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The People’s Assembly stressed that it will work to unify its members’ efforts, including the national reconciliation committee which was formed by the assembly, and through all available means to make the political program set by President Bashar al-Assad to resolve the crisis in Syria a success.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the Assembly said that it will activate the political move and dialogue among all spectrums of the Syrian people and its political and intellectual parties and mobilize them to be engaged in the national dialogue provided by the program to foil the attack targeting Syria and to draw its political future in the framework of pluralism, democracy and protection of human rights.

The Assembly confirmed its full support for the political program to resolve the crisis in Syria based on Syria’s sovereignty which is derived from the will of the Syrian people.

It considered the program as the best and the more effective way for Syria to exit from its crisis and achieve the Syrians’ aspirations in a more powerful, democratic and pluralistic country that ensures the rights of its citizens.

“The national responsibility requires that all Syrian national and political powers in the opposition inside and outside the country, all political activists, intellectuals and figures of civil society, whether they were organized in parties and movements or working independently, engage positively in the national dialogue and participate in shaping the future of Syria,” the statement said.

It stressed that all efforts should be combined to surpass the ordeal, triumph over the enemies of the homeland and to uproot terrorism which targets all Syrians.

The Assembly called upon all regional countries, especially those who claim keenness on the Syrian people’s interests, to abide by the ethical values and principles of international law to prevent funding, arming and harboring terrorists and to stop smuggling mercenaries to Syria for the success of the solution plan.

The Assembly’s statement hailed the friendly countries’ positions which confirmed their support to the political solutions in Syria and rejection of all forms of foreign interference in its internal affairs.

It stressed that shaping Syria’s political future based on political pluralistic, rule of law, equality among citizens, combating corruption and developing the state institutions requires that all Syrians work tirelessly to fortify the country against the foreign avidity.

“Whoever rejects to take part in the national dialogue under unjustified pretexts is responsible for the continuation of bloodshed in Syria through participation, directly or indirectly, in prolonging the crisis and destroying the state’ structure, role and position,” the statement concluded.

H. Zain / Ghossoun – SANA – 13/1/2013

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