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A death squa of the Obama’s “Moderate Terrorists” on Wednesday perpetrated a heinous massacre, slaughtering 14 civilians, including women and children, in Khattab village, in northwestern countryside of Hama province.

The execution squad accused the residents of “collaboration with the criminal regime” of President Bashar Assad.

“Bodies of seven women and a girl were admitted to Hama National Hospital with clear signs of torture on them,” Head of the General Commission of Hama National Hospital Dr. Salim Khallouf said, adding that some of the bodies were decapitated with stabbing marks found in several parts of their bodies.

Dr. Khallouf clarified that two injured people were also transferred and they are getting the suitable treatment.

Hama governor Ghassan Khalaf said terrorists who perpetrated this massacre try to stop the process of reconciliations being carried out in Hama northern countryside villages.

“This massacre adds to a series of heinous crimes perpetrated by armed terrorist groups against the Syrian citizens in a bid to spread chaos and sedition among citizens,” the Governor said in a statement.

It is not yet clear whether the perpetrators of this massacre are members of the FSA or AlNusra Front, due to the ongoing war between these two factions of groups of ruthless mercenaries.





the real SyrianFreePress. NETwork on 9 July 2014