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(By BrianHaw) ~ The myriad of marathon ‘talks’ that ignore the lawful right of the Syrian government to defend civilians from the US-led colonial war of aggression continues.

This weekend the Vienna Talks will re-convene and be followed by a G2O meeting in Turkey, whose ‘government’ is a leading terror state funneling weapons and mercenaries into Syria, while opening borders to Europe.


…while turkey has become a terror crossroads of marathon proportions, this is one race the US secretary of state and war criminal john kerry who has long been been running from justice, won’t be taking part in.

On November 12th 2015, the US Secretary of State John Kerry gave another long winded speech at the Orwellian named ‘US Institute of Peace devoted to saying nothing of substance or legal standing, while repeating the ‘Assad must go’ mantra in the US-led war on Syria.

The US Secretary of State merely pondered out loud what ‘leverage’ the US military has in Syria.


…feeble minded war criminal

While the feeble minded US Secretary of State likes to fashion himself as some kind of long distance runner, all any law abiding civilians anywhere are really wondering is when the US military will go home and leave all civilian populations alone.

Illuminatingly the Turkish government will be making no effort whatsoever to carry out border checks for this weekends gathering of G20 leaders, while France is cynically using the Paris ‘Climate Change’ conference to conduct border checks of an unknown kind.

Italy previously closed it’s borders in the run up to an anti-war rally against the illegal Iraq War.

In fact lawless Turkey, who do not even bother making any pretence of having any justice system of any kind, is trying to change it’s borders by trying to invade Syria.

The biggest war criminals in the US, EU & Turkey, respect no borders anywhere.

A pro-AKP Turkish Daily Yeni Safak is incredibly publishing speculative war propaganda about the G20 being a platform to discuss a Turkish troop invasion of Northern Syria.

“AMANPOUR: With all of the talk about more and more nations beefing up their response to ISIS, is Turkey, would Turkey, under the right conditions, agree to be a ground force?

DAVUTOGLU: Ground force is something which we have to talk together and share, as I told you in our last interview, there’s a need of an integrated strategy, including air campaign and ground troops.

But Turkey alone cannot take all this burden; if there’s a coalition and a very well designed integrated strategy, Turkey is ready to take part of in all sense.


AMANPOUR: Including on the ground?

DAVUTOGLU: Yes. Of course. There is a need of a integrated strategy.

Otherwise, just to make a ground attack against ISIS but continue to have a power acumen on the ground, instead of ISIS….another terrorist group may emerge. We have to solve Syrian crisis in a comprehensive manner.

AMANPOUR: So I understand what you’re saying, is that a condition for Turkey to be more involved would be an agreement by a coalition to also go against Assad.

Is that correct?

DAVUTOGLU: Yes, and against all groups and regimes creating this problem to us. And every day or this many days in a week, we are making — conducting air campaigns against ISIS in the coalition…”


It is said that before the operation on Jarabulus is conducted, the US called Russia and said, “This operation isn’t aimed at the Assad regime, but at ISIL.”

Turkey wants to sit at the table in which the status of Jarabulus will be determined

If the US takes part in a commensurate and powerful ground offensive, Turkey too, will join the offensive with an effective power. However, if the US symbolically enters the ground offensive, then Turkey will not take part at all.

The unquestioning war propaganda of ‘news’ media beggars belief.

In practice the war propaganda posits Turkish troops replacing Kurds with the agreement of Russia, all of whom have no legal standing to agree anything among themselves in…Syria.

The war mongering Turkish government clearly have no interest in the Vienna Talks.

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