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Press TV has conducted an interview with Mark Glenn from the Crescent and Cross Solidarity Movement, Idaho, about American officials opposing Israel on the granting of visa-waivers for Israelis traveling into the US.



The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: With this case in point should we consider Israel America’s friend or foe?

Glenn: Clearly Israel is America’s foe as has been demonstrated time and again not just with Jonathan Pollard, but within numerous cases where Israel has not just engaged in spying, but in false flag attacks against the people and the government of the United States.

When I read this story this morning I couldn’t help but recall a personal conversation that I had with Philip Giraldi who was a career CIA intelligence officer.

I asked him about what during his years with the American Intelligence community, what the feeling was on the part of the intelligence community because clearly our political system, the politicians are clearly in Israel’s camp…

When I asked about what the feelings were in the intelligence community about Israel and before I’d even finished my sentence he said they hate them, they despise them. And I asked about the other law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and others and he said they despise them.

They are the worst enemies that we have ever had because of the fact that they are viewed by so many people including the political class as America’s friends.

Press TV: In this regard how much has Israel become a political liability for the US and what of the consequences?

Glenn: Well, clearly Israel has become a liability due in large part to the internet – due to the availability of information that up to this point has basically been kept hidden and to very responsible media outlets such as Press TV and others who have put the spotlight on this problem and has brought this to light to the American people in a way that was not possible before.

Israel especially at this time with Benyamin Netanyahu who is doing everything he can to embroil America in yet another war for Israel’s benefit, the intelligence community has got to literally be sleeping with one eye open at night keeping an eye on what Israel is doing because it’s not just the spying that’s the problem, it’s the fact that Israel would love nothing more than to blow up another building; send more jet liners into sky scrapers in order to galvanize the American people against countries such as Iran or Syria or possibly even Russia.




Nevaehwest for SFP  from  PressTV  – 23/04/2014