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Lebanese Terrorist Confesses to Participating in Smuggling Weapons and Militants to Syria and Committing Acts of Terrorism

DAMASCUS – Lebanese terrorist Mohammad Hussein Fares confessed to participating in smuggling weapons, militants and journalists into Syria and committing terrorists acts against Syrians.

In confessions broadcast by the Syrian TV on Sunday, Fares said that he was instructed by a man called Ahmad Amoun who leads a terrorist group in Fares’ village of Jusiyeh to smuggle weapons from Lebanon to Syria along with three Syrians living in the same village.

Fares said that they would receive weapons from a man in Mashare’a al-Qa’a area in Lebanon then either deliver them to Amoun or smuggle them across illegal passages into Syria, with Amoun contacting them to transport weapons almost every three days.

He said that they agreed with Amoun to make each delivery of weapons in exchange for SYP 35,000, adding that they also smuggled journalists and militants into Syria in exchange for various sums of money, with them transporting weapons and individuals to Amoun’s house in Jusiyeh or to a school occupied by Amoun and his group.

Later, a man called Bilal al-Jarban from the town of al-Qseir, who received the weapons and journalists they transported, asked Fares and his cohorts to join his group, and they agreed, adding that al-Jarban once contacted them to transport an injured journalist to Mashare’a al-Qa’a area in Lebanon where he received medical treatment.

Fares said that they smuggled assault rifles, RPG rounds, sniper rifles, LAW missiles, machineguns and cases of ammo, delivering them to Amoun, with al-Jarban coming later to distribute them among terrorists.

He confessed to smuggling around 60 militants of various nationalities into the school controlled by Amoun in Jusiyeh which contained around 250 militants.

At one point, Amoun told them that they were going to attack the village of al-Hisabiye because it supports the government, so Fares and his cohorts gathered with the rest of the terrorists and attacked the village, dividing into several groups and laying siege to it.

Fares said that they opened fire on citizens to force them to join them against the government or leave the area, with the terrorists continuing to open fire for nearly 90 minutes. Fares and three other gunmen were dispatched by Amoun to stand at a road leading from the village of al-Zira’a to al-Hisabiye and instructed them to kill anyone who attempts to leave or enter the village.

He said that on the second day, militants entered al-Hisabiye to pillage the houses and they counted the bodies of the locals killed during their prior attacked, finding 14 dead including women, children and youths.


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