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US Senator John McCain never ceases to amaze ME and the rest of the world with his utter stupidity! Here he is, once again, defending “HIS TERRORISTS” and going so far as to actually compare them to Christians saying, “Allahu Akbar” is like a Christian saying “Thank God.” Obviously, this COMPLETE IDIOT has NOT brushed up on his Arabic before making such an IGNORANT statement! What a FOOL! Those who believe him, are just as foolish! He is hoping Americans are stupid enough to believe him!

“Guess AGAIN John McCrooked!”

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“Allahu Akbar” = God is the Greatest, “Alhamdulillah” = Praise be to God.

This Satanic Army of John McIGNORANTS Mercenaries traveling to Syria from a known 39 countries, are under the delusion they are going to turn Syria into an Islamic Caliphate State. Little do they know they will be eliminated via drones if Assad’s Syrian Arab Army is turned over to them. They (the mercenaries), are too ignorant to even check their facts before traveling to Syria at the word of a wealthy Cleric sitting in Saudi saying “Sunnis need protection.” Coming from Syria, where the majority of citizens ARE SUNNI! “IF” these Muslims wanting to SAVE Sunnis from Sunnis would fact check FIRST, they wouldn’t have to lay down their arms later and confess that the “FSA/Al Nusra/Al Qaeda are KILLING INNOCENT SYRIANS!”


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Confessions of An FSA fighter: He is now “sure opposition are real murderers”…

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Your “Moderate” TERRORISTS don’t have weapons??????

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You hear the VILE extremists shouting “Allahu Akbar” before and after every kill, execution, beheading, raping, firing rockets, missiles, throwing grenades, ANYTHING! You name it, and these Takfiri Wahhabi Nut-Cases shout, “Allahu Akbar!” You CANNOT compare a Christian saying, “Thank God” to anything even closely related to what these vile SUB-HUMAN FAKE Muslims do to innocent Syrians! Don’t take the ENTIRE WORLD as FOOLS you LIAR!

“John McTraitor, save your LIES! Every time you OPEN your mouth, you sound MORE STUPID than the time before! I didn’t even believe that was possible!”