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File photo of Israel's armed forces chief Moshe Yaalon walking after a visit to the Kissufim crossing in Gaza strip

Zionist Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon

For the Zionist entity, the terrorist gangs of foreign mercenaries fighting in Syria can be the last barrier that prevents the Lebanese resistance to build a strong infrastructure to attack the settlements from the Syrian occupied Golan.

This was said loudly by the Israeli Minister of war, Moshe Yaalon, which warned against Syrian efforts, and those of Iranian Hezbollah, to open the Golan front to launch attacks in the Palestinian occupied territories.

Yaalon said that the killing of a group of Hezbollah fighters and an Iranian general is part of the “Israeli preventive measures to counter such attacks”.

For the Zionist war minister, the only thing that protects and secures Israel, from the increasingly strong and secure infrastructure of Hezbollah, is the area that is controlled by the armed groups of jihadist mercenaries, which are positioned (under protection and consent of Israel) on a large area of the Golan.

Yaalon also referred to the major operation conducted by the Syrian army in Deraa and Qouneitra to dislodge armed rebels.

“We are closely following the major operation by the Syrian soldiers and Hezbollah to regain control of the territories at the hands of armed groups in the areas of Deraa and Qouneitra”, he said.

He confirmed to Israeli TV ‘Channel 10’ that the Daesh gangs are not a threat to Israel, because they fights far from the Israeli borders.


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