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Shamnesty are colonial racists who run a fake ‘international’ NGO based in Britain, who have shamefully promoted and been apologists for long Genocidal NATO throughout their entire existence.

The fact Shamnesty rely on the likes of the (for example) long discredited Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which is actually run by the British government in Britain, would not stand up to any scrutiny in any court of law, and entirely discredits Shamnesty, yet again.

the despicable shamnesty should be in the dock alongside the british government et al for their absolute criminal complicity over nato war crimes across the entire middle east, including in syria

The colonial racists at Shamnesty have never spent a single penny to hold the likes of the British government to account in any court of law over their numerous illegal wars of aggression, while typically pointing their finger anywhere else.

NATO propaganda has continually dishonestly referred to the Syrian government allegedly using ‘barrel bombs’ to try and disguise the use of all manner of lethal weapons by foreign backed terrorists, because the Syrian government obviously has recourse to traditional weapons.

shamnesty are not going to be putting sohr on the witness stand as a credible witness anytime soon

the terrorist fronts at millibands ‘crisis group’ et al are equally unwilling to go on any witness stand that exposes their own criminality

Shamnesty illegally try to disguise who is funding foreign backed terrorists in Syria.

The latest Shamnesty propaganda inevitably mostly relies on NATO propaganda that does not have any place in any court of law because it is typically absolutely ignorant of society’s rule of law.

What the revolting Shamnesty are really illegally covering up is that NATO have never had any legal grounds for being in the Middle East ever, during which time, they have committed the most shocking and appalling war crimes ever known to humanity.

criminal media barons war propaganda

The cyclical narrative of media barons who have no credibility:


 nato propaganda is exactly the same as that outlined in the nuremberg trials

 The days of the fake ‘NGO’ like that of media barons, are numbered with the growing recognition of civilian populations, of their real criminality and the huge damage they are legally responsible for.




Brian Haw, Parliament Square Peace Campaign, 5 May 2015
Submitted by Cem Ertür
The real SyrianFreePress.NETwork at

War crime alert: (Sh)‘Amnesty International’ collaborate with MI6 front “Syrian Observatory For Human Rights” in war propaganda