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Global March For Syria – Brussels, Belgium


Global March for Syria – Chicago, USA


Global March For Syria – Moscow, Russia


Join the Global March for Syria
On 15.03.2012 Dozens of Pro Assad Demonstrations will be held in Syria
On 16 and 17.03.2012 Worldwide Pro Assad Demonstrations will be held in front of the Syrian Embassies and Consulates!


Global March for Syria: Marches and Gathering In Capitals and Cities of the World

CAPITALS – Syrians communities and students abroad organized on Friday marches and gatherings in Amman, Beirut, Sana’a, Tunis, Brussels, Pennsylvania and Chicago as part of the Global March for Syria, expressing support for their homeland and reform and rejection of foreign interference in its affairs.

In Jordan, the Syrian community, the Jordanian Popular Committee for Supporting Syria, the Gathering of Jordanian Nationalistic Forces, and the Jordanian Youth Gathering against Foreign Interference in Syria and the Arab World organized such an event in Amman.

Participants voiced rejection to all forms of foreign interference in Syria, lauding the reforms that were achieved and expressing pride in Syria’s victories in the face of the armed terrorist groups and those who support them.

They said that the situation in Syria is improving, and that they will continue to support the Syrian leadership to continue reforms despite all the pressure exerted against it.

In Lebanon, Syrians organized a march in Beirut to show support for reforms and rejection of foreign interference, stressing that national unity is the impregnable fortress that protects Syria from the terrorism and plots of conspirators.

In the Yemeni capital of Sana’a, members of the Syrian community , members of the al-Baath Arab Socialist Party in Yemen and Yemeni citizens gathered in front of the Syrian Embassy to voice support for reforms and reject foreign interference.

Participants shouted slogans in support of the Syrian leadership and decried the terrorist actions and the plots  against Syria, stressing that these plots seek to undermine the Palestinian cause.

They also denounced the Qatari-Saudi interference in Syria’s affairs and these countries’ calls for arming the terrorist groups, holding Qatar, Saudi Arabia and a number of Arab countries responsible for the shedding of Syrian blood.

In the Tunisian capital, Syrian students, Tunisians and Palestinians marched to denounce the conspiracy against Syria and the Israeli aggression against Gaza, decrying the aggression of the West, Turkey and the Gulf against Syria and the crimes committed by the Israeli army in Gaza.

The participants saluted the Syrian Arab Army and the Palestinian resistance, raising banners denouncing Tunisia’s official dealings with Istanbul Council.

In the United States, members of the Syrian community in Pennsylvania took to the streets in their cars to express their rejection of interference in Syria’s affairs and their commitment to national unity and reforms.

They also lit candles in honor of Syria’s martyrs.

In the state of Chicago, members of the Syrian community marched to voice full support for their brethren in Syria, affirming that the Syrian people’s steadfastness, unity and awareness of the conspiracy were the main factors that foiled it.

They also voiced confidence in the reforms taking place in Syria.

In Belgium, Syrians gathered and marched in Brussels to stress commitment to national unity and confronting all attempts to undermine their unity and stances.

They carried Syrian flags and banners denouncing foreign interference and decrying the calls for arming the terrorists who are wreaking havoc in Syria.

H. Sabbagh


Video Uploaded by SyriaTruthNetworkEN on 16 Mar 2012

Text by SANA – 16/3/2012

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