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The General Command of the Syrian Arab Army and Syrian Arab Armed Forces affirmed that terrorist organizations are exploiting the pause in Aleppo to escalate their attacks on the city and to target civilians in its neighborhoods.

In a statement on Monday the General Command that Jabhat al-Nusra and a number of other terrorist organizations allied to it are continuing to escalate the situation by attacking Aleppo city from several directions, exploiting the pause to prepare for wide-scale operations and to attack schools and civilians in safe neighborhoods in the city.

The General Command said that during the past three days, terrorist organizations fired more than 100 mortar rounds, 50 Grad missiles, and 20 weaponized gas cylinders on residential areas in Aleppo, in addition to carrying out acts of sniping, all of which claimed the lives of 84 people, most of them women and children, and injured 280 others, in addition to causing massive damage to public and private properties.

The statement pointed out that this escalation reached its peak on Sunday when terrorists fired shells containing chlorine gas at the “1070 Apartments” area and al-Hamadaniyeh residential neighborhood in Aleppo, causing 48 cases of asphyxiation.

The General Command said that these criminal acts reflect the terrorist groups’ inability and failure to achieve the goals set for them by their sponsors and supporters, and these acts will not dissuade the Army and Armed Forces from fulfilling their duties in protecting citizens and ridding the country of terrorism.

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