy machineguns and killed all terrorists inside it in Talbisa city.



A ZIAD FADEL REPORT (Syrianperspective)

DAMASCUS:  The day before yesterday, a column of terrorists entered Syrian from Jordan and faced the same fate as their rat litter-mates just south of Lake Al-’Utayba.  These Zionist-controlled vermin drove into another perfectly planned ambush with the SAA and NDF opening fire on them as they triggered one mine after another with their pick-ups decked with 23mm machine gun cannons.

I knew about this event just like most readers from the media, but, hesitated to publish it because I was expecting a full report from Monzer with rat-stats.  Unfortunately, Monzer was sent to western Damascus for some duty and I did not get the report, yet.

HOMS: Very quiet on Saturday and Sunday. The rats have no life left in them.  We can affirm that another 24 rodents have surrendered to the security services yesterday in Old Homs.  All are subject to conditions of the Amnesty Law, 2013/70.  They have all vowed to abjure terrorism and return to a normal life.

QUNAYTRA:  To the south, 14 rodents killed at Lesser Al-Daawiya.  All were carrying evidence of being involved with the Zionist terrorist settler state.



Al-Muhijja Town:  SAA foiled an attempted infiltration to the International Highway.  All 15 rodents were killed. I have received no names.

Simleen at the stone quarry: Rat casualties but no report.

Janeen Village south of Khabaab: SAA and NDF seize large quantity of weapons and ammunition in a truck.  All came from Jordan.

Hiraak – Nimer Road:  SAA killed the following:

Abu Ahmad Al-Khirbaawi (Id pending)

Daawood Lijaati

‘Arfaan Abu-Janaadila

Hassan ‘Ayyaash

Another 4 could not be identified.

Fighting and many rat casualties reported here:  Al-Naaziheen Camp, Al-Karak and the Irrigation Canal Zone.

Fighting in the city near the Old Customs Building.

ALEPPO:  Intense battles are raging as the SAA is making substantial progress in enveloping this great city:

Grand Omayyad Mosque in the Old District.  1 pickup with a 23mm  and 2 armored flatbeds were destroyed.

Al-Shuwayhana, Icarda, Baabees, ‘Anjaara, Kafr Naahaa, Ataareb, Khaan Toomaan, Jubb Ghibsha, Central Prison (SAA attacked), Khaan Al-’Asal, Maa’rrat Al-Arteeq, ‘Anadaan, Handaraat, Bishiqqaateen, Zhahra Al-Shurfa, Kafr Sagheer, Al-Layramoon, Al-Mashhad, Dhahar ‘Abed Rabbuh, Al-Mansooriyya, Shaykh Sa’eed, Industrial Zone West and Castillo. 


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