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President Bashar al-Assad: “Syria is facing systematic international terrorism but Syria is able to root out terrorism”

Damascus, August 18, 2013 – (SANA-H.Said/ F.Allafi) – President Bashar al-Assad on Sunday stressed that Syria has welcomed all the constructive and sincere efforts to find a political solution to the crisis and is at the same time determined to confront terrorism until totally uprooting it.

During a meeting with a delegation representing a number of Mauritanian parties and popular organizations and unions, President al-Assad affirmed that Syria is able to root out terrorism thanks to the matchless unity binding its army and people who are full of life and faith in the homeland despite all the suffering and pressures they are faced with.


The President highlighted the important role of the pan-Arab parties and Arab unions and popular organizations in bolstering the Arab people’s awareness of the schemes aimed at fragmenting the region through pushing it towards absurd conflicts with the primary beneficiary is the Zionist enemy.

For their part, the Mauritanian delegation members, who have been on a visit to Syria for few days, pointed out that Syria has always been and is still paying the price of its leading pan-Arab role and its support for the resistance in thought and action in the face of the projects targeting the Arab nation.

They added that what is being plotted Syria today targets the identity of the entire Arab peoples.

The Mauritanian figures voiced their full solidarity with the Syrian people, army and leadership, expressing their confidence that Syria will come out of the crisis stronger and more unified after it will have given the whole world lessons in steadfastness and sacrifice.


Parliament Speaker: Syria is facing systematic international terrorism

Speaker of the People’s Assembly, Mohammad Jihad al-Laham, stressed Saturday the importance of raising awareness of the reality of the plots being hatched against the Arab nation at the US and Western intelligence centers.

During a meeting with a delegation representing a number of Mauritanian unions and parties, al-Laham pointed out that the systematic international terrorism facing Syria at the hands of the armed takfiri groups does not only target it, but also seeks to fragment the entire Arab nation so as to come to controlling its resources.

He stressed that Arab solidarity is the effective way to confront the conspiracy aimed to undermine the identity of the Arab nation and the future of its peoples as well as its moderate Islam.

The Speaker highlighted that Syria is now paying the price for standing by the just Arab causes, on top being Palestine Cause, and for backing the forces of resistance and their right to liberate the occupied Arab territories.


“Syria will go ahead with fighting the armed terrorist groups until restoring security and stability to the homeland,” said al-Laham, adding that Syria is also committed to the political program to solve the crisis.

He underscored that Syria agreed since announcing the international plan on political solution to participate in the international conference due to be held in Geneva out of its belief in the need for a safe exit from the crisis.

Al-Laham said that the U.S. administration is however being immersed in issuing contradictory statements with the aim to procrastinate and prolong the crisis, affirming that Syria, nevertheless, will achieve victory and come out of the crisis stronger thanks to its people’s steadfastness and its army’s sacrifices.

For his part, Secretary General of the Mauritanian Democratic Nationalist Unionist Party, Mahfouz Wild el-Aziz, pointed out that the Mauritanian people have become aware of the reality of the conspiracy targeting Syria and its pivotal role in the region.

He stressed that the Mauritanian delegation’s visit aims to express solidarity with the Syrian people and to convey the true image about the events to the Mauritanian public opinion.

Wild el-Aziz noted that the Arab nation is today facing a conspiracy that aims to spread the state of chaos and internal conflict in order to weaken the nation and make the Zionist entity the only superpower in the region.

He highlighted that Syria is facing this current universal war as being the carrier of the Arab nation’s banner and the top defender of the Palestinian cause.

PM stresses role of Arab nationalist parties in confronting conspiracy against Arabism

Prime Minister, Wael al-Halqi, stressed the importance of the role of the Arab nationalist parties in confronting the conspiracy hatched against Arabism through distorting the image of genuine Islam which is tolerant and moderate and through misleading media campaigns and cultural invasion.

During a meeting with the Mauritanian, al-Halqi pointed out that the conspirators are trying to paralyze the Arab mind and transform it into a tool in the hand of the enemies of the homeland.

The Prime Minister highly valued the support of the Arab parties, organizations and syndicates to the Syrian Arab people in confronting this comprehensive war, stressing that Syria is combating international terrorism and it is defending the interests of the Arab nation.

He added that Syria is exposed to a military, economic, media and political war targeting the state and the people with the aim of “demolishing the last standing citadels of resistance against the U.S.-Zionist plots.”

Al-Halqi noted that the army is achieving victories against terrorism and restoring security and stability to the Syrian territories.

He hailed the stances of the brotherly Mauritanian people in support of Syria, assuring the delegation that Syria will have ultimate victory and the Syrian people will reshape the future of their homeland through implementing the political program to resolve the crisis and combating terrorism.

In turn, members of the delegation expressed the support of the Mauritanian people to the Syrian people, stressing that Syria is combating terrorism on behalf of the Arab nation.