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Dr Kerem Kınık

Dr. Kerem Kınık, Turkish Red Crescent Vice President (https://twitter.com/drkerem)

Dr. Kerem Kınık, Turkish Red Crescent Vice President, is linked to the Erdogan’s Turkish regime and to terrorist organizations related to foreign agendas which tried to prevent the Syrian locals from receiving the humanitarian aid packages, to distort the real image of what is happening on the ground and to inflame the humanitarian condition through media outlets which participate in shedding blood of the Syrians.

In his pages on social networks he also clearly shows sympathy and condolences for the death of well-known terrorist leaders, killed by the Syrian Army and the Russian Air Force.

Dr Kerem Kınık-Samir Baldir

Samir Baldır, Turkmen terrorist commander killed by Syrian-Russian Armies, on Dr. Kerem Kinik Twitter pages – (https://twitter.com/drkerem/status/693838738162585600)

Always on his pages on social networks Dr. Kerem Kınık feeds misinformation with regard to the fight against terrorism, publishing propagandistic images received from the Turkish regime, who falsify the heroic and honorable fight against terrorism conducted by the Russian armed forces on Syrian territory.

Dr Kerem Kınık-White Helmets Propaganda

Turkish propaganda in defense of terrorist gangs which the Russian and Syrian air force are exterminating – (https://twitter.com/drkerem/status/686178762757636096)

And, as a cherry on top of a cake, photos of him along with Erdogan leave no room for doubt about to his propagandistic role.

Dr. Kerem Kınık, Turkish Red Crescent Vice President, is clearly a supporter of the terrorist policy implemented by the Erdogan’s Turkish regime, and, therefore he is not a reliable person to head humanitarian organizations.

Every dollar and every ‘humanitarian aid’ that would pass through the hands of Kerem Kınık would be easily intercepted and diverted to those same terrorist organizations that cause bloodshed in Syria and pain from too many years to the Syrian people.

Those involved in works of charity are warned.


A bunch of renegade terrorists also known as ‘Free Syrian Army’ (Al Sham Front) using Humanitarian Supplies and Refugee / IDP Camps as strategic Base – Turkish aid convoy delivers … Weapons

(submitted by FriedemannWo)

Submitted by SyrianPatriots  &  Cem Ertür 
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