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After the fatal blows they have been receiving at the hands of the army personnel and the collapse of their ranks in various areas across the country, terrorists could only respond by intensifying mortar attacks on Syrian cities, indiscriminately claiming and injuring more civilians.

Thank you mr. Obama


Mortar attacks claim 5 civilians in Damascus and its countryside

Mortar shells fired on areas Damascus and its countryside claimed on Tuesday the lives of 5 civilians and wounded 20 others, including women and children.

A source at Damascus Police Command told SANA reporter that two mortar rounds landed at the entrance of Jaramana city in the countryside, causing the martyrdom of four citizens and the injury of 10 others.

Two kids aged 8 and 10 and a woman were among the injured. Material damage was also caused to a number of cars in the site.

Jaramana city has been a target of the terrorists groups over a year and half, as it was hit with scores of mortar shells which claimed and injured scores of civilians.

Early this month, a terrorist mortar attack caused material damage to primary education school in Jramana city.

A similar such attack with four mortar shells hit al-Zablatani area in the capital Damascus in which a citizen was martyred and 10 others were wounded, in addition causing material damage to several cars.

The lives of two citizens were claimed and 6 others were injured on March 11th in a mortar attack that targeted a market in al-Zablatani area.

Terrorists’ shells claim five lives, injure 25 in Homs

Homs neighborhoods seem also to be a focused target of the terrorists’ shells on Tuesday which claimed the lives of five civilians and injured 25 others.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that the terrorists fired two mortar shells at al-Haj Atef Square in al-Mahatta neighborhood, while al-Inshaat neighborhood was targeted with two other shells that landed near al-Safir Hotel, causing material damages to homes, shops and cars.

IED blast in Deir Ezzor claims three lives, injures seven

Three civilians were killed and seven were injured when an explosive device planted on a dirt road in Deir Ezzor countryside went off, damaging a passenger bus.

A source at the province told SANA that the bus was heading from the town of Hajin to Damascus, and the blast injured then people inside it.

The injured civilians were rushed to hospitals where three of them succumbed to their wounds and passed away, while the severity of the injuries of the remaining seven were low to medium, and they received the necessary treatment.


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