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Many provinces witnessed Tuesday marches and sit-ins in support of the Syrian Arab Army in its battle against terrorism.


Homs women organize a stand in Sheen village

In appreciation of the sacrifices made by the Syrian Arab Army in facing armed terrorist groups, a group of women organized a sit-in in Sheen Square in Homs.

Participants waved Syrian flags and chanted slogans in which they called for restoring security and stability to all the Syrian lands.

They stressed the event is held to denounce terrorism and express sincere support to the army, pointing out to the important role played by women in protecting and defending the country.

People in Hama hails army’s victories

In al-Assi Square in Hama, a group of youth, popular and official figures organized a stand in solidarity with the army against terrorism and terrorists.


The participants reiterated their support to the army and appreciation of the sacrifices it is making and the victories it is achieving, adding that Hama people will remain united in the face of the takfiri mentality which is backed by Arab and regional countries.

Hama Governor Dr. Ghassan Khalaf said that the event expresses appreciation of the army for the sacrifices it made as to defend the country, calling for a wide participation in the upcoming presidential elections.


He added that the Syrian people will rebuild what terrorism has destructed in the last three years.

For his part, Secretary-General of Hama Branch of the Arab Socialist al-Baath Party Dr. Mohammad al-Imadi said that Syria has undergone many battles and wars throughout years and was victorious thanks to its army and people, adding that Syria cannot be built except by the hands of its own people.

Al-Baath University students organize blood drive for Syrian Army

270 students from al-Baath University in Homs organized a blood drive in appreciation of the sacrifices made by the army and armed forces.

Participants in the week-long blood drive said that this gesture is a sign of support for the army, and that it’s the least that they could do for the soldiers who are putting their lives on the life to protect the homeland.




SFP from SANA reports