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In 2013, 5 young men were kidnapped from the ancient Christian town of Maloula, during the NATO and Gulf state funded, Nusra Front/Free Syrian Army-led invasion of this extraordinary hillside town, that still teaches the language of Christ in its schools, Aramaic. For the first six months, after their kidnap, their families remained in contact with the kidnappers among the Free Syrian Army or so called “moderates” & Nusra Front aka Al Qaeda, then communications ended abruptly.
These hopes were cruelly destroyed recently when the executed bodies of the 5 young men were found close to the Syrian border and were identified as the kidnap victims.
The Martyrs’ names are : Ghassan Michael Shnis, Atef Ragheb Kalomeh, Shady Michael Thalab, Daoud Sarkis Milaneh and Jihad Mtanios Thalab.
The grief and rage was palpable, both from those close family members walking with the coffins and from the people of Damascus who flocked onto the streets to pay their respects. United in the senseless loss of yet more young lives in this 6 year war bieng waged against Syria by U.S.-NATO and Gulf state regimes.
God bless the martyrs of Maloula and take their souls into peace and rest from the turmoil on earth.
Farewell brave souls….travel well into the light…you will never be forgotten.
(credit to Vanessa Beeley)