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ALEPPO – SANA/Mousa/Mazen report – People of Aleppo on Tuesday marched through the streets of the city to show their support to the Syrian Arab Army which confronts terrorism and defends Homeland.

Participants in the march raised national flags and photos of President Bashar al-Assad, chanting national slogans which appreciate the heroism of the army and call for speeding up operations to eliminate terrorism and terrorists.

Aleppo residents inaugurated a picture for President al-Assad with 360 m2 area as an expression of their amity and loyalty to the homeland leader, appealing to him to run for a new constitutional presidential term.

They hailed Syria’s official delegation who took part in Geneva 2 conference.

Festival in the city to reject foreign intervention in Syria’s future

In this regard, al-Baath Arab Socialist Party branch in Aleppo, organized a festival under the motto “From Aleppo to our delegation returning form Geneva” with the participation of national and civil activities.

Participants in the festival affirmed commitment to preserve  Syria’s sovereignty, reject all forms of foreign intervention, calling for leaving the Syrians determine their future and stopping the supply of terrorists with weapons and ammunition.

They also called for exerting pressures on the countries which share in shedding the Syrians’ blood to pay compensations for the destruction they have caused.

The statements also called for lifting the economic sanctions imposed on Syria, engaging the national opposition in the dialogue, appealing to President Bashar al-Assad to run for a new term in office.

For his part, Secretary of Aleppo’s Branch of al-Baath Party Ahmad Saleh Ibrahim stressed that Syria’s official delegation to Geneva2 conference is the one who represents the Syrians and conveys the reality of events in the country.

Governor of Aleppo Mohammad Wahid Akkad also affirmed  that Aleppo’s citizens have confidence in Syria’s leadership and Army to confront terrorism and restore security and stability to the country. 


SFP – 5/2/2014